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Official TSRS Results from HMP

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Here are the OFFICIAL Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) "Fiesta 75" results for Saturday, October 20, at Houston Motorsports Park:


Position, Car No., Name, Hometown, Laps Completed

  1. 17, Robert Barker, Boerne, TX, 75
  2. 3, Bobby Joe New, Manchaca, TX, 75 (TSRS 2007 Champion)
  3. 7, Chris Schild, Leander, TX, 75
  4. 28, Leland Waddell, Austin, TX, 75
  5. 71, Deed Dupont, Baytown, TX, 75
  6. 13, Ian Webster, Spring, TX, 75
  7. 8, David Sevilla, San Antonio, TX, 75
  8. 9, Tommy Gural, Elgin, TX, 75
  9. 11S, Brian Schild, Leander, TX, 75
  10. 61, Cory Lovell, Austin, TX, 75
  11. 12, Adam Haugh, Round Rock, TX, 74
  12. 2, Bobby Teer, Jr. Comfort, TX, 73 (TSRS 2007 Rookie of the Year)
  13. 23, Ugo Bevione, Austin, TX, 70
  14. 6, Jason Hollander, Leander, TX, 68
  15. 50, Brian Moczygemba, San Antonio, TX, 64
  16. 38, Craig Sellman, Buda, TX, 64
  17. 5X, Chad Menard, Castroville, TX, 64
  18. 42, Ron Sprague, San Antonio, TX, 61
  19. 79, Joe Aramendia, San Antonio, TX, 55
  20. 23B, Larry Bendele, Adkins, TX, 75 (DQ - Carburetor Infraction)

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i cannot believe this, you should not be out on the track if your car is not legal. the rules are there for a reason, to keep CHEATERS out. how in the world did he get this far in a race to get dq'ed after the race. the officials should of been over there measuring his spoiler, checking for a 2 speed tranny and traction control, and aluminum driveshaft. i am disgusted by the actions of the 23 car in trying to cheat to get a top 3 finish, wow i thought the alexanders were bad, this guy tried to slip one past jack, what a (edited by [edited by Nick Holt, 10/22/07] and krusty rusty).


big john

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congrats to bobby and his dad.......good clean racing.

you get many chances to win championships , only one shot at a rookie of the year,,,,way to go.

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