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Looking for some last-minute TMS Tickets?


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One of Thunderhill Raceway's favorite fans and sponsor for many years, Norman Hackney, is unable to go to the race this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway because his son (Mark) just suffered a major heart attack and is currently in the trauma unit.


First of all, please remember Mark Hackney and his family in your prayers.


Secondly, he has the following TMS tickets available for purchase at a very discounted price. The price below is per seat, and he has two seats available:


Thursday - $10

Friday - $52

Saturday - $56

Sunday - $117

Total per Seat - $235


The total cost for both seats for all days is $470, and he would take $400.


If you just want to buy tickets for one race, that would probably be okay as well. Beck Cooper, who is THR's CPA is trying to help him get them to someone to enjoy. She thinks they are in Section 107, Row 58, Seats 1 and 2. They are located under the suites, and they are great seats. To purchase these tickets, please contact Becky, as follows:


Rebecca A Cooper, CPA

7201 Marywood Circle

Austin, TX 78723

512-928-9828 Office

512-658-6266 Cell

512-928-9828 Fax

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