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Castle Nut on Ball Joint


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Ok, I can't loosen the castle nut on one of my balljoints because the ball joints stem spins. What's the easiest way to remove that nut?


I've thought about cutting a slot in the top of the ball joint stem and then placing a screwdriver or chisel in the slot; thereby keeping the stem from spiing while I loosen the stem.


Or taking a cutting wheel and cutting into the nut until I can turn it or break it off.


Any other suggestions?



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Think I'll try placing the jack under that wheel and hope gravity does its job. If not, I'll probably cut the nut of with a small cutting wheel (dremel).


I don't to use a torch as the spindleis aluminum.


And I thought about using a ball joint fork. I'm assumming this is basically the same concept as using gravity and the weight of the car to hold/lock the stem.


Thanks all


... coming back to huant you at the track.


Heck, the ball joint is not even bent, but I discovered it was "locked" onto the castle nut while adjusting my camber.


So yes, I want to address this now instead of at the track.

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done this plenty of times get small or medium sized vicegrips rip off the rubber seal that keeps dirt out off the ball joint because unless you are racing the BAJA you dont need it , tighten the vicegrips on the stem between the spindle and ball joint so that the stem will not turn while you remove the nut then congragulate me for the advice


regular vicegrips might not work so you might need some extended reach vicegrips like the pair i have

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