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Live Updates from THR, 10/27/07


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What a beautiful day. Clear.. cool... not a cloud in the sky. Those racing engines are going to be loving this.


First up, 10 Legacys went under the clock.


Jake Kruger timed in quick at 17.117, Taylor Brandes at 17.160 followed by John Riley at 17.187.


14 Pro Modfieds went under the clock and there were no surprises. Mark Chrudimsky at 15.276 was fastest, JC Umscheid at 15.404 and John Heil at 15.550.


12 Texas Trucks timed in with Jim Albert (16.289) over three-tenths quicker than Jason Marshall who timed in at 16.544, followed by Bryan Meredith at 16.545.


12 TSRS Late Models timed. Joe Aramendia was fastest at 15.317, his teammate, Brian Moczygemba, timed at 15.500 and Chris Schild at 15.595.

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Steve Ramzinski took the 1st Grand Stock 8-lap heat race by 8 car lengths followed by L Cody Smith and Carolyn Aramendia.


In the second Grand stock heat, James Lynch and Floyd Reed had a nice battle for the lead for most of the race with Lynch taking the checkered over Reed by four car lengths with Terry Thames a distant third.


The Thunder Stock 1st heat saw Randy Schoener jump to an early lead and never look back. Aaron Brungot and Mason Teague had a great battle for second with Brungot squeezing by on the inside down the back straight on the last lap.


Jason Stanley made it look easy jumping out early and leaving the rest of the cars to fight for what's left in the 2nd Thunder Stock heat. Paul Lipp finished second with Jody Wayne Stuart third. There was some discussion about a jump start on Stanley's part and it turns out that Stanley was docked one position for the jump. So, the finishing order is Lipp, Stuart and Joey Jenkins.


The 1st A-Line Auto Parts Super Stock heat saw Greg Rhomer take the win from the pole with Clint LaFont coming all the way from the back of the field to finish 2nd ahead of Terry Tschoerner.


The 2nd A-Line Super Stock heat was a real barn burner with Mikey McKim and Shawn Paul Lehman getting together down the front straight at the finish, fighting tooth-and-nail for the win. McKim led most of the race, but Lehman worked his way through the field and pulled to the outside of McKim down the back straight on the last lap. They went side by side through 3-4 and made some heavy contact as they gunned it for the checkered. It was McKim by inches at the line with both cars not exactly pointed straight. McKim ended up with RF damage with his RF wheel pointed some way it shouldn't as he took his victory lap.

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Lots of controversy in the Lone Star Legacy 30-lap event. 11 cars took the green.


Taylor Brandes took the checkered flag, but Jake Kruger was awarded the win - I think anyway,


Brandes clearly had the fastest car and proved it by coming from the back of the pack, not once, but twice to the front to contest for the lead.


Ouch. A bad wreck in turn 3-4 on lap 22 when the race leader, James Lee, got turned around by Levi Krauss and ended up facing traffic. Eric Schmitt had no place to go and hit Lee head on. Both drivers OK but both cars suffered severe damage.


Kruger, meanwhile had worked his way to the lead with 3 laps to go, but got turned around down the back straight by Brandes as they fought for the lead. Brandes took the checkered, but Legacy officials awarded the win to Kruger with Brandes second and Kris Kerr a close third. Tom Harwell and Arden Vikre rounded out the top five.


Not too sure why Brandes got to retain his second place finish if it was ruled that he took the leader out... But, hey, I just report 'em.. don't call 'em. I'm sure there's a good explanation there somewhere.


[on edit] Brandes was scored at the tail end of the lead lap after some discussion...

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17 Thunder Stocks took the green for their 30-lap feature.


The first green was aborted when outside pole-sitter Paul Lipp slid off the track in turn 3... Complete restart..


Randy Schoener got a great jump and led the way early on with Lipp not far behind. Joey Tchoener blew up going down the back straight to bring out the first yellow. Small fire under the hood which was quickly put out.


