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Allison Legacy Pre Season Tech Inspection

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As recieved from Allison Brothers Race Cars Inc.



November 19, 2007


To: All Texas Region CompCar NC competitors, Allison Legacy car owners and Sponsors


From: Kenny Allison, Ronald Allison, and Donald Allison


Subject: 2008 Texas Region Super Series Tech


As stated in the announcement to remove sanctioning from the Lone Star Legacy, we have developed the process to recertify all Texas Region cars to be legal to compete in any CompCar NC race anywhere in the United States. This process was developed with the involvement of Mark Chapin, Randy Andersen, and Jay Carley. During the process of several preliminary phone calls, and a scheduled conference call that lasted three hours, we feel that the process as developed will result in resolve of any issues that exist, with as little hardship on the competitors.


The Texas Region dealers have been issued a written process of inspection, for all components making up The Allison Legacy race car, that authorizes them as CompCar Officials to disassemble and inspect every engine, engine component, drive train, drive train component, chassis, suspension component or any other component that they deem necessary. This authorized inspection process has been approved and agreed upon to limit the cost of recertification to the competitor. We feel that this is the most time effective way to remedy found issues taking into consideration the early season start for the Texas Region. This process is not to be considered or construed as authorization to build, rebuild or repair any Allison Legacy engine, engine component, chassis or suspension component, nor does this process guarantee the legality of any engine, engine component, chassis or suspension component beyond the date of the inspection. The Driver and Car owner will be held responsible for the legality of their Allison Legacy car. Any attempt by anyone, beyond the date of the aforementioned inspection process and in the opinion of CompCar of N.C. Inc., to beat the rules set forth in the CompCar of N.C. 2008 rulebook will result in the Driver and Car owner being issued the severest of penalties by CompCar of N.C. Inc.



The Texas dealers will be scheduling dates in the coming weeks to outline locations where car owners will have their cars inspected. Cars to be found in compliance with all CompCar NC regulations will be resealed locally. Any engine, engine component or drive train component that is found to be outside the guidelines of the CompCar NC regulation will result in that component being pulled and sent to Allison Brothers Race Cars for corrective action. These components include, but are not limited to, polished intakes, carburetors, heads, sleeved blocks, non OEM Mazda parts, milled heads, non compliant cam shafts, non compliant valves, valve springs, or any other component used in making up the construction of the Allison Legacy Car that is questionable.


The Texas Region will from this point forward recognize only one mechanical seal for the entire state. The seal program will be administered by Mark Chapin as the Texas Region Series Senior Technical Inspector.


In order to provide our competitors a level of certainty that parts that are being sold are original parts made for or by Allison Brothers Race Cars Inc, all new parts sold will have identifying trade mark markings on the parts. All body panels will be branded in the inside with the Allison Legacy Race Series Logo. Additionally, all chassis components will be stamped with the same logo.


All Texas Region cars will go through the process of having all existing body panels branded with the same logo as new parts. Upon inspection and acceptance of existing chassis and suspension components All Texas Region cars will have these components stamped with the same logo as new parts. This will be completed during the preseason tech for ALL cars prior to being allowed to enter competition in 2008. Parts will include, but may not be limited to, all fiberglass body panels, all lower and upper "A" arms, pan hard bars, front and rear bumpers, trunk lid supports, window beds, and spindle assemblies.


As with any competitive sport, rules will be bent or broken. When this happens, the sanctioning body must review the rules and make adjustment to protect the integrity of the sport to insure fairness to all competitors. We hope that the car owners and competitors will embrace this process and see this as improvement toward keeping the playing field level.


In closing, we are very excited about what we are seeing in the Texas Region. Used cars listed for sale are almost nonexistent in the region, which we perceive as positive support for what we and our dealers are doing. It appears that the Texas Region is going to be the series to watch in 2008. We wish all the competitors in this region the best of luck and success in 2008. We appreciate your choice in choosing the Allison Legacy Race Series.



Kenny Allison, President-Allison Brothers Race Cars Inc./Allison Legacy Race Series National Director

Ronald Allison, Allison Legacy Series-National Director of Competition

Donald Allison, Allison Legacy Series-National Technical Director

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In the evnet throughout the year that your engine needs to be freshened up / rebuilt or fixed due to a mechanical problem who will be the engine shop to handle this type of rebuilding for the texas competitors?



J.C Umscheid

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In the Texas and Texoma Legacy Series, they will have a loaner engine on hand for any team that needs to have their engine refreshed, or in case any other issues arise. Many people are going to have positive and negative things to say about any series. We are going to use the positive to our advantage and address the negative in a manner that will hopefully satisfy all involved. As in any series, there will be kinks to be ironed out. Forming this "Super Series" has been a long time in the making. Nobody is perfect, but with the input from everyone, we will surely do our best to make sure all concerns are resolved. We are looking forward to a fantastic season opener!! The series website is updated regularly and should hopefully have the answers to most questions. Texoma Legacy Motorsports If you still have unanswered questions or want to discuss anything else in detail, please feel free to contact any of us directly.


Thank you,

Kathie Weir

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You make a very good point. In fact, Kenny Allison and I were discussing this exact point on Wednesday. We have a lot of folks that are considering having their motors freshened during the off season. Kenny and I are both concerned that teams will wait until the last moment to try to get their motor issues addressed. If you do, you are risking not getting your equipment back in time for the season opener. Because we start our season before all the other series, they will be working on getting our motors back prior to the start of the season. BUT, if they start getting backed up, it will result in a first come first served process.


The answer is start now. Teams need to be taking advantage of every day we have during this off season. If you need your motor rebuilt, do it now. We have three motors that have already been sent to NC. One is completed, one is near complete, and the other is in transit out there.


Remember, we are not the only series that exists. Legacy North, Great Lakes and the National Touring Series are also having off season motor work being completed.


As Kathy stated, we have a backup motor to assist teams when an unexpected failure strikes. If our motor is in another teams car because they have had a failure, or we have pulled their motor to send to NC for tech, you may be out at least a couple of weeks.


This is a racing series. If you are concerned about a motor failure I suggest having a team backup motor. Additionally, you can always order a new motor in the event of a failure.


At the end of the day, championships are won and lost over what happens in the pits and the garage just as much as what happens on the track. Teams are responsible to make sure they have their equipment in order, not the sanctioning body or Allison Brothers Race Cars Inc.


Let us know if we can help you during this off season.


Jay Carley

Series Director

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