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Modified Slot Car Racing


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9/15/07 Modified Slot Car Racing series results


Mini Mod's(4-7yrs)


1.(128)Ben Mikulencak

2.(44)Dillion Heinaman

3.(66)Caleb Hudgeons

4.(99)Brandi Barnec

5.(8)Brendyn Sanders

6.(71)Edward Valdez

7.(26)Caitlyn Leonard

8.(43)Hunter Langford

9.(15)Kiehl Van Blarcum

10.(07)Amber Sky Major

11.(12)Dylan Whitehead (DNF)





Jr Mod's(8-12yrs)


1.(5)Christopher Reusser

2.(9)Courtney Leonard

3.(38)Marcus Mikulencak

4.(33)Mereda Major

5.(15)Noah Van Blarcum

6.(15B)Branson Pittman

7.(58)Hunter Flanagan








Young Guns(13&?)


1.(1)Ricky Rogers

2.(91J)Jerrod Grantz

3.(9)Cody Leonard

4.(88)Justin Wynd

5.(44)Dakota Heinaman

6.(9)Courtney Leonard


With Dr. Danger performing at the track this week you could see the anticipation in the kids eyes and they were pumped for some car crashing excitement later on that night.But first they were ready for some slot car racing to begin.Ben Mikulencak grabbed yet another win in the Mini Mods division.We had a first time winner in only his second time out and that was Christopher Reusser in the Jr. Mods division.Good job Chris.Ricky Rogers continued his win streak in his newly skinned slot mod in the Young Guns division.Thanks to Affordable Trophy Designs for the trophys,the kids really look forward to that each week.Thanks to everyone that participates each week and get ready for some great racing action next weekend with the Sprint Cars coming to town.See Ya'll next week. :rolleyes:


Christopher Reusser #5 on his way to his first win in the Jr. Mods division.



Ricky Rogers new race wrap slot mod.



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