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A Special Thanks To Members Of The Racing Family


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As many of you know I am driver/crew when I come to the track. I come to the track alone but never feel alone. If I need something...there are those who will help. If I have a flat during a race members of our "racing family" will run to my pits to help. Saturday night was no different except I had more than a flat. I was wondering how to load my car when members of "our racing family" showed up. Some went to the parts store, some started putting my body back on the car and others started removing damaged parts. I would like to give a very special thanks to Brian Schild, Randy Oglesbee, Mark Mathias, Ariel Arredondo, Cruz and John Wassek for their help. I would also like to thank whoever loaned the welder. Also the guys with the Modified (2 pits over) that let us use the vise. There was no way I could have made the feature if it wasn't for you guys ! Thanks again Mickey McKim S.S. #18

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