On the restart it was Shoerner, Lipp, Jason Stanley, Mason Teague, Steve Osborne Joey Jenkins, Leonard Flores III, Aaron Brungot, Mona Turner, Jody Wayne Stuart, Kevin Bowen, Duane Toyne, Patrick Burrow, Chriss Farr, Duane Sanders and Gary Chancellor. Chancellor would pull into the pits a few laps later with lots of smoke coming from his ride.


Kevin Bowen spun in turn four to bring out the yellow on lap 7. Up front nothing changed.


By lap 10 Stanley was giving Shoener all he could handle. Two laps later he was by for the lead. But Stanley pitted on the next lap to put Shoerner into the lead once again. Mason Teague in second, Steve Osborne third.


Yellow on lap 14 for a spin by Jody Wayne Stuart.


Brungot and Turner tangled in turn 2 to bring out yet another yellow before another lap was completed. Both Turner and Brungot pit.


Up front it was still the same running order.


Bowen and Joey Jenkins made contact in turn 2 to bring out yet another yellow. Maybe the almost full moon rising over turn 2 has something to do with this.


Brungot returned to rejoin at the rear of the lead lap and drove very hard to climb back to the leaders.


Up front, Shoener was holding of Teague, Osborne and Duane Toyne.


At the line it was Schoener, Teague, Duane Toyne, Kevin Bowen and Aaron Brungot.


With Gary Chancellor and points leader Joey Tschoerner both out of the race, it remains to be seen who actually won the Thunder Stock Championship.


[on edit] Joey Tschoerner won the championship and was presented with his championship trophy on the front straight after the Modified feature.


[on edit #2] Mason Teague won the Thunder Stock event after Randy Schoener was DQd in tech...

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Jason Boyd and fast qualifier Mark Chrudimsky started on the pole for the 50-lap Modified featur, the ExpressJet 50. 14 mods on the starting grid.


Whoa.. Jason Boyd pulled into the pits during the 5-lap hot laps before the start.. but, came back on in time to start on the pole.


Boyd, after a side-by-side battle with Chrudimsky (BOyd on the inside, Chrudimsky on the outside) took the lead at the end of the first lap.


Jerry Dechart spun in turn one to bring out the first yellow on lap 3.


Up front it was Boyd, Chrudimsky, JC Umschied (driving with a crate engine), Tuffy Hudson, John Heil, John Paul Klewier, Bubba Menard, HE Naumann, Brad Hudak, Rick Wycough, Mark Madison, Jimmy Nides and Greg Baber.


On lap 17 Tuffy Hudson got into the back of Umschied as the leaders diced going into turn one. This was set up when Chrudimsky got quite loose in turn 3-4 and struggled to retain control with Umscheid and Husdon trying to take advantage of the momentary miscue by Chrudimsky. Hudson to the rear. Umschied retains his spot.


So, it's Boyd, Chrudimsky, Umschied, Heil and Klewier up front on the restart.


On lap 18 Chrudimsky got into the back of Boyd who spun in turn 3-4 and Chrudimsky got sent to the rear.


Now it's Boyd, Umschied, Heil Klewier and Menard up front.


With 13 to go, Umschied put the chrome horn on Boyd, but no spin. The top three were nose to tail with lots of bumping going on. Umschied went for a ride through the infield after spinning coming off turn four with some help from Heil. Heil sent to the rear.


Meanwhile Chrudimsky worked his way to sixth as the leaders play bump and run every now and then.


Tuffy Hudson spun going down the back straight with 7 to go to bring out a yellow.


Chrudimsky, after slicing and dicing through the field was in third with two to go and squeezed by Umscheid in turn four for second as Boyd took the checkered.


The front runners in this one put on a heck of a show with all the bumping and banging anyone could hope for. Very entertaining race.


[on edit] Chrudimsky was DQd for a carb infraction. Can't imagine he was any too happy about that...

