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Bill Waller racing update(DEvils Bowl)


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We had a positively rotten night last night!


I worked on the car all day Monday to change the barrel valve setting and tinkered around with the linkage. I did most of the maintenance during the week so on Saturday it was supposed to be just coasting and tinkering till time to go race.


Well you can imagine how that went.. I was supposed to switch the rubber on the front wheels so the better of the two would be on the right side. When I took the wheels off, the right front hub was cracked in two in different spots. So it had to go.


I spent the next couple hours thrashing around trying to find a different hub that would work.

They either had a different spindle setup (tapered vs stepped), different length king pins, different diameter caps, different bearing caps, etc. There seemed to be one thing wrong with each combo I tried. I finally went to my old chassis and in the blistering heat, removed the spindle, hub, everything and used it.


We got to the races and hot lapped just fine. The motor was crisp. Very Crisp!...


We started on the pole for the heat and I jumped into the lead. After about 20 feet, the car started missing and banging. I was only turning about 4,000 rpms and everyone passed me.

I pulled into the pits and when I took it out of gear, it died.


Work time started. We tested the kill switch, put the adjustments back to the barrel valve, pulled the sparkplugs and looked at them, pulled the high speed bypass and checked it. Finally, I felt it was the Magneto, so I took it out and gave it to the guy that does the rebuilds for the local guys. That was our night. Work and Frustration... tell me how much fun racing is again...

Someone offered us another mag, but I felt it was too late in the program to get it in and timed, so I declined.


Well.. we will try again next week.


I am sending a few pics of the different cars that race at Devil's Bowl... you should come check it out.



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