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Live updates from THR, 9/15/07


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Nice weather at THR.


Lot of cars in the pits. I heard there were two dozen, or so, TSRS Late Models here for the Operation Interdependence 75. Should


Jason Young of Houston set TSRS fast time in qualifying at 15.648 seconds. Gary Chancellor, Jr. with a 15.664 was second fast and Craig Sellman was third fastest timing in at 15.705


Jason Marshall was the fast Pro Truck qualifier at 16.563.


Mark Chrudimsky had the fasted Pro Modified timing in at 15.591 seconds, Trey Mitchell timed in at 15.732 while Jason Boyd was third fastest at 15.781.


In the ASA Pro Late Models Lloyd Alexander set the standard at 15.072 seconds, Kyle Sirizzotti second fastest at 15.468 and Tommy Grimes at 15.613.



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Very impressive TSRS opening ceremonies – lots of hats thrown in to the stands after the NASCAR Cup style driver introductions. Each driver exited the big purple River City Racing rig one by one to the cheers of the pretty good crowd on hand.


23 TSRS Late Models lined up for the start of the Operation Interdependence 75 with Gary Chancellor on the pole after the draw with Jason Young on the outside pole.

Chris Schild lined up 3rd with Craig Sellman lined up fourth.


This one is being broadcast on live TV to our armed forces in Iraq.


Chancellor jumped out to the early lead over Schild and Bobby Joe New as Young slipped back to fourth.


Yellow on lap two for a spin by Mike Cullen in turn two.


Lap 6 restart -- pretty much single file in one long freight train.


Teer gets by Young on lap 11 for third.


Schild plays bumper tag with Chancellor over then next few laps with New and Teer right on each other's bumpers.


Spin in turn 3-4 by Jason Hollander brings out the second yellow on lap 20.


Running order is now Chancellor, Schild, New, Teer, Craig Sellman, Robert Barker, Leleand Waddell...


Restart on lap 24, but cars spun all over turn 3-4 to quickly bring out yellow 3. No change in running order as the push truck helps Ian Webster to the pits after he lost power on the front straight during the caution


Top seven are now Chancellor, Schild, New, Teer, Young, Sellman, James Reeder, Aramendia.


Green on lap 30. Schild gets by Chancellor in 3-4 and New follows him through. Jason Hollander and another car got together in three-four on lap 36. Order now Schild, New, Chancellor, Teer, Young, Reeder, Aramendia, Barker, Waddell, Brian Moczygemba...


Sellman pulls into the pits for some body work after getting black flag during caution.


Restart on lap 41 aborted when Bill Hamilton ended up sideways in turn 3.


Restart on lap 45 worked...


Big mess in turn one on lap 47.. Lots of cars in mid pack make contact and spin all over. Everyone able to continue with some bent sheet metal.


Schild and New take the green on lap 51 with Chancellor, Teer, Yonng, Reeder, Aramendia on their bumpers.


Lap 55 saw Ugo Bevione spin off turn two to bring out yet another yellow.


Same running order up front as the field takes the green on lap 58.


Schild and New open a gap over Chancellor who has a tight seven-car pack on his bumper. Teer starts to pound on Chancellor who seems to be having some handling issues. Teer moves Chancellor over on the back straight and takes over third on lap 68. Young and Reeder follow Teer through a lap on lap 70.


Meanwhile New is all over Schild with paint swapped frequently, but Schild able to hang on.


Bevione spins in turn one to bring out a yellow with three to go to bunch up the field. Should be a real Texas Shootout for the last three laps.


Is now Schild, New, Teer, Young, Reeder, Chancellor, Aramendia, Moczygemba, Sellman (who had worked his way back throught the field after his pit stop), Barker, Waddell on the lead lap (maybe a couple more, but can't really tell at this point).


The shootout saw nose-to-tail bumping in the top three with Schild able to hold off New and Teer. Young, Reeder rounded out the top five.


A real exciting finish. Lots of close racing throughout the field. Teer working over Chancellor and Schild holding off New was worth the price of admission.

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13 TPS cars lined up for their 25 lap main. Ja Lane on the pole, Sergio Hexsel outside pole with Lalo Leal and veteran Mike Knotts in the second row.


Josh freeman takes a solo spin off turn 2 to abort the first start.


Lane takes the early lead with Hexsel and the rest of the field stringing out.


Yellow on lap 4 for another spin by Freeman off the back straight bunches up the field, but it wasn't long before the field spread out again as Lane opened a good lead over Hexsel who, in turn, had opened up a big gap back to Leal. Bill Stipe in his brand new VW Bug rounded out the top five at halfway.


Lane enjoyed a 10 car-length advantage over Hexel and a half-lap lead over Leal and Knotts with five to go.


