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THR Driver Registration Meeting scheduled in December

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Contact: Debbie Williams, 210-685-0400 (cell)

Thunderhill Raceway Public Relations


Driver Registration Meeting scheduled in December


KYLE, TX (November 17, 2007) – A drivers/teams’ meeting that will focus on next year’s racing season is scheduled for Saturday, December 8, 2007, in the Drivers’ Lounge in the pit area at Thunderhill Raceway (THR), from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. (noon)


Thunderhill Raceway drivers/car owners will given the opportunity to register for the 2008 racing season during the meeting. THR drivers who had registered car numbers and reserved pit stalls during the 2007 season will be given priority selection on car numbers and pit assignments for 2008. Drivers must submit their registration forms prior to January 1, 2008, to qualify for the priority status.


The Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) Late Model drivers/teams are also invited to this meeting and will also be given a chance to register their cars for next season. The Pro Modified drivers/teams and Texas Truck drivers/teams are welcome to join the meeting, as well.


The 2008 THR and TSRS rules will be distributed during the meeting – along with the tentative 2008 THR racing schedule. The THR schedule will show all of the planned race nights, but may not include specific classes or series that will be racing on those nights.


The final race checks (purse payouts from the October 27 race) will also be distributed at the meeting. These checks are normally given out at the banquet, but they are being distributed earlier this year because the banquet will be held later than usual – on March 1, 2008.


“We hope the majority of our drivers will be able to attend this meeting,” said Mary Ann Naumann, owner of Thunderhill Raceway. “We feel it’s really important to keep our lines of communication open with our drivers, and they should be the first ones to know what’s coming up next year. We’re also planning to make some exciting announcements at the meeting.”


THR drivers who are unable to attend the meeting may access the registration form by visiting the Thunderhill Raceway website at http://www.thunderhillraceway.com. TSRS drivers may go to http://www/manracingpromotions.com. The registration forms may also be accessed by going to the Texas Speed Zone website at http://www.txsz.com.


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NOTE: The Registration Forms will be posted on TSZ soon - stay tuned!

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Thanks for catching the error. It is Saturday, December 8, as stated in the press release. That's what I get for posting so early on a Saturday morning.


Thanks again - the date has been corrected in the title.

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