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Mary Ann Naumann was honored on the front straight during intermission by the former San Antonio Speedway drivers for her major role in welcoming them to Thunderhill Raceway after SAS closed earlier in the season. A touching moment...

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Twelve TSRS Late Models lined up for their non-points "OctoberFAST 75" after a very touching ceremony and honor pace lap by many of the THR regulars in memory of Tammy Dickerson. Debbie Williams read an emotional message from Terry Dickerson who reminded all of us to tell those we love that we do indeed love them.


Bobby Joe New and Brian Moczygemba made up the front row with Craig Sellman and Jason Hollander in second, Chris Schild and Joe Aramendia in the third row.


New jumped out to the early lead after Moczygemba got hung out on the outside. Chris Schild got into Craig Sellman coming off turn 2. In the melee Joe Aramendia gets turned around and collected by Leland Waddell. Wadell taken off on the hook.


Schild and Sellman then got together on the front stright under the yellow. Both storm off to the pits. Security called to the pits a few minutes later.


Schild and Aramendia return to the track after repairs and a lengthly caution period.


New followed by Moczygemba and David Sevilla, take the green with 67 to go.


Schild's car making lots of smoke from a tire rub on the left front. With 60 to go, New and Moczygemba have a half lap lead over Sevilla and Jason Hollander.


With 50 to go, the field is way spread out with New and Moczygemba a full half-lap ahead of the rest.


Moczygemba gave new several looks to the inside as New seemed to be loosing some of his handling. With 45 to go Moczygemba squeezed under New and the pair raced door to door and made lots of contact before Moczygemba got the advantage.


New tried his best to get back around but got sidetracked with Alvin Stewart pulled in front of him after almost spinning after contact with Chris Schild who had been trying for several laps to get by Stewart.


Moczygemba was able to maintain a few car lengths on New who had some trouble clearing slower traffic.


With 30 remaining it was Moczygemba, New, Sevilla, Hollander and Danny Stewart.


With 27 to go, Stewart and Hollander got together in turn 2 to bring out the yellow.


The huge lead enjoyed by the two front-runners was now pretty much gone but apparently only Sevilla was the only other car on the lead lap.


Moczygemba and New resumed their dominance with New trailing by a car length or two.


With ten laps remaining, Moczygemba had lengthend his lead to three or four car lengths.


At the checkered it was Moczygemba by several car lengths over New and a good half lap over Sevilla, the last the car on the lap.

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12 Texas Trucks lined up for their 50-lap feature.


Bryan Meredith and Jason Marshall started on the front row with Rusty Mirth and Cameron Moore in teh second row. Brfent Bell and Jim Albert third row. DL Wilson and Ray Kemp fourth row, Bubba Shelton and Voker Steffan... Missed the rest.


Meredith jumped out to a narrow lead early, but Jason Marshall and Rusty Mirth were on his bumper.


Five laps in, lots of cars spun in turn one in some oil left by Cameron Moore's blown engine. Not much damage to most of the cars, but it was a wild moment or two as most of the field was still bunched up and most of them found the oil.


After some hard work by the excellent THR cleanup crew, racing resumed with Meredith, Marshall, Mirth, Albert and Bell up front.


The field ran pretty much nose to tail until Bell dropped back a couple of spots to seventh with 40 to go.


With 30 to go, the front four trucks were pretty much nose to tail with Albert hanging back a truck length or two as the three front runners raced at very close quarters.


With 29 to go, Mirth and Marshall make contact down the back straight with Marshall spinning to bring out a caution flag. Mirth sent to the back for the contact.


Meredith, Marshall and Albert took the green on the restart but Ray Kemp got into the back of Albert down the back straight, but all recover and no caution...


With 15 to go, Marshall started to loose some of his traction coming off turn 2, but Albert not able to take advantage as Meredith soldiers on with a three truck length lead.


