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TSRS houston


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Talked to Mary Ann about 30 minutes ago. They have 17 TSRS cars on hand and were just starting the second practice. Top five in first practice: C. Schilds, Joe Aramendia, Robert Barker, Gary Chancellor and Larry Bendele.

Weather is Houston muggy. It could rain, but allow time for the track to dry; it could pour buckets; or it could just "look like rain" until Monday. Right now, it's a go, and they will finish tomorrow if they don't get the race in today.

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Texas Super Racing Series report from Houston Motorsports Park.


As Mary Ann said earlier today, there are 17 good cars at Houston for the TSRS “Popa New 75.”


Fastest qualifier was the #79 of Joe Aramendia with the #17 of Robert Barker second and the #3 of Bobby Joe New in third.


Chris Schild in the #7 and Leland Waddell in the #28 elected to pull out of impound to work on the cars and will start scratch on the field.


Brian Moczygemba broke a motor in practice, but the crew was able to get it changed before qualifying. He was fifth quick and will start sixth after the draw.


Grid order after top six draw:

1. #17 Robert Barker

2. #2 Bobby Teer, Jr.

3. #3 Bobby Joe New

4. #79 Joe Aramendia

5. #44 Gary Chancellor II

6. #50 Brian Moczygemba

7. #38 Craig Sellman

8. #13 Ian Webster

9. #11s Brian Schild

10. #12 Adam Haugh

11. #5 Bill Hamilton

12. #23b Larry Bendele

13. # 71 Deed Dupont

14. #22 Shane Harris

15. #6 Jason Hollander

16. #7 Chris Schild

17. #28 Leland Waddell


H. E. Naumann said the race will probably get under way about 8:30 pm. We’ll have updates as we get them. That looks like a fun grid order…

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I just got a call from my bunch in Houston. They were able to get some races completed - including the TSRS and Pro Modifieds. Now it's pouring down rain, and it looks like they may have to reschedule the Pro Late Model Race (possibly tomorrow?).

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Unofficial pending tech - results for the "Popa New 75" at Houston Motorsports Park


1. #17 Robert Barker

2. #3 Bobby Joe New

3. #79 Joe Aramendia

4. #2 Bobby Teer Jr.

5. #38 Craig Sellman

6. #13 Ian Webster

7. #23b Larry Bendele

8. #5 Bill Hamilton

9. #12 Adam Haugh

10. #7 Chris Schild

11. #11s Brian Schild

12. #71 Deed Dupont

13. #28 Leland Waddell

14. #6 Jason Hollander

15. #22 Shane Harris

16. #50 Brian Moczygemba

17. #44 Gary Chancellor II

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by the looks of the starting grid combined with their finishing positions, looks like the 50 and 44 got together???

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44 and the 50 did not get together. Gary got into trouble in the first few laps and was involved in a second spin with 3 others (not the 50) and it got his radiator. The 50 just slowed on the front straight.



That's a load off. I like Gary and sometimes I like B. I especially like B, when I'm taking his money at the poker table....... Tough luck after the win Jr.

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jody wayne who?


yea we broke a motor in the open practice saturday mornin but thanks to our crew we got ol smokey (back up motor) in just in time for qualifying but during the race we broke that motor too... pretty frustrating no doubt but just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped with the engine swap.

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