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Allison Suspends Lone Star Legacy's Bob Riley

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November 9, 2007


TO: All Texas Regions Car Owners/Drivers

FROM: Kenny Allison-Ronald Allison-Donald Allison/Allison Brothers Race Cars, Inc.


This E-mail will serve as notification to all Allison Legacy competitors on the status of Allison Legacy racing in the Texas region. Bob Riley will no longer be the dealer for Allison Brothers Race Cars Inc. (ABRC), nor will he be involved in any manner with any CompCar of N.C. events in the Texas region or any other region.


Over the past few racing seasons Mr. Riley has created several awkward situations for many of our CompCar members. Mr. Riley has not only misled the competitors by his sale of illegal and counterfeit parts, but also his unauthorized engine work. Mr. Riley was given ample time to correct the issues and move forward with Allison legacy series racing but by his actions he has chosen not to. Mr. Riley seems to have had no regard for many guidelines of his contract with ABRC, one of which clearly states he will not sell or offer for sale Allison legacy parts unless said parts are manufactured for ABRC or by ABRC. He has also shown no regard for the written rules set forth by CompCar of NC, Inc. and has been suspended indefinitely from CompCar of NC, Inc..


It has also been brought to our attention that Thunderhill Speedway paid Mr. Riley purse money for the Legacy races that was never distributed to the competitors. At this time any future Allison Legacy Series races conducted at Thunderhill Speedway or any racetracks in the state of Texas will be under the direction of Randy Anderson (Texas Legacy) and Jay Carley (Texoma Legacy). We are currently working with Randy and Jay on a course of action to bring all Texas cars back to specifications as provided by CompCar of N.C.Inc. We will inform all competitors of the process as soon as we finalize the procedure.



Kenny Allison, President-Allison Brothers Race Cars Inc./Allison Legacy Race Series Director

Ronald Allison, Allison Legacy Series-Director of Competition

Donald Allison, Allison Legacy Series-Technical Director

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From the Lone Star Legacy website (http://www.lonestarlegacy.cc/) today -- apparently written by Bob Riley. I copied this at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, November 9, 2007.






I do not have any connections with Allison Brothers of NC, CompCar of NC, nor the Allison Legacy Racing Series, effective Friday November 9, 2007.


"I also posted publicly on your forum to clarify to your competitors that .5 mil was the standard oversize for an Allison Legacy Engine." Kenneth J. Allison


Contrary to any post on the forum:


If you would like to circle track race your legacy this next year....

We will meet at Barth's Resturant (half-way between Kennedy & Karnes City) on Saturday November 10 to set in stone our 2008 Procedures.

Suggested time of 10:00 am..... ?



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If you would like to circle track race your legacy this next year....

We will meet at Barth's Resturant (half-way between Kennedy & Karnes City) on Saturday November 10 to set in stone our 2008 Procedures.

Suggested time of 10:00 am..... ? [/b] [/i]




This part is confusing to me due to the other two sentences being written by two different people (Bob Riley and Kenneth Allison.) Who wrote the final sentence quoted above?


Just wondering if Bob is planning to coordinate a non-sanctioned group of legacies on 08. If so, which group will THR host? Hmmmm.

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Allison Legacy Series races sanctioned by CompCar of NC, Inc. will be scheduled in the future at various Texas tracks by Texoma Legacy(Jay Carley) or Texas Legacy (Randy Anderson) No others or no other sanctioning bodies will be scheduling Allison Legacy Series races at this time. If you choose to race your car at any track without this sanctioning, you are on your own. This means that you are not in the Allison Legacy Race Series, are not a member of CompCar of NC, Inc., do not have the association medical or life insurance, are in no way affiliated with the Allison Legacy Race Series.

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This doesnt' sound like its going to be good for texas racing... sounds like a line in the sand that is going to catch a lot of stuff in the middle..


Lonestar legacy's get turned into an "Outlaw" series.. I sure hope some people are thinking.. Bob has spent a lot of time building bridges to talent particular to the Quarter Midget clubs. This talent has been filtering into other series from the Lonestar club. example how many new drivers are going or gone to TSRS?


Hope persons involved stop and think before knee jerk reactions.

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they can't turn legacy into outlaw........allison will file suet or shut it down before it happens , like they have just done. alot of people were not happy running for the series under this director and alot of purse money was not being paid out even though the tracks were paying the agreed rate. it was just a matter of time.

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Quite the opposite, Aaron. The announcement today has done more to clean up Texas racing than any in recent memory. We should commend the Allisons for having the strength and wisdom to take action against serious threats to the sanctity of their Legacy program throughout Texas. As well, we should commend Jay and Randy for the fortitude and hard work they have put into creating a Series where both young and old drivers alike, can have both a level playing field and a variety of veunes in which to sharpen driving skills and..... TO HAVE FUN!


