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Driver Pictures


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I've been working on driver headshots for the last few weeks. Here's what they look like - just in case you've never seen them. If I have a driver mislabeled, please let me know ASAP! There were a lot of pictures to track.


I hope the drivers don't shoot me for posting their pictures! I just had to share them. And if I missed getting a driver's picture, I apologize. It was quite a project.


Thunderhill Raceway Local Classes:

GS - Grand Stock

SS - A-Line Super Stock

TS - Thunder Stock




Touring Series:

MOD - Pro Mods

TSRS - Texas Super Racing Series

TT - Texas Trucks




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Great job, lovely.



Hey Blur,


I didn't know Marcia was BALD. I don't feel so bad now.

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I was hoping y'all wouldn't get too upset about the pictures being posted.


Marcia was in the sun. A professional photographer (that I'm not) would probably have noticed it and changed the angle.


Lori - I tried to take a picture of Richard last weekend at THR. He didn't want to take one.

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Sure, I'd be glad to send them to you. Send PM with e-mail address, please.


I'll send you the unedited pictures so you can crop them down the to size that works best for your website.

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I made a revision to the Touring Series pictures - left off Pro Mod Marc Madison (#19). It was not on purpose, Marc! LOL


Some of you are asking for copies of your picture. If you'll just PM your e-mail address to me, I'll be glad to send your picture to you.

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Yes, Lori, if you can get him to take a picture, please send it to me at debwill@swbell.net. And if anyone else is missing, I'd really appreciate your sending me a headshot you've taken.


Matt - I changed your car number and posted the correction above. Thanks for letting me know.


GUNDOG99 - Yep, you're right - didn't take much to get Jim to smile for the camera.


Budman - Now that's a thought! LOL

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