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Final Top 10 from the Outlaw Driving School Young Guns Shootout.

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Below is Final Top 10 from the Outlaw Driving School Young Guns Shootout.



Car #- Driver- HmTown- HmTrk- Pts


17x Tyler Plum- Van Aylsten GCS 113

32 Mitchell Clement- Bonham GCS 108

5 Dustin Mooney- Mesquite TBird 106

98 Chris Miller- Scurry TBird 103

64 Devin Burgess- Stephenville KSP 101

18 Brandon Ruffin- Crandall KSP 95

2z Zac Sydney- Farmersville SBowl 94

51 Rusty Trevathan- Wylie SBowl 93

15 Bradley Dudley- Tom Bean GCS 93

5t Brandon Taylor- Granbury KSP 86


The points total does not tell the story of how competitive this series turned out to be. You have to get to 5th place in points before you get a Feature Winner. In the Top 3, you have 4 of the 5 Slider Hard Chargers in the mini series, one with two Top 3's.

Dustin Mooney provided probably the best show with his finishes in all 3 races. In any given race he was battling fellow racers lap after lap, side by side, putting on the best of racing, and to my knowledge, he never touched another car, wall or guardrail.

Mitchell Clement, "wow", would probably be the best way to sum this short guy up. Talk about turning Fruit Loops into Gold, this kid put on performance after performance, passing more cars in all three races than you could ever imagine, with a little bad luck along the way. This Young Gun made me want to buy a ticket to watch! Mitchell was also the Winner of the Lake Country Speedway Race Of Champions at Thunderbird Speedway.


We had a total of 32 different drivers from 7 North Texas area tracks on our final points page. The final show at KSP produced 29 drivers. I think it's safe to say that was the largest field of Young Guns that any race for Jr's in Stock type race cars there has been. We'll top that! Go Young Guns!


Between now and January I will be planning if nothing else a dinner for all drivers/Families and Sponsors, and get awards for the Top 10. In February, it's Cowtown Speedway here we come!!

There will be max. 6 races for 2008, including Ardmore's Lake Country Speedway. More Info will be given as the new year rolls around.


Whoever came up with the idea for the Smiley Sittons Outlaw Driving School's 2007 Young Guns Shootout probably didn't think it was going to be the success that it turned out to be. The financial support from good folks such as Rick McCommas, Gary Williams, Bobby Ruffin, Rusty Trevathan, Jay Smith, S-N-L Automotive, Arthur Peaks, Lone Start Door, Gary Bagley, The Mooney Family, Wade Mitchell, Justin Wideman, Rachel Hernandez, The Clement Family, Donny Miller, Ronny Gould, Virgil Page, Tony Pendleton, Mr. McCullough, Nature Calls Inc., Bubba Davis, & Ricky Snider, made it possible to pull this off. I know I missed a couple of folks, including those that gave countless amounts of giveaway items, and they can all be found on our website, www.saturdaynightshooters.4t.com/younggunsshootout . If you see these folks out and about, give 'em a pat on the back, they've earned it!


I had a GREAT time with these Young Guns this year, met some GREAT folks along the way, can't wait for Cowtown...



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