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Thunder Hill Raceway

Race # 8 - September 15, 2007


1 28 r Kostin Suhre/Marion, TX … 3 points

2 72 Candi Hogan/Cedar Park, TX … 3 points

3 29 Rico Gutierrez/Corpus Christi, TX … 6 points

4 14 r Will Robertson/Corpus Christi, TX … 6 points

5 66 Ariel Arredondo/Kingsville, TX … 9 points

6 1 r Mark Pinson/Wichita Falls, TX … 10 points

7 41 Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX … 11 points

8 22 Harry Osburn Jr./New Braunfels, TX … 12 points

9 46r r Mark Rahn/San Antonio … 15 points

10 23 r J.J. Osburn III/Converse, TX … 15 points

11 74 John Wasek/Austin, TX … 16 points

12 94 Harlon Hatcher/Converse, TX … 18 points

13 18 Lanny Young/Kingsland, TX … 23 points

14 71 Bruce Mabrito/San Antonio, TX … 24 points

15 78 Adam McCosh/Cibolo,TX … 25 points

16 50 r Rick Dawdy/San Antonio, TX … 28 points

17 56 r Jason Krueger/Seguin, TX … 34 points

18 26 Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi, TX … 41 points

19 55 John Miesen/Marion, TX … 42 points

20 24 r Joshua Freeman/Universal City, TX … 43 points

21 70 r Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX … 62 points

22 48 Mike Knotts/Universal City, TX … 72 points

23 27 Bill LaBarge/Bryan, TX … 83 points

24 85 r Ja Lane/Houston, TX … 86 points

25 20 Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak, TX … 102 points

26 38 Dave Parks/San Antonio, TX … 0 points

27 84 r Price Allen/San Antonio, TX … 0 points

28 19 Lloyd Hart/San Antonio, TX … 0 points

29 01 Mike O'Connor/Weatherford, TX … 0 points

30 16 r Bill Stipe/Baytown, TX … 0 points

31 79 Kevin Hallman/Cibolo, TX 0 points


Qualifying Rules & Procedures (please read carefully) [/b]

TPS Time Trials will start as per race day hourly schedule. Be flexible. Be ready to take both of your 2 laps

Cars must align for Time Trials as listed above. Drivers must have working scanner on 154.570 at all times on track. Cars missing this qualifying order line may opt to re-align at rear and will receive one timed lap. For time trial purposes only, TPS cars may go on a green track from the track entry road when signaled. After departing pits, cars should gain full speed quickly. All cars will receive green flag first time at S/F line. Cars should exit track as-soon-as possible from Turn #1, drive slowly down road, to TPS scales area.

Track Exit Rule: Failure to exit track after one cool off lap (unless instructed) will result in both laps DQed. Drivers must be alert as to whether or not they are impounded for inspection. Do not break out of impound.


The Feature Race grid limit for the TPS feature race is 24 cars. The following qualifying rules will be observed: In the event of a clock failure or negative track conditions, a Qualifying re-run may be opted by TPS Officials. If there is a tie in times of best lap, ties will be broken by TPS point standings prior to July 28, then by entry date. For drivers behind the fastest 22, positions 23 & 24 will go to best in TPS points standings prior to this race. If Time Trials not held or not completed, feature race grid is set by point standings, after draw for inversions. An inversion draw will be held to determine if zero or 2 rows are to be inverted at the front of the grid.


Per TPS rules, no top-off after time trials. (For TPS cars after the 25 lap Race - 21 lbs or 3 gallons top off). The THR scoreboard and PA announcements regarding TPS performance is not considered official by TPS.

TPS @ THR time trial record is 16.828 set by #85 Ja Lane (Ford Focus/2210cc) August 11, 2007. The fastest time bettering the existing TPS record will earn 3 bonus points. Fastest non-record earns 1 point.


Disclaimer: The above Texas Pro Sedans next qualifying order list is for the exclusive use of TPS members, officials and sponsors only. The list is composed of those drivers who have paid an entry fee for the September 15th TPS race at Thunder Hill Raceway. The list should not be interpreted to be a list of TPS drivers who will compete on track or even actually arrive at THR. The TPS organization has no way to determine the intent of a paid TPS driver who may or may not travel to THR on the race date.


Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans

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We did.

heck wheres all the cars ..yep you did have a good run ...maybe they need to put a restrictor plate or wieght on that ford ..lol not to bad for the newby top five ......... jessie just aboult got his wild feather going for this race ..but he plucked it ..lol ..so the car stayed home ...... 97 what happend

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It kept getting hot, am going with much larger jets, will probably have to get bigger radiator as well in the off season. I also need to get gears for THR. Car had a push earlier,but felt better before overheating. The oil looks good yet. I'll adjust the valves and put my 20 lb cap back on and try again.

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i just wanted to say , what a class act kinda of guy yall got running your show. he trusted me to steal a very nice (and prolly very exspensive golf cart) to take him up a very steep hill wth an awful left side lean ( thanX for being on the right side neil) . very glad you survived.



thanX for telling me after the fact that it really wasn't yours we were just "borrowing it" .

he's a wild man.

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Broken header, 2 primaries just before the collector!

Down about 300 rpm's, easy fix.


Hey Sergio, from the stands, it looked like you and Lalo were both having some kind of mechanical issues, and seemed slower than normal. Also Mike seemed down on power a bit in the 70. Mike Knotts looked good, and so did John in the 55 bug. Heck - all of the drivers looked like they were having fun... I have got to get off my butt and get my car done... :(

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Almost forgot - what a run that little red bug had... If that was his first excursion from dirt to asphalt - I can't wait to see what he does when he is gets used to this track!! Great run, and I see why Randy Larsen was so excited to get him to race in TPS!!

thanks hart, that "first excursion" taught us "you guys are tough" and we've got some work to do. need a little more rpm, hp, handling and a whole lot more driver.


Everyone we met made us feel extremely welcome and i'd like to thank each for their moral and immoral support during the day. "Big" and I met a great bunch of guys.


i felt like 55, arms fell off about lap 15. haven't raced dirt since early 05 and i could feel it. gotta hulk up this winter or hire us a younger shoe. not looking forward to 32 laps. how about a competition red about lap 16 for a nap?


Bill Stipe

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Bill: The competition red is a new thought. Because of the number of racing classes at THR on September 29th, I don't think I would be successful in requesting a rest break period from Mary Ann.


I will mention the possibility of a competition black flag for any rough driving at the driver's meeting.


At the last race on September 15, we didn't have any rough driving. I want to keep it that way.


Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans


PS: The Qualifying Order for September 29 was sent to all TPS members today and will be posted here later.

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