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Texas Pro Sedans holds its 2007 Awards Banquet

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Texas Pro Sedans holds its 2007 Awards Banquet


San Antonio, TX (November 10, 2007) - The 2007 Texas Pro Sedans Series annual Awards Dinner was held at Carlos Kelly’s Restaurant in San Antonio on Saturday night, November 10. A dining room full of 67 Texas Pro Sedans drivers and their families, crew members, sponsors, TPS officials, TPS guests and fans attended the season ending event.


During the Awards Dinner, the 2007 Texas Pro Sedans Champion Sergio Hexsel of Live Oak, Texas, received his second TPS Champions Plaque. Hexsel was the 2005 Champion. His 2007 Plaque was presented by the defending TPS Champion Donnie Moore. In his acceptance remarks, Hexsel sincerely thanked his wife Andrea, Crew Chief, Don Dewees and the #20 VW Rabbit crew and sponsors for their support.


The 2007 Texas Pro Sedans “Rookie of the Year” Ja Lane of Houston was presented with the TPS Rookie Plaque by the 2006 TPS Championship car owner George Merrell. Lane delivered acceptance remarks and thanked his crew which included his father Pat Lane and Mike Balzar and a large contingent of his #85 Ford Focus crew.


Sergio Hexsel and Ja Lane also received embroidered Hoosier racing jackets. The jackets were sent to the TPS Awards Dinner by TPS sponsor Tom Lorenz, President of Hoosier Racing Tires Southwest in Balch Springs, Texas. The jackets presented by TPS Hoosier Racing Tire Dealer, Jerry Spencer.


Texas Pro Sedans Race and Administrative Director, Neil Upchurch presented a narrative summary recalling the 2007, 32nd consecutive TPS racing season. He thanked Mary Ann Naumann of Thunderhill Raceway for rescuing the 2007 racing season by adding three more TPS races when San Antonio Speedway unexpectedly closed in late March after TPS had completed only one of eight scheduled races at SAS.


Mary Ann Naumann of Thunderhill Raceway spoke and delivered interesting remarks. She discussed highly competitive TPS races at THR during past racing seasons and her future plans at THR. She said that the Texas Pro Sedans would be invited to race at least eight times during the 2008 season at Thunderhill Raceway. Neil Upchurch presented Naumann with a humorous gift, an umbrella with a TPS Logo to symbolize and sympathize with the number of rainouts THR and TPS experienced during the 2007 racing season. He also expressed TPS’s appreciation to H.E. Naumann.


TPS Driver, Bruce Mabrito delivered his annual cleverly written Texas Pro Sedan 2007 post season ode. Mabrito’ s presentation will be posted on www.TexasProSedans.com


Several Texas Pro Sedans sponsors, race officials and members received Appreciation Awards. They included, TPS Co-Chief Inspector Bob Sherland who received an award for his years of service to TIDA and TPS racing. Sherland announced he was trading his officials cap for a drivers helmet in 2008. He will compete as a driver in the 2008 TPS season series. Randy Larsen presented cash awards to Sergio Hexsel, Ja Lane and Mike Knotts for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in TPS Championship points during the 2007 season. George & Mike Merrell received a TPS Sponsor Appreciation Award. TPS Driver Mike Knotts and TPS Web Master Charysse Knotts received an award for their many years of service to the Texas Pro Sedans. TPS sponsors Richard and Bea Villanueva and Nelson Skinner were presented with sponsor appreciation plaques and gifts. A Special Service Appreciation Award was presented to Bruce Mabrito. A Sponsor Appreciation Award was presented to Jerry Spencer who then awarded two Hoosier 13” tire awards by luck-of-the-draw to Mike Knotts, the car owner of #71 and #78. In behalf of all members, Bruce Mabrito presented a plaque and gifts to Neil Upchurch for his years of TPS leadership.


With the large member participation at the Awards Dinner, a proper finishing touch was put on the 2007, 32nd consecutive TPS season and initiated the 33rd racing season in 2008 for the Texas Pro Sedans Series.


Jack Foy of Round Rock by was introduced by Neil Upchurch as the new TPS Chief Inspector for 2008. Upchurch said of Foy, “he has had a lot of TPS crew experience for many years and should make a good Chief Inspector”. 2008 TPS Rules and Specifications were distributed to all TPS members who attended.


The Texas Pro Sedan race schedule should be finalized and distributed in January. The first Texas Pro Sedans race will be held at Thunderhill Raceway on a Saturday night late in March of 2008.

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I would like to thank Jerry Spencer and Hoosier Tires the 2 tires and Randy Larsen for the cash. I'll need all the help I can get to run with Sergio, Ja, and Bill next year. Thanks guys!

your not going to share ..we will see you next year for sure .so ooo count us in ..

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Ok, question is what will Bob be driving? Will it be a wild horse, a small pony, a rabbit, a toy, something made too soon,something you squash or call a exterminator for,a game you play with a club,or something that wishes it was a corvette instead of ending the same?

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