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Texana Fall Finale on Sept. 22nd


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As previously announced on this forum, Texana Raceway Park set the date of September 22nd for the 2007 Fall Finale. A special event for Bombers / Pure Stocks, Limited Modifieds and Modifieds.


Modifieds paying $1,500 to win, Limited Modifieds paying $1,500 to win, Bombers / Pure Stocks paying $1,000 to win.


The complete flyer can be viewed and printed from http://www.texanaracewaypark.org/fallfinale2007.pdf or

http://txsz.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19627 The flyer provides for home track rules from several tracks in Bombers / Pures. There will be practice available as noted on the flyer on Friday 9/21.


We've received numerous replies indicating planned attendance from all around the Greater Houston and East Texas area as well as other areas of the state. This will be an exciting weekend of dirt track racing along the Texas Gulf Coast with two excellent programs for fans and teams alike to choose from.


We welcome everyone out on September 22nd for a great night of dirt track racing featuring Bombers / Pure Stocks, Limited Modifieds and Modifieds

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We've received several phone calls on mixing and matching of rules in Bombers / Pures. We wanted to post this to clarify.


No Mixing of Rules.


Home Track Rules, means you can run your home track rules for those tracks we published on the flyer. Cannot for example take Texana rules and put headers on your car and take another track's rules and put a 4 barrel on, and take another track's rules and run 68cc heads, trying to take the best from each track. You can run under your home track rules. If your track allows 68cc heads and stock exhaust manifold, that's the way you run for this event. If you run at Texana and run headers, no you cannot put a 4 barrel on your car. The intent is to provide an opportunity for cars from different tracks to run with each other for a fun night and some good money, while not spend money putting together a special package.


We recognize some cars run different tracks in a year, but we all have one track we frequent more than another and call our home track. When each driver signs in at the pit window, we will have you identify your "home track". That is the rules you will be expected to run under and we will have a copy of those rules.


Texana regulars, we know your car, so you will run under Texana rules as published.

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It's Friday and we're ready to host the "Fall Finale" on Saturday (9/22).


We've received huge interest, especially in the fender class. We are anticipating several fender class competitors from East and North Texas making a visit to Texana Raceway Park for the first time. This is the second year Texana Raceway Park has hosted the "Fall Finale", and we're glad to welcome many first time visitors along with competitors who have visited Texana before. Looking forward to a fun night!


Also, don't forget there is practice available tonight!

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