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Chance Brownlee Memorial

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All donations will go to the Al Amin Shrine, so that they will be able to continue the efforts in supporting the hospitals and the Children of South Texas. The Al Amin Shrine, provides transportation to any child and their parent to and from the Hospitals in Galveston (The Burn Center) and in Houston (The Orthopedic Center) for the childs treatment, surgeries, therapy, etc.


This was an organization that was very near and dear to Chance and our family. Chance was born with a heart defect that took his life at age 16. I am very grateful to Owen for allowing Chance to work with him at the race track in 2004. He was very proud of his work with Owen and really admired Owen. When Owen first came to me wanting to do the Chance Brownlee Memorial, I was honored and continued to be honored. I have now worked for Owen 4 years and it was been the my best 4 years in racing. I have scored races since 1979, where I started in South Carolina.


Thank you all for all the support you have given my family over the last 3 years. We look forward to this race and appreciate all the support you can give to help the Shriners in the efforts.


Thanks, Marcia Brownlee

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