Lane wins by 0.85 seconds over Hexsel with Leal, Knotts and Stipe rounding out the top five.

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The Pro Trucks started 12 trucks with Brent Bell and Jason Marshall on the front row with Jody Buzbee and Jim Albert in the second row to take the green in their 50-lap feature.


Bell gets a good start with Buzbee jumping in second and Cameron Moore sliding in third from his 5th starting spot.


Jim Albert, Cameron Moore and Ray Kemp all spun in turn 1-2 on lap 4 to bring out the first caution. Hard to tell what started the fray, but everyone got their positions back.


On the lap 11 restart, it was Bell, Buzbee, Bill Hamilton, Rusty Mirth and Moore.


Terry Buzbee make a real fast exit to the pit area after he developed a bad smoking problem-- too fast and he looped it trying to make the turn in.. no yellow.


Rusty Mirth worked his way to rear bumper of Bell with 18 laps to go and takes the lead exiting turn two. Bell had been losing the handle for a few laps. Meanwhile, Bryan Meredith had worked his way to third place with Jim Albert on his rear bumper.


With 10 to go, Mirth extended his lead over Bell and the battling duo of Meredith and Albert.


Mirth, who was smoother than silk, was able to negotiate lapped traffic very well and led Bell by a quarter-lap at the finish. Albert, Hamilton and Ray Kemp rounded out the top five.


EDIT: Understand that Brent Bell was DQ'd....... Unknown reason...

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14 Pro Modifieds gridded for the Express-Jet 5050-lapper after an extended intermission with


Points leader Tuffy Hudson broke in practice and John Heil jumped out of the number 15 Modified and turned the keys over to Hudson for the race. Way to go, John!


Keith Sanderfur started on the pole with Bob Slezinsky to his right. Mark Chrudimsky and Jason Boyd made up the second row. Trey Mitchell and Tuffy Hudson filled the third starting row.


Jason Boyd lost it in turn four before a lap was completed.


On the restart, Sanderfur and Chrudimsky battled with Chrudimsky getting underneath for the pass on the fourth lap, but Slezinsky and got into Sanderfur to bring out the yellow as Slezinsky tried to follow Chrudimsky through. Actually the yellow was for a spin of another car in turn two before the contact was made so everyone got their postions back.


So, on the restart it was Chrudimsky, Mitchell, Slezinsky, Hudson and John Paul Kliewer.


Chrudimsky jumped out and opened a six car lead over Mitchell by lap 15.


It was smooth sailing into Jim Nides spun in turn 2 with the cars behind him scattering to bring out the yellow on lap 16... Chrudimsky, Mitchell, Hudson, Slezinsky and Kliewer took the green on lap 20.


Jason Boyd and Greg Baber got together hard coming out of the fourth turn to bring out another yellow on lap 23. Baber and Boyd both pit with some damage but both return after making quick repairs.


Big pile up in turn one on Lap 30 stopped the race for over a half hour after Hudson's borrowed ride blew up and left oil for the rest of the field to spin in. And spin they did. The modifieds of Mike Williams, Jim Nides, Andy Wojtaszck, and Bob Slezinsky all suffered major damaage and were either pushed off or exited on a flatbed along with Sanderfur.


Chrudimsky, Mitchell, took the green nose to tail with Mitchell getting into the back of Chrudimsky in the first turn after Chrudimsky bobbled a bit. Chrudimsky, however, was able to get hooked up again after a few laps and opened a good lead on Mitchell. Running a distant third was the trio of Jason Trotter, Rick Wycoff and John Paul Kleiwer.


With five to go, Chrudimsky had the race well in hand as Mitchell's ride picked up a loose condidtion coming off the turns and went on to win by a bit over 3 seconds. Rounding out the top five were Trotter, Wycoff and Kleiwer.

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Eleven Lone Star Legacy cars took the green for their 50-lap event with Kris Kerr on the pole wth Taylor Brandis on the outside pole. Jake Kruger and Dillon Spreen started in the second row.


On the start, Kruger got into the back of Kerr, turning him around exiting the second turn to bring out a yellow for a complete restart.


Kruger made a very aggressive move to go three wide in turn 3-4 but made it work to take over the second spot moving Kerr back to fourth.


By lap five, Dillion Spreen made a slick pass on Kruger and caught the leader, Taylor Brandis, passing him on the ninth lap after a brief but exciting battle. Brandis wasn't about to give up, however and locked himself to Spreens rear view mirror.


At lap 18, Kruger got into the back of John Martin, who was being lapped, to bring out the yellow.


The restart saw Speen and Brandis renew their heated battle as they broke away from th e pack. In the meantime, Arden Vikre moved into third with Kerr following him closely.


