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ASCS/HOT Spwy results/recaps 8/31/07

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ASCS Gulf South vs. Sooner Region Shootout @ Heart o' Texas Speedway 8/31/07

By J M Hallas


And the South Shall Rise Again

Waco, Tx. (Aug 31st, 2007)As in the Gulf South ASCS Sprint Car Region, in an old west shootout between the series' Gulf South Region versus Sooner Region. As evening approached it looked like once again Mother Nature would take the victory adding to the record number of rain outs this season.


Heart O' Texas Speedway dodged a bullet, with only light showers falling on the track, while only blocks away heavy downpours were reported. The 1/4 mile high banked track, just north of Waco was in perfect condition for the majority of the night's racing. ASCS Sprint Car heats were fast and furious with several drivers turning laps in the 11.9-second bracket, never lifting through the corners.


Berryman out guns field for shootout win

Missouri City's Brandon Berryman lassoed his second ASCS Sprint Series feature in the 25 lap A-main. Berryman, who started from row three worked his way up and passed early leader Johnny Miller on lap 9 and was able to hold off Miller on two restarts to grab the checkers.


Miller and Greg Rilat paced the 20-car field to green with G. Rilat getting far too good of a jump. In the pack, Michael Lang and Skip Wilson made contact with Lang slamming the turn 2 wall putting him out for the night. Miller out-gunned G. Rilat on the next start, with Berryman moving up into second and Brian McClelland jumping from ninth to fifth.


McClelland briefly picked up another spot getting past Jason Johnson on lap 1 but Johnson retook the spot. Miller was just beginning to inch away from Berryman when JP Bailey and Bruce Crockett tangled in turn 4 bringing out a yellow on lap 4. Miller got out to a good start as green waved, with Travis Rilat taking a look inside McClelland for fifth.


As the lead duo of Miller and Berryman pulled away, G. Rilat, Johnson, McClelland and T. Rilat had great battle going on for third. Sooner Region point’s leader, Kevin Ramey joined that scrap making a five car scramble for position. Leader, Miller, was just catching slower traffic when yellow waved again when Jimmy Brooks clipped Gavin Punch and spun. Johnson and McClelland were able to work their way around G. Rilat for third and fourth as racing resumed. In the back of the pack Brooks and Gary Watson had side by side spins to bring out another caution.


Berryman was quicker on the trigger and shot past Miller on the restart in turn 3 to lead lap 9 with Johnson now pressuring Miller for second. Coming to the crossed flags it was Berryman, Miller, Johnson and Ramey geting by G. Rilat for fourth. As the top four began to motor away and sort out. G. Rilat was now trying to hold back, brother Travis, McClelland and Skip Wilson in the fight for fifth.


Lap 15 saw T. Rilat and Wilson tangle and spin from that fight for position. When green waved, Miller took a peek inside Berryman, who held the spot, while Ramey was getting by Johnson for third. T. Rilat's night went from bad to worse as he slid high off turn 2 and slapped the wall. This brought out the red flag so teams were able to add fuel due to the number of caution laps.


When the racing resumed, Berryman got out to a three car advantage over Miller who was now being hounded by Ramey. With five to go Berryman was increasing his lead over Miller, Ramey and Johnson who was now turning up the heat on Ramey for third. Berryman caught lapped traffic on lap 23 and was slowed giving Miller the chance to close. Once clear of traffic, Berryman driving the Sport Performance, Westside Performance Engines, Maxim Chassis, again inched away from Miller to go on to take his second ASCS Gulf South victory.

“We qualified real well, and got to start up front,” stated Berryman. “Luck just went in our favor. We had a good running car and stayed out of trouble. I was watching Johnny(Miller) on the restarts and he was consistently doing the same thing. I just stayed on his rear bumper and got a good run on him. We took the lead on straightaway and held it from there.”

“When you have guys like Jason Johnson and Travis Rilat out there, you just drive your tail off and hope that they’re not there. We think about points once in a while, but the wins are worth a lot more to me.



