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Thanks Owen for the shows coming up, one question?

Danielsen Motorsports

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You may not know what your breakdown in purse in going to be for the pure stocks. I know its $500 to win $50 to start. But can you give us an idea of what the top 5 places should pay based on a good car count. We have an option to run at STS or Texana on this day. Texana has the bigger top money but it falls pretty fast and when you add the entry fee and transponder fee you would need to finish in the the top 3 to break even for us poor old pure stockers. On your hand there seems to be no entry fee only a pit pass to race. So as you can see we are trying to figure out which race would be the easiest on our pocket book due to us having to travel to either race. Lastly for this race is there a registration fee for those cars coming from out of town to run your bigger events. We need to cover that as well prior to coming. Thanks for your time and appreciate you thinking of the little cars too.

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Hey guys hope this does not make everyone mad but I am going to change the whole thing a little bit.


Pure Stocks will not be running with the Sprint Cars on the 22nd. Sorry but go race in Texana and have a good time. I will be have the pure stocks run for an increased purse on October 6th.


Hobby Stocks you are on for the 22nd and it is a points event. It will be $500 to win and $30 to start.



I am sure some will be upset and I apologize but I want to see success at all race tracks.


Modifieds and Limited Modifieds will remain $1000 to win and $100 to start with $50 entry fee.


All pit passes will be $30 for this event and it is because of the ASCS show, that is how all ASCS events go.




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