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THR Traveling series race reports


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ASA Pro Late Models, Sirizzotti Scorches 'Em

The start of the ASA Pro Late Model feature got ugly real quick. Veteran racer John Heil got the jump on the young Kyle Sirizzotti. Sirizzotti fought back in turns 1-2 getting into the bumper of Heil. As the field stacked up, Jason Young, Tommy Grimes and Heath Stewart got the worst of it as they collected each other, putting Young and Grimes on the trailer for the night.


The second try saw Sirizzotti out gun Heil for the lead going into turn 1. Lloyd Alexander followed through the hole to take second. L. Alexander got loose on lap 1, with Heil and Allen Alexander getting past for second and third. L. Alexander then played a little bumper tag with brother Allen, until he was able to retake third. By lap 10 Sirizzotti was setting sail into the sunset, while L Alexander caught Heil for second and Stewart ran down Mike Reininger for fifth despite missing several body parts.


With Sirizzotti in another zip code, Heil and L Alexander put on a show in the battle for runner-up spot. L. Alexander was better getting off the corners, but Heil would always be there for the block and throw in an occasional, yet subtle, brake check to keep L. Alexander on his toes. After a little game of bumper tag, L. Alexander finally got inside on lap 19 going down the back chute. The duo were side by side through turns 3-4 and on the front stretch where L. Alexander got the nose ahead. Heil drove in deep going to turn 1, but L. Alexander got the spot coming out of turn 2.


At halfway it was Sirizzotti, L. Alexander, Heil, A. Alexander and Stewart running in the top five. A. Alexander then began his assualt on Heil for third getting along side on lap 26. After a short door to door battle, A. Alexander got the spot. Heil tried to fight back on the high side but slipped too high on lap 33 and surrendered the fight. At this point Sirizzotti was putting a thumping on the field and as the white flag waved had a 3/4 lap lead over L. Alexander. Sirizzotti easily took the win lapping all but L. Alexander in the process.


ASA Pro Late Models


1. 93 Kyle Sirizzotti 50 (pending tech inv)

2. 115 Lloyd Alexander 50

3. 80 Allen Alexander 49

4. 14 Heath Stewart 49

5. 15 John Heil 49

6. 3 Larry Schild 49

7. 84 Mike Reineinger 20

8. 27 Jason Young 0

9. 22 Tommy Grimes 0

Pro Modifieds, Chrudimsky Champ in Express Jet 50

Polesitter, Keith Sandefur got the jump on green for the Pro Modified, Express Jet 50, but Jason Boyd spun and collected Greg Baber to bring about a complete restart. Sandefur was again able to uoutgun Bob Slezinsky on green taking the lead, with Mark Chrudimsky and Trey Mitchell snagging second and third. Chrudimsky wasted little time putting the pressure on Sandefur for the lead taking looks low.


Chrudimsky finally got under Sandefur on lap 3, with Mitchell coming along to second. Sandefur and Slezinsky then fought it out for third until contact sent Sandefur around at the same time Baber was spinning in turn 2. Sandefur was forced to pit and loose a few laps. With Chrudimsky and Mitchell up front, they easily cleared the pack, while Tuffy Hudson got by Slezinsky for third.


Just as the two looked to motor away, Jim Nides spun with Baber going around trying to avoid Nides. The top three had just gotten away on the restart when Baber and Boyd made contact on the front stretch and spun. Halfway came under yellow with Chrudimsky, Mitchell, Hudson, Slizinsky and John Paul Kliewer in the top five.


Soon after going back to green, Hudson expired the motor in his borrowed car laying fluid on the track that caused a multi-car pile up behind him. No one was injured, but Hudson, Slezinsky, Mike Williams, Andy Wojtaszck and Nides were done for the night. On the restart, Mitchell took his best shot at Chrudimsky but was not able to get the job done. Then final 15 laps saw Chrudimsky increase his margin over Mitchell as the field spread out. Chrudimsky took the win by a comfortable full straightaway.

Pro Modifieds


1. 39 Mark Chrudimsky 50

2. 47 Trey Mitchell 50

3. 00 Jason Trotter 50

4. 48 Rick Wycoff 50

5. 22 John Paul Kliewer 49

6. 44s Keith Sandufur 47

7. 78 Greg "Doc" Baber

8. 9 Jason Boyd 33

9. 65 Bubba Menard 31

10. 15 Tuffy Hudson 30

11. 26 Bob Slezinsky 30

12. 4 Andy Wojtaszczyk 30

13. 3x Mike Williams 30

14. 8 Jim Nides 30

15. 7T (15) John Heil DNS

16. 7 Dan Pastorini DNS


Texas Trucks, Mirth Magic in Truck Main

The 14-truck field was led to green by Brent Bell and fast timer, Jason Marshall for the 50-lapper. Bell got out front on green, Jody Buzbee followed into second, Cameron Moore jr. third, while Marshall got hung out and fell back. Bill Hamiltopn challenged Moore for third on lap 3 getting the position with Rusty Mirth coming along to fourth. Moore and Ray Kemp made contact on lap 4 collecting Jim Albert in the melee.


Former truck series champion, Bryan Meredith moved into the top five getting by Kemp on lap 14. Hamilton was trying to get by Bell for the lead on lap 19, but spun himself and fell back to sixth. At the crossed flags it was Bell, Mirth, Meredith, J. Buzbee and Albert in the top five, but J. Buzbee was slowing and would pull off. Mirth then reeled in and caught Bell for the lead on lap 30.


Mirth was able to get inside the loose truck of Bell on lap 32 going into turn 1 and get by for the top spot on lap 33. Meredith was then run down by Albert, and Hamilton as both tried to work their way baxck up after earlier problems. Despite having a poor qualifying effort, Mirth was able to put it all together for the feature as he pulled away to a full straightaway lead over Bell, who had a good margin back to the three truck fight for third as the checkers waved.

Texas Trucks


1. 07 Rusty Mirth 50

2. 30 Bryan Meredith 50

3. 31 Jim Albert 50

4. 64H Bill Hamilton 50

5. 45 Ray Kemp 50

6. 80 Bubba Shelton 49

7. 6 D.L. Wilson 49

8. 38 Cameron Moore 49

9. 4 Joshua Tuttle 48

10. 1 Jody Buzbee

11.77 Terry Buzbee 24

12. 42 Jason Marshall

DQ. 72 Brent Bell 50 (DQ Too Light)

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Drivers License, parental consent???

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Something I totally overlooked was the 48 car(modified).......our very own Jumbo.


Since we didn't know the drivers name for quite a while, then no one snapped to who it really was, he hardly got a mention.


But after spending quite a few dinero's just to make this one race, he should get at least tip of the hat. He took a dirt car--yes a DIRT CAR(Jet Chassis) stayed out of trouble, out of everyones way and ended up with a top five finish(4th). Jay sent me a list of changes, alterations, and spec.'s too long to list.


Sorry Jumbo......if we had known it was you we could have been looking for you more, but you did such a good job of trying not to be seen......you accomplished that. That car doesn't look like your avatar picture either!

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