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website and December 8th?


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I saw the recent press release from the USMTS about the upcoming show at STS. Hopefully the website will be updated quickly to reflect the upcoming big show.


Also, someone recently asked about the December 8th race date...which is listed as December 11 on the website...and if, in fact, there is racing on that night or not. Yet to be answered from what I can tell.




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I believe that was answered in an earlier post by Owen, that says the USMTS race weekend will be the final race of the 2007 season.


Believing is just like Assuming. We're just looking for a straight answer here. A simple yes there are or no there are not races would really clarify and allow racers to plan accordingly. We want to support STS if there are races, and if not, then we can try to find a track somewhere else to race or save some money.

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