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Thank you!


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First and foremost.. Thank you to my wife and family.. Their support is key!!


Terry, Joey, Duane, Shawn, Andy You all are class acts in my boat.. thanks for being Friends, Competitors, and Supporters...


The Big 50 completed all the goals that were set at the begining of the year but 1. and Winning isn't the only thing.. its the journey that you take to get there that matters most.


Mona, Jody, Jason, Gary, Mason, Kevin, Steve.. Yall made it a fun year & can't wait for the next one..


Thank you to the Fans & Kids that pick me up when I am down, and chear loud when i am up!!


Most of all thanks to Brian & Jim for building the playground.. and Mary Ann & H for keeping the dream going!!


See everyone at the banquet!!

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