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Texana Raceway Park Recaps and Results, 9/8/07

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Final Points Night at Texana With Plenty of Entertainment and Action

Texana Raceway Park Results from September 8, 2007


By: Monty Chamberlain


After experiencing three straight rain-outs, Texana Raceway Park pulled a rabbit out of the hat on Saturday, September 8th and held the track’s final points night for the season. Crews worked the entire week preceding the event to move water on top of water from the parking area, pits, and infield. Hats off to the crew as their work was evident. While not the completely final event of the season, it was the track’s last regular season points event. And, what an entertaining and action packed night with several first-time visiting drivers and several return visitors. 102 oval track competitors along with 14 reverse/blindfold/demo competitors put on a show that fans will not soon forget. The night, although running a little long, provided for one of the best shows of the season.


While the 8th was the last points night, the racing is not completely over. Texana Raceway Park will host the “2007 Fall Finale” on September 22nd for Bombers, Limited Modifieds and Modifieds with a noteworthy purse offering $1,500 for first place in both Limiteds and Modifieds along with $1,000 to win in Bombers. Payout throughout the field is healthy. The weekend will start off with practice on Friday the 21st.


14 competitors showed up to tangle for a three tiered point based competition involving a reverse race, blindfold race and demo derby. Money was paid to the top five based on a heat based system. At intermission, competitors entered the track for the first stage. With passengers in the vehicles, the cars lined up in reverse for the three lap heat. When the green flag dropped, three competitors immediately tangled leaving one not able to get past turn one. One car was running away from the field until coming through turn 3&4 got hung up on the low section of the turn and high centered. After clearing up the carnage, the cars were relined for the three lap blindfold heat. The role of the passenger became hugely important as the verbal navigator. Completing the first two stages, the cars returned to the pits and made their final showing without a passenger for the demo derby after all of the oval track competitions were completed. It was a fan pleasing event that was a unique and entertaining series of competitions. After scoring all of the stages, the top five winners were determined.

1st – 5th Results: 1st -#88 Darrell Heibel, 2nd -#2 Andy Blaschke, 3rd -#13 Dennis Miller, 4th -#77 Will Chomitzky, 5th -#01 Lane Tipton


For oval track competition, the teenagers in the mini-stocks took to the track for their final 2007 run. 11 mini’s were on hand to wrap up the season. Making his racing debut to warm up for the next year was Columbus’ Zach Tesch in his #72 Pinto. Tesch didn’t waste any time proving he knew how to get the car around the track with an impressive debut. Also returning for the first time in 2007 was veteran mini-stock driver Fallon Teague of Port Lavaca in her #27 Mustang. Teague got back in racing form quickly as she secured a top five finishing position. Heading into the night, Justin Bloom had the championship wrapped up. As the green flag dropped Justin took the early lead with Garrett Hayes in hot pursuit, and Jacob Burnett in third. Just after the halfway mark, Justin experienced mechanical problems and took to the infield. Hayes moved to the lead and held on to take the win with Burnett following close behind.

1st – 5th Results: 1st - #9 Garrett Hayes, 2nd -#04 Jacob Burnett, 3rd -#49 Jason Bloom, 4th #00 Dakota Taylor, 5th - #27 Fallon Teague


In the Texana Classic Dwarfs the theme would be “It ain’t over til it’s over”. Coming into the last season event, the driver who is “the definition of sportsmanship”, Doug Schmidt, had the points lead. However, there was no margin for error in the field of 18 cars. Unfortunately, Schmidt experienced a mechanical failure early in the feature which took him out. This opened the door for Greg Sexton to possibly take the championship. As it turned out Sexton ran very well and battled with Mike Christians for the lead as the race progressed. In the end, Sexton edged out Christians to take the win and also secured the championship. There was plenty of close racing in the class. Also, a roll by one driver on the front straight produced a scary moment. While the car was damaged, the driver was able to walk away.

1st – 5th Results: 1st -#1 Greg Sexton, 2nd -#13 Mike Christians, 3rd -#4 Stew Savage, 4th -#30 Ronny Fikes, 5th -#15 Gary Faris


In the Bomber Division, first year driver Charlie Mills entered the night as the points leader. Mills who was followed by Danny Bennett in the points, needed to finish around the 11th position or better if Bennett happened to win the feature. Making an appearance in the Bomber Division was Plum Crazy’s Adam Perks aka the driver who can make any car get around the track. Visiting Texana for the first time this year was Bobby Jack in his slick looking #188 ride. The early runners in the front were several of the usual suspects with Perks giving the pack something to follow. Behind Perks was Chris Schafer, Danny Bennett, Charlie Mills, Bobby Jack and Lane Tipton all in the hunt. Schafer broke an axle and had to surrender before the half-way mark. Suspense built after Mills was involved in a mishap that caused a caution and placed him at the end of the field and sidelined Jack. After a caution, there were two laps remaining. Bennett passed Perks and Tipton followed Bennett to move them into first and second. Mills had carefully worked his way back up through the traffic. Bennett took the checker to win another feature event and Mills finished well enough with fifth to secure the championship by 45 points. The bomber drivers will work to get their rides ready for the money show on the 22nd.