On the other side, Mr. Riley was afforded numerous opportunities to participate in the Super Series, and declined. He was also afforded the opportunity to get in line and play by the agreement he signed with the Allisons, and he very consciously declined to do so (publicly). The decision to go "outlaw" was one deliberately undertaken by Mr. Riley. If a line has been drawn in the sand, make no mistake, it was not drawn by the Allisons.


Today is the dawn of a new beginning and we should embrace the changes that are inevitably going to take place in Texas Legacy.


Life is good. Racing is better!



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just a question,,,,,,,,why were you not paying? not trying to start trouble , just hoping for a logical answer.

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Bob, [edited out by Nick Holt, 11/10/07] but could you give us the names of the 12 car field that will be running with you next season? I mean are these 12 people who own a car or 12 people who are going to race on a consistent basis? Of the 17 races held in 2007 the field met or exceeded 12 cars only 5 times. One of those races was the night that the Houston cars came to race and I think everyone knows they won't be back to one of your races. With Dillon, Levi and Jake moving on and Shawn Cannon, Eric Brunner and myself not willing to touch your series with a ten foot pole I would be interested to know the driver roster for 2008.


J.P. Karpowicz


P.S - Tom, I don't think Crazyhorse was asking why Bob didn't pay a purse. I think he was asking why the track paid Bob but he didn't pay us tow money like he said and kept the money for himself.

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Please bare with me. This maybe a little long winded but [edited out by Nick Holt, 11/10/07]


Tom I was DQ'd for telling Bob to "...stick your rule book up your a$$". Apparently he had it their all along because as you can see below he failed to enforce it many times. Remember that Bob wrote the rulebook not the competitors. By the way, can you answer the 12 car question or are you just trying to change the subject?


1) 4/28/07 - Shawn Cannon wins the race at THR. Due to the fact that he did not have Bob seal his engine prior to the season as required the rules call for the following under


"Post Race Tech" 6. a.) A car that does NOT have a Lone Star Legacy seal, will have the engine/transmission assembly impounded and dissassembled for inspection.


Shawn's car was impounded and taken to Bob's shop were Bob supposedly disassembled it for inspection.


2) On 6/9/07 Shawn again won the feature and was protested by Jake Kruger. Being that the protester is forced to put up $200 that they get back if the car is found illegal the Kruger's witnessed the disassembly and what do you know the motor was now overbored. No one believes that Shawn over bored the motor between the inspections. In fact the protest seemed to be more against Bob and the fact that he didn't follow the rules the first time than it was against Shawn.


3) TWS Weekend (August 4th and 5th) - As a result of the protest and illegality of Shawn's race motor the following took (or should have taken) place:


"Post Race Tech" Item #8 - All illegal parts will be confiscated and distroyed by series officials.

However, the engine, including the overbored block, were returned to Shawn.


as a result "Post Race Tech" Item #7a). Perminant Disqualification will remain in effect until said part/parts, is/are surrendered to Legacy Tech officials.

should have precluded Shawn from racing under the Lone Star Legacy series at TWS. Not only did he race under the LSL banner but he received points for all 4 races!


This is not meant as a bash against Shawn or Cannon Racing. Shawn, Wayne, Lee and the rest of his team are great people and fun to race against. Shawn and his team have gotten hosed worse than anyone. I just use the above points to illustrate the total disregard Bob has for the rulebook that he authored.



4) Jake Kruger "DQ" at TWS.


Jake was DQ'd from the 4th race at TWS for jumping the start. As a consequence he was awarded 11 qualifying points but no race points. "Protest" Item #3 states: 3. (Protests) Must be presented to the Lone Star series trailer no later the 30 minutes after the finish of said race.


Apparently after the October 27th race a protest was filed regarding these points and the result was changed to a DQ with no points being awarded. Although it is written no where in the rulebook Bob decided that DQ's cannot be dropped even if they are your low score. Coincidentally, the change of the score from an 11 to a DQ required Jake to drop a 49 point race that if he could have counted would have Jake finishing ahead of John Riley in the final point standings. Two things here, 1) the protest was filed almost 3 months after the race. Clearly not wthin the 30 minutes stated in the rules and 2) the Series director's son is a direct beneficiary of the rules not being followed.


5) 8/11/07- "Race Start" - Item #4 -Any jump starts will cause a black flag to be issued to the driver..

