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Another loss to the Racing Community


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Mary Ann Naumann asked me to make the following post for her (having some problems posting on TSZ right now):



Another loss to the Racing Community - such a great man!


Norman Walker, a great man and father of Wayne Walker, a long time local racer and one of our dearest friends, passed away last night. His sweet daughter-in-law, Sue, notified me this morning that he passed away due to cancer, but with a smile on his face. It has been a long year for the family and certainly for Norman. He never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him; he was a very proud man.


When I first became General Manager for THR, Norm was such a major part in helping me! He never wanted anything said; he was just always there whenever I needed him. He spent many hours helping Jack and me to get rules typed and printed. He was such a giving man. He finally joined THR as one of our finest staff members.


It goes without saying that he was a wonderful, very proud father of his son, Wayne. Norman was always there when Wayne was racing and he was so proud! We're all certainly going to miss him. God Bless Norman and his family.


Sue said that she would let us know about he services, as soon as they had everything arranged. Wayne & Sue, my heart goes out to both of you during this difficult time.

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Thank you ALL for the kind words.


Dad passed at 12:43 a.m. this morning. He did have a smile on his face and he looked at peace. He will be missed greatly. I truely believe he was waiting for our return from Abilene(Southern Challenge) before he let go. This was his favorite weekend of the year since we started racing on dirt.


I will post the time for the services tomorrow evening. They will be at Cook Walden in Pflugerville on Sunday.




Wayne & Sue

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