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Modified setup


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I have never run STS, so I'm talking out my butt here. But in general, both have their unique advantages.


Of course, the four bar offers greater ability to play with rear steer. And with the four bar, you are able to really load the LR tire to the point of making the car push coming off the turn.


On the other hand, depending exactly where the spring/shock is mounted on the trailing arm portion of the Z link, you can get more body roll (read side bite) and tire compliance with a Z link setup. The Z link is also probably better on a tacky track where straight ahead traction is more important than side bite.


I have seen some teams actually use the four link on the LR and the Z link on the RR in an effor to get the best of both worlds.


In reality, both systems work well on almost any dirt track. A lot of teams simply look at what the winners are running and go with that set up.


Very oversimplified answer, but I'm a simple kinda guy.



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