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News of Morgan


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:( I found this today on Myspace, I thought you fellow racers would like to know this.


update on morgan



on october 27th i was put back in the hospital because i was having alot of pain and my tummy was big. the doctors have ran test and they found fluid on my tummy. so they drew some fluid and sent it to be tested. on tuesday 30th we found out that i have multiple tumors and my stomach and near my rectum. the doctors told mommy and daddy that they are going to get together and see if there is any treatments that might help me. also i have not eaten anything in 6 days and they have tried giving me feeds but i cant keep it down. i am in a lot of pain right now. tonight they had to drain fluid off my right lung and put in a drain. im asking you to please keep me and my family in your prayers. god bless

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