Things started to stretch out up front with Speen checking out. Meanwhile, Levi Krauss moved up to third after battling Arden Vikre for several laps.


With 10 to go, Spreen had it in hand with Krauss trying to make up ground.


With five to go, Vikre spun solo, but got back going with no caution period.


Spreen took the checkered by three seconds over Brandis with Krauss about three seconds behind him. Rounding out the top five were Jake Kruger and Kris Kerr.

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Fifteen A-line Auto Parts Super Stocks took the green with the fast guys at the back.


Chris Birmingham got a good jump but it was not to be as the field stacked up in turn one-two.


Birmingham led the first 12 laps but got Keith Garrett muscled his way past on the inside on lap 13 putting his left side tires onto the inside berm and while making solid contact with Birmingham while going by.


Mikey McKim takes a ride through the infield to bring out a yellow with 35 to go.


Garrett, Birmingham, Terry Tschoerner, Clint LaFont and Cary Stapp take green


A lap later Tschoerner and Birmingham got locked together going down the front straight in a shower of sparks a lap later and wound up side by side with Birmingham facing the wrong way after the dust settled.


On the restart it was Garrett, LaFont, Stapp, Mark Mathias and Shawn Paul Lehman in the top five spots.


LaFont made a great move on Garrett and took the lead. Stapp followed LaFont through. A lap later, Stapp passed Lafont to take over.


The top five, Stapp, LaFont, Garrett, Lehman and Mathias stayed close an on lap 24 Garrett reclaims second with Lehman getting by LaFont for third. Good racing up front.


Meanwhile, Doug Ayers had worked his way up from the last starting spot to claim sixth.


Brent Reeves solo spun in turn four to bring out a yellow with seven laps remaining, setting a potential scramble for the top spot among Stapp, Garrett, Lehman, Lafont and Mathias.


Garrett gets freight trained after sliding up the track in turn four. Now in fifth. ..


Opps... Yellow for a solo spin by William Pearson on back straight.. now only three laps remain with Stapp, Lehman, LaFont, Mathias and Terry Tschoerner in fifth.


At the checkered it was Stapp, Lehman, LaFont, Mathias and Terry Tschoerner as Stapp was able to easily hold of the rest.


It's amazing that Stapp can cleanly pass the entire field and end up in the winner's circle. And this on a track where it's "impossible" to pass...

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Nine ASA Pro Late Models lined up for their 50-lap feature.


Kyle Sirizzotti on the pole, John Heil next to him. Lloyd and Mike Reininger in the second row.


Heil gets the jump, but Sirizzotti got into the back of Heil coming off turn 2 to bring out a restart... It seems hard to get a clean start at THR tonight...


Sirizzotti gets the jump on the second start with Heil a distant second after 10 laps.


At halfway Sirizzotti by 3/4 of a lap over Llody Alexander, Allen Alexander, the only cars on the lead lap.


The only question at this point is whether Kyle Sirizzotti will lap the field.


With 10 laps, only Lloyd Alexander is on the same lap with the leader.


No change at the Checkered flag - Sirizzotti wins by more than 3/4 of a lap. Lloyd Alexander was the only other car on the lead lap. Allen Alexander third. Heath Stewart fourth (I think) and John Heil fifth.

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Seventeen Thunder Stocks took the green for their 30-lapper.


Another melee on the first lap. Several cars pile up in turn one-two.. Complete restart for those that can actually still run..


Rookie Anthony Gordon led wire to wire but Jason Stanley made a race of it after catching him with five laps to go. Gordon held of Jason Stanley for his first-ever win.


Way to go Anthony. Anthony used to run the scoring tower at SAS.

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Wow Nick, sounds like you were busy tonight, and I never even saw you there. I guess I was busy too.


Great job on the updates.


Great job again to our awesome driver Cary "Termite" Stapp. What a show. Your skill behind that wheel continues to amaze me.


p.s. Nick - it was the 15 modified that lost the motor.


See everybody at the Spectacular.

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Wow Nick, sounds like you were busy tonight, and I never even saw you there. I guess I was busy too.


Great job on the updates.


Great job again to our awesome driver Cary "Termite" Stapp. What a show. Your skill behind that wheel continues to amaze me.


p.s. Nick - it was the 15 modified that lost the motor.


See everybody at the Spectacular.


Thanks for the catch on the blown engine, Chase.


You had that 99 car on rails tonight. Very impressive.



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congratulations to anthony gordon a.k.a. little russell. great job.


and crazyhorse i picked you last night to win it, just came up one spot short. looks like you had a little trouble with a lap car or two. congrats to stapp. you guys proved that there is passing at thunderhill. from the back to the front, way to go.

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