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THR local class race reports


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A-Line Auto Parts Super Stocks

Chris Birmingham got the jump on the field for the start of the 40-lap Super Stock feature, but Mark Mathias spun with Duane Toyne and Shawn Paul Lehman heading to the grass to avoid contact. Birmingham again got the lead on green, while Terry Tschoerner got by Brent Reeves for second. By lap 5 the top points cars of Cliff Lafont and Cary Stapp had just made their way into the top five getting around Tracy Tschoerner.


Up front, Keith Garrett took second from Te. Tschoerner on lap 8 and then traded some paint with Birmingham as dove under and got the lead on lap 12. On a lap 15 restart, Te. Tschoerner and Birmingham made contact in the scramble for second. The two stayed hooked up down the front straightaway, with Birmingham eventually spinning in turn 1.


Once back to racing, Lafont was putting the heat on Garrett for the lead and got the point on lap 18, with Stapp following to second. Lafont lead was short-lived as Stapp ducked under Lafont on lap 19 coming out of turn 4 to get the lead at the halfway point. Lafont, Garrett, Lehman and Mathias rounded out the top five.


Garrett moved back in on Lafont in the fight for second and retook the spot while Lehman snuck in for third. Just the topo thre were trying to break away, yellow for spin by Reeves rebunched the field with 7 laps to go. On the restart, Garrett slid high with Lehman taking second and Lafont grabbing third. Garrett continued to slide back in the field with an ill racecar.


On final scare for the leader on lap 37 when William Pearson spun in turn 4 as Stapp was entering turn 3. Stapp successfully dodged Pearson, then was inch away on the restart, holding off Lehman and the the final three circuits adding another win to his impressive total.


A-Line Auto Parts Super Stocks Feature


1. 99 Cary Stapp 40 laps

2. 28 Shawn Paul Lehman 40 laps

3. 3 Clint LaFont 40 laps

4. 20 Mark Mathias 40 laps

5. 01 Terry Tschoerner 40 laps

6. 02 Doug Ayers 40 laps

7. 58 Matt Hodge 40 laps

8. 13 Keith Garrett 40 laps

9. 38 William Pearson 40 laps

10. 19 Brent Reeves 39 laps

11. 45 Scott Stubbs 38 laps

12. 18 Mickey McKim 36 laps

13. 4 Duane Toyne 36 laps

14. 11 Tracy Tschoerner 33 laps

15. 9 Chris Birmingham 21 laps



Thunder Stocks

At the start of the 17-car Thunder Stock feature, Scott Schweisfurth spun from the front row causing a multi-car melee behind him as traffic scattered. On the complete restart, Leonard Flores jumped to the point on lap 1, but rookie Anthony Gordon moved in on lap 2. After a brief side by side run Gordon got the point, with Steve Osbourne grabbing second and Steve Joyce getting third.


Osbourne pressured Gordon until his car starting throwing sparks from underneath, and eventually went up in smoke on lap 15 dropping fluid on the track that sent Mona Turner Turner spinning and Flores into the tire wall. Gordon held off Joyce on the restart, while Joey Tschoerner and Richard Rumley roughed each other up scrapping for third and Jason Stanley was making his way to the front after an earlier incident had him sent to the tail.


In the final laps with the youngster Gordon still holding his own up front, Stanley got by Joyce for second and ran down the teen for the lead. Gordon slipped a couple times, but Stanley was not close enough to capitolize on the mistake. Stanley kept the pressure on the last lap, but Gordon, in only his fourth race captured his first ever checkered flag.


