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Texas Pro Sedans Rules

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2008 Texas Pro Sedans Rules Issued


San Antonio, Texas


Texas Pro Sedans Series Race and Administrative Director, Neil Upchurch has announced completion and issuance of the 2008 TPS Rules and Technical Specifications.


The rules were distributed in person to all TPS members who attended the TPS Awards Dinner at Carlos Kelly’s Restaurant in San Antonio on November 10. On November 10th TPS rules were be posted on www.TexasProSedans.com.


On November 11th, the rules were distributed by Email. On November 12th, the rules were distributed by US mail.


2008 Texas Pro Sedans Rules Change Highlights:


> Existing minimum weight formulas will still be in force, but a 2,300 lb maximum weight rule

is initiated as an R&D project.


> OEM frame cars left side percentages remain at 57%. All other frames and after market head cars were set at 55%.


> Air cooled cars using after-market heads will remain allowed 57% left side percentage.


> No restrictor plate will be required for ARCA head cars for races at Thunder Hill Raceway.

The 40mm restrictor plate remains required for ARCA head cars for races at larger tracks.

This R&D rule will be for a 2008 period and length to be announced.


> The OEM brake rule was clarified to allow drums replaced by disc brakes and visa versa.


> A 32 x 36mm Holley/Weber remains on DOCH cars, but TPS will continue a 38mm x 38mm carburetor R&D period on DOCH cars during at least the initial part of the 2008 season.


Persons needing 2008 TPS Rules and Technical Specifications may contact:




SCHEDULE NOTE: The complete 2008 Texas Pro Sedans Race Schedule will be announced after the TPS contract with Thunder Hill Raceway is negotiated and signed for the upcoming 2008 racing season. Eight races are forecasted. The first race is projected to be on a Saturday in late March.

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