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13 year-old Dillon Spreen 2007 Lone Star Legacy Champ

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Contact: Greg Spreen


Spreen Racing, Boerne, TX


Spreen Wins 2007 Lone Star Legacy Series Championship


Boerne, TX (October 24, 2007) - Having won the 2006 Lone Star Legacy Series Championship and before the 2007 racing season started, Team Spreen decided not to run for championship points in 2007. The idea was to have 13 year-old Dillon Spreen gain experience by running at many different race tracks and against different drivers.


During the 2007 season, Spreen raced his South Bay Development/Spreen racing Enignes Monte Carlo with the Texas Legacy Series out of Houston, the Texoma Legacy Road Racing Series based in Dallas, as well as the Lone Star Legacy series that is based in San Marcos. Spreen also traveled to Georgia to race at the famous Peach State Speedway with the National Allison Legacy Touring Series based out of North Carolina.


Spreen also received his NASA (National Auto Sport Association) road race competition license at the young age of 12.


Despite the fact that Spreen did not run the complete Lone Star Series, his 9 wins, 1 second and 1 fourth place finish earned him the 2007 Championship, even with one race still to go. Spreen will not be at that last race, as he will be racing with the Texoma Series at the MSR Houston road course this weekend (Oct. 27-28).


Spreen is currently in fourth place in the Texoma Road Racing Series, having run only a partial season with them, and hopes to move to third spot this weekend.


This weekend will be the last race that Spreen will be driving the Allison Legacy car full time. For 2008, Spreen will moving up to a full size NASCAR type “Late Model” and compete in the very competitive Texas Super Racing Series. The Team already has the car and Spreen will be practicing with it over the winter.


For more news, information and pictures, visit www.dillonspreen.com .


Dillon Spreen To Date For 2007:


Hometown: Boerne, Texas


2007 Lonestar Legacy Champion


Top-5 Finishes: 20(out of 22 races with all 4 series)


Wins: 10 total with all 4 series (to date)


Track records: 4 at Texas World Speedway


2006: Won the 2006 Lonestar Legacy Championship


Photos by Nancy Kerr





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So much talent in this young man! He has no where to go, but UP! Mark my words~~~we will see more of this young man for many years to come!! Heck yeah, his parents are proud! Wouldn't you be?!?! I know I am!! Fantastic job Dillon. Hope next year brings you even more great things!


The Weirs

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