ASCS Sprints

1 31 Brandon Berryman

2 64j Johnny Miller

3 7m Kevin Ramey

4 41x Jason Johnson

5 35 Greg Rilat

6 87 Brain McClelland

7 74E Claud Estes

8 93 Chris Sweeney

9 94 Cody Branchomb

10 15 Brad Stokes

11 65 Skip Wilson

12 29 Travis Rilat

13 45 JP Bailey

14 3 Gary Watson

15 51 Jimmy Brooks

16 12m Tommy Bryant

17 81au Gavin Punch

18 41 Ray Allen Kulhanek

19 8 Bruce Crockett

20 14L Michael Lang


In the ASCS dash, the top six in passing fought it out for the front three rows in the A-main. Miller bested Lang out of turn 2 to grab the top spot, with G. Rilat falling into second. Miller easily pulled away while Johnson worked his way past Wilson for fourth. In the final laps Lang challenged G. Rilat for second but fell short as the checkers waved on Miller.



1 64j J. Miller

2 35 G. Rilat

3 14 M. Lang

4 41x J. Johnson

5. 31 B. Berryman

6. 65 S. Wilson


The first of two ASCS B-mains got off to a rough start with a grinding two-car crash coming to take the green. Coming out of turn 4 Danny Caldwell got turned head-on into the wall full throttle with David Doyle getting turned over numerous times ending up under the flag stand. Doyle was able to climb out under his own power, but Caldwell was temporarily knocked unconscious with paramedics quickly on the scene. After a few minutes, Caldwell regained consciousness and was carefully pulled from his mangled car. Caldwell was transported to a local hospital for precautionary measures. Caldwell was back in his Modified Saturday night at Devils Bowl Speedway, but done with Sprint Cars for a while.


Once the race resumed, Tommy Bryant jumped out to the lead with Gary Watson and Jimmy Brooks side by side second. Those two swapped second until Watson secured the spot. Kathryne Minter moved in the challenge Brooks for the final transfer and got by on lap 3. Brooks was able to retake the spot on lap 5 as the top four separated in the closing laps.


ASCS B-Main 1

1. 12m T. Bryant

2. 3 G. Watson

3. 51 J. Brooks

4. K. Minter

5. 25 Derek Cottrell

6. 15b Michael Brown

7. 23 Darryl Wills


B-Main #2 for the ASCS Sprints was much cleaner with Gulf South points leader Ray Allen Kulhanek jumping into the lead in turn 1. As Kulhanek and Bruce Crockett got away, J P Bailey and Justin Melton battled for the third and final transfer position. Kulhanek then put distance on Crockett and Bailey while Larry Neighbors was trying to work his way up taking fifth from Eric Baldacinni. Baldacinni and Neighbors then swapped the fifth spot leaving both short of the transfer as Kulhanek took the win.


ASCS B-Main 2

1. 41 R. Kulhanek

2. 8 B. Crockett

3. JP Bailey

4. 99 J. Melton

5. B4 E. Baldicinni

6. 29n L. Neighbors

7. 22L Ken Lewis Sr.

8. 11. Tommy Jones



PJ (Parnelli Jones) Egbert does it again.

Defending IMCA Modified Regional Champion, PJ Egbert continued his quest to back up last year’s title with another win. PJ Egbert worked his way up methodically through the field and caught a break when caution at halfway cut the gap between he and leader, Andrew Simmerman. On the restart, PJ Egbert used the high side to fight his way around Simmerman and take the lead on lap 11. From there he was able to build a margin over Pat McGuire and snag yet another checkered flag.


The 20 lap A-main got off to a rocky start when outside pole sitter, Wesley Dulock failed to get going and stacked up the entire outside row. Jimmy Helona got submarined and jacked up of the ground sending him into McGuire. Several other sustained damage including Anthony Otken and Brian Killingsworth putting both on the trailer for the night.