The outside pole sitter jumps the start. We run 9 laps before a "Caution" flag is thrown. Not only is the offending driver penalized but the series director calls for a total restart because the scoring system was never started. Better yet when they reset the field for the restart the field is not aligned correctly. The series director not knowing his own rulebook failed to realize that a black flag was required to penailze the offending driver not a caution flag that penalizes all of the drivers.


6) Rain Outs - Item 1 - 1. No attempt will be made to reschedule a rain-out.

a.) If a track has pre-scheduled a potential make-up date(s), and that date(s) is on our schedule, we will honor that date(s).


Luckily for Bob CCS closed. Two dates were rained out at Corpus and despite the above rule that was in place were we going to reschedule the rain dates as double features with both races paying points.


7) Rainouts will count toward the drops - At the beginning of the season rainouts were to count toward the drops at season's end. Apparently this was changed without telling the teams. Brandes Racing paid a heavy price for this change (they lost the Championship). Chris Brandes discussed the subject in the LSL forum. You can view the discussion (or lack of repsonse from the Series Director) in the LSL chat room under "Rainouts" October 7th. I've posted Chris Brandes' initial post below:


"where are they we had five rainouts i have got the schedule for that in my hands. thats a crock i guess will see who will win the championship and all the prize money a week after the last race. the 3 car is for sale its fast and i have good set ups for it, it can be bought and used for the last 2 races. you know i worked hard and so did my driver and we spent a load of money, we had a lot of bad luck and bad calls but we didnt say s---.we make every race in the series the only team to do that and we still dont have a shot. you will never get anybody to join this club , it will be back to a 6 car field like it used to be ,with no rules that dont change from race to race the whole club should have input in this we are the ones that pay to run in this series we should have some say so, hell we might make the last race maybe the rules will change. BOTTOM LINE THE ONLY FAIR THING TO DO IS 4 DROPS AND 2 RAINOUTS ARE INCLUDED............................................"


Unfortunately for Bob most people do not trust him so many of us print out the website pages so we have proof of what was said later.


8) Bob has called me a liar twice on his forum and neither time has substantiated his claim. The first was after the SAS race when the bent j-bar on our car lead to my qualifing time being disallowed. Bob indcated that I wasn't telling the truth when I made the statement that our bent j-bar would measure 18 7/16" as required. I would be happy to produce the measurement on a bent j-bar anytime Bob would like to see it. The second involved an incident when I supposedly got into the rear of the 15 car of Eric Schmitt at CCS. Eric and I both continued on without incident while a car behind both of us spun causing a caution. Apparently the caution was charged to me because the driver behind me thought that we might spin and in his excitment spun himself. That's a new one but such is life. Anyway Bob posted the following on his forum:


Bob Riley




May 24th, 2007 - 2:40 PM Re: Right of Way II


My copy of the homemade video, shows the #33 move up the track, making contact with the right rear bumper of the #15. As 15 spins out into the dirt(large amount of dust) #58 checks up to avoid contact, #69, behind #58 hits 58, spinning 58. Was the caution on 15 in the dirt or 58 in the dirt? The caution was initiated when #33 moved up the track and touched, hit, moved the rear of #15. That's what we saw. I might add the 3 ladies scoring were impressed when I told them the caution would come out, 1 lap before it happened. Then, when #44 moved up the track to let #3 pass him, I told the ladies, "#3 is going to take out #15", 2 laps later, he did. I thought this was an easy race to call as you could see the caution develop a lap or two before it happened, just like judging a Quarter Midget race.

I wish the video had the after-the-race banging.


I'm trying to find a happier solution for all of us.


Bob Riley




May 24th, 2007 - 2:51 PM Re: Right of Way II


Bare with me, I'm trying to convert, edit, and post the 10 seconds of video I'm talking about; like Jay did on the Texoma site. Some of the home camcorders use funny, odd, formating so hang on, I'll have it soon.



The video mentioned in the second post has yet to be produced for viewing by the public and the first post demonstrates Bob's bias when scoring a race.


9) The crowning of a Champion?


In yet another incident of Bob "spewing at the mouth" he made the following post on his forum on August 10th. .


I got a solution...tomorrow will be the last race of the 2007 season. Since no one can catch JP...he is the series champion for 2007. I'll get a trophy with his name engraved on it and present it to him...how's that. Seems to me that's the only important issue anyone can talk about. ME ME ME ME ME Now you guys can go to Houston as our 2007 season is over.


I questioned Bob about the validity of his statement at the driver's meeting and he refused to discredit his statement. Again, I didn't make the following statement and I didn't ask Bob to but when the Series Director makes a public statement like and then when asked about it won't say that it is untrue then I guess I believe him.


