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Cordes, Roster, Dvorak, & Pippert Thrill BCS Crowd With Dramatic W


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Cordes, Roster, Dvorak, & Pippert Thrill BCS Crowd With Dramatic Wins


The final night before season championships provided some of the best racing action of the season as drivers aggressively pursued victory at the fast quarter mile oval in Benton county.

Troy Cordes and Jerry Luloff wowed the crowd in the IMCA Modified feature running side by side for much of the race. Luloff held the point from lap seven and held off the charges of Cordes until lap nineteen when Cordes was able to inch ahead and secure the win. Luloff finished a solid second ahead of Randy Trefz and Ty Glass.

Curtis Roster passed Damon Murty on lap five of the IMCA Stock Car feature and held off heavy pressure from Murty the next eight laps before Murty would falter and drop back. Justin Temeyer assumed the second position and threatened Roster’s lead but came up short. Roster took the popular hometown win ahead of Temeyer and Brian Irvine.

Mechanical difficulties nearly sidelined Scotty Pippert in the IMCA Hobby Stock feature. An ailing motor in his heat was repaired and Pippert was able to score the flag to flag victory in the event. Brad Forbes charged through the field for the second position ahead of Vince Bucholz. Forbes leads the point standings by nine points over Pippert going into the season championship race.

Danny Dvorak needed to win big to gain points on Tony Olsen in the IMCA Sport Mod feature. Dvorak motored to the win, but Olsen finished second giving Olsen an eleven point cushion going into the final night. James Kuhn finished third.

Jena Barthelmes shocked the crowd in the IMCA Sport Compact feature with a violent flip in turn one at the start of the race. Barthelmes was okay, but the car is not. Gary Pfeiffer took command after the wreckage was cleared to take the win over Doug Laughridge and Gary Moorman.

Kaiser and Schumacher scored a narrow victory in the cruiser feature taking advantage of a competitors blown engine to take the nail biting victory.

The final night of the 2007 season takes place next week with features being lined up according to point standings.




IMCA Modified

1.Troy Cordes; 2. Jerry Luloff; 3. Randy Trefz; 4. Ty Glass; 5. John Burbridge; 6. Jon Passick; 7. Don Erger; 8. Mike Krall; 9. J.D. Auringer; 10. Buster Pate; 11. Brian Krall; 12. Shaun Bistline; 13. Brian Sondag; 14. Tom Hanson; 15. John Schaefer; 16. Todd Jensen; 17. Scott Hogan; 18. Patrick Flannagan; 19. Heath Kusel; 20. Johnathan Thimmesch; 21. Robert Schmuecker; 22. Don Wharton.


IMCA Stock Car

1.Curtis Roster; 2. Justin Temeyer; 3. Brian Irvine; 4. Richard Quail; 5. Paul Shepherd; 6. Damon Murty; 7. Scooter Dulin; 8. Jason Deshaw; 9. Rod Grother; 10. Kevin Rose; 11. Mike Galli; 12. Ron Tharp; 13. Shawn Hoskins.


IMCA Hobby Stock

1.Scotty Pippert; 2. Brad Forbes; 3. Vince Buchholz; 4. Steve Kesl; 5. Josh Irvine; 6. Nathan Sweerin; 7. Ed Murray; 8. Curt Hilmer; 9. Al Sweerin; 10. Rod Grother; 11. Brian Happel; 12. Robert Quail; 13. Jeremiah Wilson; 14. Steve Higham; 15. Ron Phelps; 16. Nathan Ballard; 17. Russell Damme Jr.; 18. Justin Stander; 19. Matt Burmeister; 20. Gene Nicklas.


IMCA SportMod

1.Danny Dvorak; 2. Tony Olson; 3. James Kuhn; 4. Kyle Bentley; 5. Max Leonard; 6. Mike Mitchell; 7. Jeremy Berstler; 8. Troy Burkhart; 9. Jason Doyle; 10. Justin Hempstead; 11. Jim Buhlman; 12. Shane Ebaugh; 13. Doug Smith; 14. Billy Koepke; 15. Dan Higdon; 16. Michael Roster; 17. Kyle Olson; 18. Erick Knutsen; 19. Todd Temeyer; 20. Jared Otis.


IMCA Sport Compact

1.Gary Peiffer; 2. Doug Laughridge; 3. Gary Moorman; 4. Neil Nabholz; 5. Jeremy Heim; 6. Mandy Fisher; 7. Joe Goodenbaur; 8. Mike Hogencamp; 9. Jena Barthelmes; 10. Travis McCombs.



1.Keiser/Schumacher; 2. Mike McDonald; 3. Kimm/Kruse; 4. Jon Bratton; 5. Choplick/Choplick; 6. Jesse Belez; 7. Steggall/Lewis; 8. Miller/Mazur.

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