The second attempt was clean with Simmerman beating Steven Carter out of turn 2 for the lead. McGuire got past Carter for second, while PJ Egbert was already making his way by Greg Atwood for fifth. PJ Egbert kept the charge on getting third from Carter on lap 3, with Kenny Stone and Atwood getting the better of Carter a lap later for fourth and fifth.


The former IMCA Modified rookie of the Year, PJ Egbert then took second from McGuire after a brief side by side battle. After making his way forward, PJ Egbert almost threw away that effort doing a half spin in turn 2. Stone got along side PJ Egbert, while Atwood was able to get by McGuire for fourth. Stone kept the pressure on PJ Egbert until finally completing the pass on lap 9.


Coming to halfway it was Simmerman, Stone, PJ Egbert, Atwood and McGuire in the top five. Helona's night went from bad to worse when he hooked a rut with right rear and rolled over 1 1/2 times. Helona was able to walk away uninjured, but was done for the night. On the restart, PJ Egbert used then high groove to get the nose by Simmerman, who fought back on the low side. PJ Egbert was finally able to secure the point on lap 11, with Atwood and Simmerman both getting passed by McGuire.


Simmerman then pulled to the infield while Stone pitted. This put Keith Green fourth and Keith White in fifth. PJ Egbert began to walk away from McGuire, as Atwood and Green started a battle for third. White had jut caught that fight when yellow waved for Chad Estes, who spun in front of the leaders sending them into evasive mode.


PJ Egbert got away clean on the restart, with White trying the high side of Green for fourth. White got the spot as the white flag waved. Green got loose coming off turn 2 allowing Carter to get by as well. Up front it PJ Egbert, looking to secure the HOT track championships, taking the victory in the Phils Paint & Body, Greg May Honda, D&D Cabinets, Connell Chevy, Pro Image Signs, Wel Ran Construction, Cooper & Bright Plumbing, Pflugerville Machine, Donnie Moore Race Car.

“I had to dodge a couple of guys and eventually we were right there when caution came out,” said Egbert. “We capitalized on the caution and took the lead and were able to hold it from there. Under that red I had a guy come over and give me some mental advise...calm down and keep the car straight.”

“I just look at the Regional and track points race’s as another day at the office. Try to make it a positive night and go with what we’re dealt. This will be my third at Texas Thunder and my first at HOT, too.”


IMCA Modifieds

1 707 PJ Egbert

2 9 Pat McGuire

3 23 Greg Atwood

4 1 Keith White

5 118 Steven Carter

6 5 Keith Green

7 719 Brian Schoenbaum

8 4 David Hanusch

9 6 Mike Hanusch

10 5k Kenny Stone

11 83 Chad Estes

12 15 Andrew Simmerman

13 96 Johnny Sheets

14 Jacob Dunn

15 21x Jimmy Helona

16 34 Jonathon Pierson

17 717 GW Egbert

18 C4 Cham Savage

19 88 Wesley Dulock

20 988 Anthony Otken

21 357 Brian Killingsworth


Kiphen captures IMCA SportMod honors

Sid Kiphen had lady luck on his side, while Sam Sovey did not. Sovey got out front early and looked to be a runaway winner, but after getting hooked with a slow car Sovey fell back to third. Kiphen was in the right place at the right time and took over the point after Sovey's problems. Kiphen would then put distance on the field and take the win.


Sovey quickly jumped into the lead of the 20-lap, 23-car IMCA Southern SportMod main. Sid Kiphen made a bold move splitting two cars, three wide to move into fourth. This move would probably be the move that would win him the race. Kiphen continued his charge getting by Brandon Stewart on lap 3 for third, then Chris Wills for second on lap 5, bringing Stewart along to third.


Sovey caught the rear of the field on lap 7 and while trying to get by Scott Tacker hooked bumpers. As Tacker drug Sovey behind, Kiphen and Stewart were able get by before Sovey got released. At halfway the top five were Kiphen, Stewart, Sovey, Chase Jupe and Wills.