I could continue with other incidents but I've probably lost the interest of most people by now. Calling Bob Riley a liar is far from an unsubstantiated alligation. You might view it as a public service announcement to the racing community. Do people make mistakes? Yes. Do people misinterpret the rules at times? Yes. But this guy has shown a consistent pattern of total disregard for the teams that support his series and enforcement of the rulebook that he wrote. It certainly is "Buyer Beware" when it comes to dealing with Bob Riley.




J.P. Karpowicz

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It is a big concern to me because I have seen teams spend a great deal of time and money on fixed assets (race cars) and racing expenses to be treated unfairly. Luckily for me I am only a driver and did not have anything invested in equipment. However, I did invest half a summer of time away from my family preparing race cars and racing in Bob's series. I only hope to inform anyone that may be considering a move to Bob's series what they are getting themselves into before investing in equipment, etc.


The 12 car question was originally asked to Bob but being that you tend to serve as his "mouth piece" I though you may know the answer. Apparently that was asking to much.


If you thought we were "all smiles" before the DQ you obviously missed more than "something" you missed half a season.


As I suspected there are 13 cars out their but you are pretty much looking at an 8 car field at THR (3,14,15, 24, 44, 58, 69,72) and a 5 car field at CCS (3, 15, 44, 58, 69).


The drivers on the list that Bob provided attended the following events in 2007 after a total of 17:


3 - 17 events

14 - 14 events (no CCS)

15- 10 events

24 - 14 events (no CCS)

32 - I thought he was selling out?

38 - 1 event

44 -12 events

58 - 16 events

69 - 14 events

88 - 1 event

72 - 8 events

23 - ?

13 - ?


I'm simply stating facts in my previous post. If you would like to attempt to discredit anything from my previous post please do so. I'm sure their are many people on this forum who would like to read your attempt.


J.P. Karpowicz

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just a question,,,,,,,,why were you not paying? not trying to start trouble , just hoping for a logical answer.
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LSLPR - It's pretty obvious that you have an ax to grind against Mr. Riley and his series. You have had your say even though your posts are, in reality, simply long bashes against the above named individual. I have left up the majority of your comments, however, only removing the actual blatant bashes, since there are issues that could be present in virtually any series or with any race director.


However, I am not going to allow this to become a free-for-all. If Mr. Riley chooses to answer your long list of grievances on here, he will be given that opportunity.


Let's keep this thread civil and bash-free please.


Shawn Paul - I doubt that any series director or track operator will provide that sort of information in a public forum. What agreements were made between tracks and touring series are rarely, if ever, made public. But to imply that anyone has misappropriated money is a pretty serious matter whether it's the Allisons or anyone else makes those implications.



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i'm not making any implications , alot of legacy owners and drivers were/are.

i am saying maybe there was a legitiment reason for it , and if he would like to he could explain it.

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Jay Carley of Texoma Legacy Motorsports has asked me to post this offer on behalf of Texoma Legacy Motorsports and Texas Legacy Motorsports.




To: All CompCar NC members / Allison Legacy Car Owners

From Jay Carley, Series Director, Texoma Legacy

Randy Andersen, Series Director, Texas Legacy


Subject: Lone Star Legacy


With news of the Lone Star Legacy organization becoming unsanctioned by Allison Brothers Race Cars, we felt it important to notify all car owners in the region that you still have a home with The Allison Legacy Race Series. Texas Legacy Motorsports and Texoma Legacy Motorsports stand ready to support all Texas region car owners.


As stated in the letter released by Allison Brother Race Cars Inc, we are working on the development of a technical procedure to bring every Texas region car back to the point of original spec design with as little difficulty as possible for the owners. This information will be published in the coming days.


We are disappointed that resolution to the dispute between Mr. Riley and Allison Brother Race Cars could not be achieved. Our hope was to keep the integrity of the Lone Star Legacy in place and the organization a party to the 2008 Super Series. We have been apprised of this situation as it has been occurring from both sides. We could not support the notion to separate from the sanctioning of CompCar NC or Allison Brothers Race Cars Inc and the associated rules and regulations.


Texas Legacy Motorsports and Texoma Legacy Motorsports will continue to operate under the direct guidance and governing of CompCar NC and Allison Brothers Race Cars Inc.


All current car owners that have questions or concerns about the upcoming season or procedural information please direct your questions to Jay Carley, Randy Andersen, Mark Chapin or Kathie Weir.


Contact information is as follows:


Jay Carley - Phone: 301-748-7783

Email: jcarley@texomalegacymotorsports.com

Mark Chapin - Phone: 940-464-7132

Email: mchapin@texomalegacymotorsports.com

Randy Andersen - 713-540-9909

Email: Dickinsonmachine@verizon.net

Kathie Weir – Phone: 832-466-6275

Email: kweir@texomalegacymotorsports.com

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