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The Good Ol Days


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Well in 1991 the yocums bought cc speedway and well as the saying goes, You cant please everyone. CC Speedway was a very popular and profitable racing establisment. A few years back a Doctor got ticked off, and leased the track. He had a great staff to work with, and even a great track manager. The Doctors idiocy got the best of him, and his checks bounced and rumors flew about whos to blame for this and that. His management team, and most of his staff parted ways and are now running a very succesfull dirt track (two thumbs up to STS). After watching the track being driven into the crumbled asphalt by this Doc. The Yocums repossed the track, shut down for 6 months to make needed repairs, and at the cost of $5,000 per night, out of their own back pocket. Tried to reopen the track. While things were slow, at first it was improving. Calculate pit passes, gate prices, and food stuff to see what makes $5,000, You have to sell beer and get fans in the stands. So faced with no money for promotion (what every business needs), growing older (no offesnse to the old folks) and the fact that if this place doesnt grow, they would be forced to shut down. These people from San Antonio, (self-proclaimed millionaires, as we have been told) show up, and claim to have purchased CC Speedway, (I hope the check to the Yocums doesnt bounce) They have a great management staff to work with (Debbie Williams, & Rick Day) But their cockyness and Idiocy are getting in the way. First, I understand the no beer thing, the security guards have complained about thtat for years, so they try it. Second, They go to check, (which the doctor did, and they bounced as well), I wish the banks would go back to using paper checks, and not rubber. Third, they have troubel finding their money, and in a conversation my dad discloses his monthly income to James Beasly who claims to make that in 1 day. (but yet he can not find that money because it is lost in the mail). Fourth, They have more stories (lies) to tell, than the childrens section at the public library. Fifth, everybody is out to get them, They come to CC Speedway, and begin insalling security cameras (Ok) claim that the track never made monye, because Staff was stealing cash from the cash register, and food from the storehouses. If you ask about your money, payout or anything else you disagree with. Your against Them, your against the track and the possiblilties of you being barred have increeased. I would hate to see what the fan advisory committee has to say about the place. Sixth, what really happpend at I-37, I have been told that it was because of a 300,000 lein against the property. Maybe we need to check into that. Speaking of being Barred, I was notified the the last Name Creacy, and Yocum have been barred from CCSpeedway.


So who is getting screwed on the deal, Drivers, Fans, Staff, Yocums, Instead of investigating the city water dept lets take a look into these new operators of cc speedway.


I wish the best to CC Speedway, Debbie Williams, and Rick Day. I would hate to see the place close, hell I have worked their for 10 yrs and it would be said to see two idiots finish off what a doctor started and then leave town, leaving the yocums or the next owners a parking lot.


For Jason, he is probably sitting back laughing, and while listening to him post his comments over the years does get annoying every now and then, maybe on these guys, while the rest of us wanted to give them a chance, maybe he was right.


I hope I dont offend anybody including the Yocums, Rick or Debbie, Yall seem to be some great people, while other step all over you. Anybody Else.


Ill see ya on the Dirt.


Tom Creacy

Former CCSpeedway Announcer & Supporter.


(And i Appoligize to nick in advance, im sure he'll find something or even all of this to edit, censorship is a beautiful thing )

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I'm leaving your unsubstanciated accusations and defaming comments up exactly as you wrote them.


Public Disclaimer: The comments and accusations made by Mr. Creasy in no way represent the postion of Texas Speed Zone, its owner or its staff.


Thread closed.


Nick Holt, Moderator

Texas Speed Zone

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