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Tammy's Memorial last night

dana green

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Thank you, Dana and Steve, for helping us make the dedication to Tammy so special. We also appreciate your getting the stickers made for the drivers to display on their cars.


"Live on Tammy Dickerson - 1960-2007"

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All who knew Tammy appreicate your taking charge to make sure her name and great spirit is remembered.


It all just seems too surreal to be true. How can anyone so full of fun, so in-your-face, so downhome honest, so real, be gone?


I almost expect the phone to ring and hear Tammy say something like, "Well, I forgot you are even alive so I forgot to cut you a check. Sorry about that!" and hear her laugh long and loud, mostly at herself for forgetting.... Or, "What the heck were you thinking when you (whatever dumb thing I did)."


Or give me a big hug for something I may have accidently done right..


I just doesn't seem right that Tammy's no longer here.... And I don't even want to imagine the pain that Terry and Stormy are going through as this all starts to sink in..


God, please be with Tammy's loved ones as they try to adjust.



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Terry wanted me to thank everyone, including the THR staff, for the parade lap and TSRS dedication race to Tammy. The Dickerson family had really wanted to attend the race, but they had a prior commitment.


Terry also said he thinks about all of the racers and fans often. He extended his congratulations to Brian Moczygemba for winning the race - said Tammy had always wanted Brian to beat Joe, at least once!

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