1st – 5th Results: 1st - #R4J Danny Bennett, 2nd -#01 Lane Tipton, 3rd -#12 Adam Perks, 4th - #152 Dale Caswell, 5th -#33 Charlie Mills


As the Hot Stock Trucks rolled out Bob Ort had the championship wrapped up. That didn’t stop any of the Truck drivers from trading places in the quest for the win. The lead changed hands several times during the event. Near the half way point in the race Jimmy Rogers took the lead and decided not to share that role with anyone else. Throughout the event, Russell Bloom had one of his best races of the season.

1st – 5th Results: 1st -#9 Jimmy Rogers, 2nd -#43 Bob Ort, 3rd -#55 Russell Bloom, 4th -#44 Dustin Brandl, 5th -#48 Richard Dechert


Seventeen limited modifieds took to the track for their feature event. James Cates who travels faithfully from Houston for each event was the pole sitter. Cates set the pace for the field and the action was underway. Aaron Hudgeons who started on the second row found his way to the lead and decided to pull away and leave some clean air for the cars behind him. Hudgeons took his machine through the turns using the low groove consistently and never received a big threat from any of the other competitors. Art Rodriguez, Vince Louden, and “the racers friend” Mickey Helms, who secured the track championship, found there way up to the front pack. Hudgeons took the win with Rodriguez in second.

1st – 5th Results: 1st-#68 Aaron Hudgeons, 2nd -#22 Art Rodriguez, 3rd -#6 Vince Louden, 4th - #174 Mickey Helms, 5th -#32c Chris McDonald


In the Super Stock Division, Red Rock’s A. J. Dancer had a fairly comfortable point lead. Dancer experienced an early flat in the feature placing him in the rear of the field. Kevin Parker had his ride tuned up and was blistering the track down the straight-aways. After Brad Hayes experienced a broke axle the field was regrouped. Dancer worked his way through several cars and moved into second position followed by Mike Davenport. Dancer followed behind Parker for the remainder of the feature and Parker ended the season as he started it with a feature win. A. J. Dancer captured the track championship for the Super Stocks.

1st – 5th Results: 1st -#7 Kevin Parker, 2nd -#52 AJ Dancer, 3rd -#70 Mike Davenport, 4th -#3y Mike Moseley, 5th -#95 David Mann


The Modifieds were the last oval features for the evening. It was evident that be final group was worth waiting for. Back for his second visit of the season was Liberty Hill’s Rick Green and making their first visit of 2007 were John Armstrong and Darin Leonard. There were no slouches throughout the highly competitive field. Green took the early lead and first appeared to have something to distance himself from the field. After several laps, Leonard found the fast lane, caught Green and made the pass. As the race progressed, Armstrong also found his preferred groove and passed Green to take the second position. Armstrong set his sights on Leonard waiting for an opportunity to attempt a pass. The slick looking ride of Dale Flanagan was poised in expected style and El Campo’s Johnny Thomas was right in the hunt ready to strike as well. It looked as though Leonard was heading to take the win. As he passed the flag stand to received the one lap to go he headed into turn one. He got loose and was not able to recover quick enough before being passed by Armstrong. Leonard regrouped, but Armstrong had the lead and Leonard fell into second. Armstrong rounded turn four and took the checker to win. A very impressive showing by the entire field. The top three drivers represented a cross section of Texas representing Houston, the Valley and the Hill Country. It was a real treat to see drivers from across the state competing and a couple of regulars with Thomas and Art Rodriguez in the front mix. Art Rodriguez secured the track championship.

1st – 5th Results: 1st -#39 John Armstrong, 2nd -#26 Darin Leonard, 3rd -#182 Rick Green, 4th -#22 Art Rodriguez, 5th -#57 Dale Flanagan


Texana Raceway Park would like to send out a few thank you’s. First thank you to the visiting drivers this weekend and visitors of previous events for making a stop at Texana. Thank you to the regular competitors who call Texana Raceway Park their home track. We are fortunate to have regulars who live locally and many who travel great distances faithfully. Thank you to Bill Pittaway for the generous donation of over 100 lbs of shrimp for the entire group in the pits on Saturday night. Thank you to the committed fan base for your continued support in 2007. Thank you track sponsors for your support this year. Thank you media partners for publishing our articles. Thank you track staff for your support and hard work at each event. And thank you to everyone who had supported Texana Raceway Park during 2007 in one way or another.


Texana Raceway Park will hold our final event of the season on September 22nd. Don’t miss this event and help us close out the season with an exciting “Fall Finale”.


Texana Raceway Park is located 2 miles south of Edna on SH 111. Pit gates open at 4pm, general admission at 5:30 and racing by 7:30. Visit Texana on the web at www.texanaracewaypark.org for the latest news.

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