Stewart slipped on lap 11 giving Sovey and Jupe the opportunity to get by for second and third. As Sovey, Jupe and Stewart battled for position, Greg Atwood and defending IMCA SportMod National Champion, Keith were reeling in the group. With three to go Stewart was doing his best to hold off Atwood and White.


Up front Kiphen had built a good lead over Sovey and Jupe, who had their own fight for the runner-up spot. Coming to the checkers it was Kiphen in the K&S Backhoe, Mark Franks Engine, Shelby Race Car taking the win while Jupe made a last ditch effort and snared second from Sovey coming high out of turn 4.

“I was trying to chase Sam(Sovey) down, but I don’t know if I was gaining much ground,” replied Kiphen. “I couldn’t believe when he and that lapped car got hooked up. I guess one of them went the wrong direction. Luck plays a big role in it(racing) and you’re always looking for break. I was just trying to concentrate on not overdriving the car.”

“I’d take a look back when I’d get the car real sideways and Look for Keith(White) or the other fast guys. I usually look at the scoreboard, but I just drove it as hard as I could.”

“There was an opening,” Kiphen added about his three wide move. “I said let me try this and I had enough speed to get by the inside car and then got past the outside car once we hit the straightaway. It all worked out.”

“I have to thank Pat McGuire for helping me get this car going in the right direction. Also thank Mark McDaniels for building me a great carburetor. That helps a lot.




IMCA Southern SportMod

1 58 Sid Kiphen

2 30 Chase Jupe

3 771 Sam Sovey

4 2 Brandon Stewart

5 23 Greg Atwood

6 24 Chris Wills

7 5c Chris Cogburn

8 5m Bobby Mercer

9 11 Mark McDaniel

10 5 Kevin Green

11 47 Shannon Dulock

12 45t Eric Tomlinson

13 42 Tim Holt

14 55 TJ Green

15 231 Shad Stevens

16 14 Ricky Heckel

17 183 Pat McGuire

18 83k Kenny Ware

19 107 David Goode

20 4H Jason Honey

21 7 Scott Tacker

22 127 Mark Bullock

23 07 Robert Black


IMCA Stock Car

Only a field of seven cars took the green for the IMCA Stock Car main with David Khoury getting out front to lead lap 1. Jason Honey got around Khoury on lap 2 while Chad Estes and Benji Kirkpatrick battle door to door for second. Kirkpatrick took control of second after Estes spun himself to the infield.


Honey lost the lead on lap6 when he slid high coming out of turn 2 letting Kirkpatrick get by. Shad Stevens moved in to battle with Honey for second as Kirkpatrick pulled away. After swapping spots for several laps Stevens finally was forced to pull off with a broken front suspension parts. Kirkpatrick was able to take the win by a comfortable margin.


IMCA Stock Car

1 47 Benji Kirkpatrick

2 4 Jason Honey

3 73k David Khoury

4 181 Ed Thompson

5 83 Chad Estes

6 17 Nic Priem

7 23 Shad Stevens


IMCA Hobby Stock

The start of the 15-car IMCA Hobby Stock main saw Chandler Simons and Steve Young battled side by side with Simons getting turned around. Young was black flagged and sent to the pits for the incident. Once back to racing Mike Robertson led the field until Jeremy Bost got the lead on lap 5. Nathan Sodek then took control getting by Bost and motoring on to the win.


IMCA Hobby Stock

1 60 Nathan Sodek

2 10 Jeremy Bost

3 17 Mike Robertson

4 27

5 33 Charles Cosper

6 5c Chandler Simons

7 25 Michael Guenat

8 21 Jason Gallimore

9 22 Trey Johnson

10 60r Randy Sodek

11 7 Jaron Shahan

12 18 Jeremy Hendrix

13 426 Jim Fullner

14 99 Steve Young


Street Stock

Starting by points, Ed Thompson and Doug Andrews led the 21-car Street Stock field to green for their 20 lap feature. Andrews, a multi-time track champion, out-dueled Thompson and grabbed the top spot in turn 1. The lead group quickly caught slower traffic on lap 4 giving Tommy Kirkpatrick and Paul Bolfing the opportunity to get by Thompson for second and third.