Thunder Stocks Feature


1. 20G Anthony Gordon 30 laps

2. 20 Steve Joyce 30 laps

3. 14 Joey Tschoerner 30 laps

4. 50 Aaron Brungot 30 laps

5. 4 Gary Chancellor 30 laps

6. 19 Mona Turner 30 laps

7. 7 (25) Rick Latimer 30 laps

8. 18 Scott Schweisfurth 30 laps

9. 16 Mason Teague 30 laps

10. 66 Leonard Flores 29 laps

11. 10 Richard Rumley 28 laps

12. 04 Steve Osborne 15 laps

13. 24 Marc Roy 15 laps

14. 12 Jody Wayne Stuart 10 laps

15. 2 Kevin Bowen 0 laps

16. 77 Tim Fiedler DNS

17. 78 Steve Stanley DNS

18. 83 Paul Lipp DNS

19. 44 Jason Stanley DQ


Grand Stocks

A full field of 18 Grand Stocks took the green for their 25 lap feature with Cody Smith getting the early lead. Behind him a good fight for second came to a head when Randy Schoener got into Jarrett Payton to get the spot. Roy Fitch then got into Payton and shoved him into Schoener, with both Payton and Schoener spinning.


Once back to the action, Floyd Reed moved in to battle with Fitch trying the high groove. F. Reed stayed up top as he now ran side by side with leader, Smith. After a two lap scrap, F. Reed finally secured the point. Meanwhile, race-it-all veteran Mark Chrudimsky, was making his way from the tail to the top five.


F. Reed held the point through several restarts, while Byron Reed made his way around Smith for the second spot. At the finish it was F. Reed taking the victory until post race tech inspection, where he failed. This handed the lead over to B. Reed, keeping the trophy in the family.


Grand Stock Feature

1. 83 Bryon Reed 25 laps

2. 53 L. Cody Smith 25 laps

3. 39 Mark Chrudimsky 25 laps

4. 47 Bradley Burke 25 laps

5. 00 Carolyn Aramendia 25 laps

6. 13 James Lynch Jr. 25 laps

7. 91 Marcia Moore 25 laps

8. 139 John Heil 25 laps

9. 18 Jim Lynch 25 laps

10. 92 Art Ganss 25 laps

11. 48 Steve Dalrymple 24 laps

12. 2 Jarrett Payton 18 laps

13. 44 Tommy Hubach 18 laps

14. 60 Ray Riley 16 laps

15. 70 (07) Richard Fitch 15 laps

16. 57 Terry Thames 12 laps

17. 5 Randy Schoener 3 laps

18. 65 Floyd Reed DQ


Lone Star Legacy Series

At the start of the 50-lap Lone Star Legacy feature, Jake Kruger got into Kris Kerr sending him around in turn 2. On the next try Taylor Brandis got the lead on green while Kerr, Kruger and Dillon Spreen tried three wide for second. Spreen then got by Kruger for second on lap 4 while Levi Krauss took fourth from Kerr.

Spreen tracked down Brandis for the lead on lap 8 and began his challenge. Spreen got along side Brandis at the flagstand and took over the top spot on lap 10. In the races only caution, Kruger and Krauss both found their way to the tail after Kruger tagged a lapped car then appearantly got nailed by Krauss sending Kruger spinning.


Once back to green Brandis held on to Spreens bumper as positions changed throughout the rest of the field. Kruger and Krauss were able to work their way back up and into the top five. in the closing laps Spreen was able to shake Brandis and take the victory by a half straightaway.

Lone Star Legacy

1. 81 Dillon Spreen

2. 3 Taylor Brandis

3. 32 Levi Krauss

4. 71 Jake Kruger

5. 24 Kris Kerr

6. 14

7. 72 Arden Vikre

8. 87

9. 58


Naskarts Feature


1. 32 Driscoll Stillworth 20 laps

2. 6 Kevin Hummel 20 laps

3. 8 Stephen Pepper 20 laps

4. 1 Mike Steinman 20 laps

5. 29 Marty Krels 20 laps

6. 14 Kelly Garrett 20 laps

7. 10 Scott Arthurs 20 laps

8. 07 Gary Smith 20 laps

9. 9 JM Skaggs 20 laps

10. 42 Robert Yuras 20 laps

11. 65 Allan Robbins 19 laps

12. 36 Kevin Cox 11 laps

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