Meanwhile Mirth moved into fourth and set sail for the leaders.


Meredith was able to hold everyone off for the next few laps, but the fun was just beginning behind him as Marshall was getting looser and looser. Finally, on the last lap, Marshall got wide coming off turn four and Albert was able to get by to take second at the flag. Mirth wound up fourth, but right on the back bumpers of the leaders.


Brian Meredith ran a very steady race and used his head the entire 50 laps.

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Sixteen A-Line Auto Parts Super Stocks lined up for their 40 lap feature. Fast guys at the rear.


This one did not get off to a good start with half the field wadded up in turn four at the drop of the green.


Most everyone was able to continue with some sheet metal damage.


Lots of action early on.. Birmingham, Tracy Tschoerner and Greg Rhomer move out front after the first few laps with Terry Tschoerner moving into fourth after a strong outside run past a bunch of cars.


Meanwhile Birmingham opened up a big lead over Rhomer and Tracy Tschoerner.


Shawn Paul Leman and Carry Stapp were working their way up from the rear and with 25 to go, were ninth and 10th.


Birmingham opened up a quarter-lap lead by halfway and looked insurmountable.


With 19 to go, Scott Stubbs got turned around in turn 3-4 and and started to slowly roll down the hill in front on the leaders who were about to put a lap on a few cars. EVeryone missed him but there were a few anxious moments as cars scattered in all directions.


On the restart, Birmingham outgunned Rhomer and Tracy and Terry Tschoerner started to fall back a bit. Duane Toyne and Clint Lafont got by Tracy Tschoerner who got caught on the outside. With 12 to go ti was Birmingham and Rhomer breaking away from the pack. Terry Tschoerner, Duane Toyne, Clint LaFont, David Webster, Cary Stapp and Keith Garrett were all in a pack.


With 7 to go, Rhomer forces his way past Birmingham for the lead as the second pack stays together in a big bunch.


With 2 to go, Mark Mathias and Duane Toyne made contact in turn 3 and spun off the track to bring out a yellow to set up a green, white, checkered finish.


Up front it was Rhomer, Birmingham, Terry Tschoerner, Cary Stapp, David Webster, Clint LaFont, Shawn Paul Lehman and Keith Garrett, Mark Mathias, Micky McKim, Tracy Tschoerner, Scott Stubbs, Brent Reeves and Duane Toyne who was sent to the back for the yellow.


Rhomer was able to hold off Birmingham as Stapp made his usual clean march to the front to claim third. LaFont and Terry Tschoener rounded out the top five.

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To wrap up the 2007 THR racing season, the Grand Stocks lined up for their 25-lap feature.


Randy Schoener on the pole with L Cody Smith on the outside.


John Heil ran several laps with this hood up in his face...


Schoener led for the first half of the race but Floyd Reed was right on his bumper with James Lynch, Jr. challenging both for the lead.


James Lynch passed the front runners on the outside after a restart with 12 to go and never looked back,

except to see Floyd Reed and Carolyn Aramendia slowly fade away in his rear view mirror.


Aramendia and Reed diced hot and heavy with Reed taking second behind Lynch. Steve Ramzinki and Randy Schoener rounded out the top five.

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To Nick and Mary Ann----THANK YOU!!! You two have made this a great season to race. And even made it exciting for those who weren't fortunate enough to race, but are still die hard fans! From the scheduling of events to announcing and updating, you two are the best! With this year being so exceptional, you two have a lot to live up to next year!! Can you do it? I have no doubt you can. Have a great winter break, happy holidays and look forward to seeing, hearing, or reading from you soon!!!!


The Weir Family :D

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Were the times not turned in to "My Laps"? No event is listed for the 27th on their website...

I don't have the answer to that one. Perhaps someone directly involved with THR could provide that information.


I know that I included the lap times I was provided in the results I posted on Sunday.


Here's the link>>>http://txsz.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20530



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