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Thank You Veterans

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I think we all owe a great deal to our veterans for all they have done to make the USA the greatest place on Earth. Thanks to each and everyone of you!


:D Owen, Thanks for the cuddos for all the VETS. I for one "as an active duty VET", want to thank everyone at STS for all the support they provided while I was deployed last time. Owen set me up with some pretty good DVD's of racing action (current) from STS. I got allot of response from others from his posts last year. The Marines in my unit really looked forward to my mail call to see if I had anymore racing videos. We watched them nearly everytime we got a chance. :D


Thank You STS, Employees, and all the Fans that keep the home front supporting us.


:ph34r: Dennis in the Desert (home in CC) :ph34r:

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