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Response to STS Bash by others.

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As most of you know last week a fellow track owner disclosed information about South Texas Speedway and other tracks that was uncalled for and incorrect. Claims that STS will not be here next year are 100% incorrect, I have worked very hard to give South Texas a place to race and it will only get better. I think I have proven myself trustworthy as I have run the South Texas Mini-Sprints, Half owner and operator of TAMS, General Manager of CCMS, Business owner & promoter of STS and even when no cars have showed I always paid what I advertisied. Do I own the land at this point no, do I own the business operated on the land yes, I will not get on here and make false ownership claims. I can promise everyone that STS will be here next year.


Please continue to build cars and plan on racing dirt in South Texas if that is your choice.



Nick, this is not a bash in anyway, I have never commented on other tracks other than positive information, but another track operator made false accusations towards my track and now I am getting PM's that people will not be building cars because of those false accusations, I am trying to protect my interest.


If anyone has any questions please call me anytime.


Owen Pittman


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From down here in the Rio Grande Valley,


I've been to STS several times to race my modified and hobby car, but of all those times I enjoyed watching the races far more due to the professionalism and great management this track has shown this last season. Just something about this track when I show up.. a big carnival atmosphere... the excitement of racing like I remember back when my dad raced asphalt up in Rockford, Illinois when I was 5 or 6 years old. Something I have not felt at any other track around here except this one.


Just from the way things are handled on and off the track and the comments and nature of everyone who posts on here, you can tell the man has things under control and has done a more than fair job of taking care of his duties as track owner/promoter as well as making the drivers and fans feel appreciated. I don't know why, but I have not seen the level of dedication this track has put forth anywhere else in South Texas to date, either to come to the aid of a family in need, or to give something back to the fans and racers in the way of a big BBQ and cold beverages at the end of the night.


Awesome job Owen!


Hall Racing Team - RGS

#96 Thunder car

#96 Modified

#34 Modified

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yes more time for the ladies....Any chance of starting a south texas chearleader group. I think girls in skimpy clothes jumping and yelling for their favorite driver (me of course) would be a great addition to the fans night at sts.



Just an idea....If it works for football why not motorsports?

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Thanks for driving 2 1/2 hours just to eat BBQ with us, watch some tape, and drink a cold one... You and Mike we're suprize guests and I think everyone here last night appreciated the gesture. It's no wonder why people look up to you as a PROMOTER. Thanks again, and hopefully we'll see ya Saturday!



TJ, Thanks for having Owen and me down for beer and bar-b-q. We had a great time....you guys know how to entertain. Hopefully, we will return the favor in the very near future. Thanks again.

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