Thompson and David Khoury then battled three wide around a lapped car for fourth. After a late restart, Khoury got by Thompson and moved along side Bolfing for third and took the position on lap 16. Up front, it was Andrews, back in the old car nicknamed "The Cash Register" running off to find his way back to the winner’s circle after a slow start to his season.


Street Stock

1 1 Doug Andrews

2 71 Tommy Kirkpatrick

3 173 David Khoury

4 18 Paul Bolfing

5 181 Ed Thompson

6 2 John Heffelfinger

7 73 Jason Gauntt

8 03 Paul Barton

9 9 Paul Steele

10 34m Larry Moore

11 42 Mark Guerin

12 22 Darrell Stanford

13 81 Russell Meeks

14 2Z Zack Zaidle

15 14 Greg Culverhouse

16 174 Roger Bulls

17 111 Matthew Black

18 32 Bill Eller

19 11 Marshall Saucedo

20 3 Mike Sutherland

21 12 Brandon Guerin


Pure Stock

Charlie Norris jumped to lead of the 25-car Pure Stock feature and looked like he was going to run off and away for the victory. With Norris on the point, Jack Jenkins and Cody Daniel battled for second trading the spot. In racing, luck is sometimes everything, and back luck comes with the territory. Lady luck was cruel to Norris on this night as he was forced to surrender the lead under caution with a flat right rear.


This handed the lead to Jenkins on the lap 7 restart. David Andrews made his way up and ran side by side with Joe Williams in a battle for third. Andrews then closed on Daniel for second and both were able to catch Jenkins in traffic but never mount a serious challenge as Jenkins snared his first ever win



Pure Stock

1 22 Jack Jenkins

2 76s Cody Daniel

3 08 David Andrews

4 48t Kirk Tidwell

5 17x Ray Vann

6 63 Andy Roller

7 C17 Charlie Norris

8 57 Kevin Smith

9 32 Joe Williams

10 711 Mike Watson

11 94 Mitchell Waschmann

12 91 David Tracy

13 11 Marshall Suacedo

14 84 Norris Meeks

15 06b Cory Breedlove

16 68 Wade White

17 5r Jimmy Reid

18 06a Andrew Walizer

19 18 Trey Allen

20 25c Chad Pelham

21 18k Tommy Honey

22 71 Jesse Ray

23 17 Jeffery Sheppard

24 3d Barry Gaston

25 3 Ed Harcrow



Jeremy Knight got out front of the 17-car Cruiser feature and began pulling away from Dwain Wills and Jeff Woodruff. Woodruff caught Wills in traffic while Kenneth Dean used slower cars to his advantage to catch the duo battling for second. As Knight was cruising away to the victory the battle for second was three wide as they sliced through traffic in the final laps.



1 8E Jeremy Knight

2 95 Dwain Wills

3 45 Kenneth Dean

4 96 Jeff Woodruff

5 78 Martin Quiram

6 01 Dan Webre jr

7 10 Jeff Wills

8 16oz Jeff Williams

9 53 Kevin Hixson

10 44 William Dean

11 40b Justin Bailey

12 5t Randy Thompson

13 E3 Eric Newton

14 69 Christopher Fuller

15 1 Russell Bullock

16 5r Ricky Rodriguez

17 1TA Timothy Finch


Jr. Mini Stock

The Jr Mini Stock feature saw Dylan Smith celebrate his 15th birthday a day early as he led flag to flag in the 12 lap feature. Smith ran virtually unchallenged while a good fight raged behind between Jesse Parker, Aaron Childress and Garett Rawls for second.


Jr Mini Stock

1 3D Dylan Smith

2 53 Jesse Parker

3 82 Garett Rawls

4 84c Aaron Childress

5 63 Zach Henson

6 12 Brent Mayfield

7 1 Leon Alvarado

8 7 Brandon Campos

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