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Doing the right thing


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Ok.. i know this is a hot topic with some.. but the AUG 11th and 18th races kinda tell me that THR is doing the right thing by not racing every weekend... The 18th had to be 75% of the 11th... in the stands and the pits...


You can't blame this on touring series because look at the local car counts.. down as well...


My only thing for next years schedule would be to start earlier in the year.... this would allow for maybe 1-2 extra races.. and the rainouts to not be so late in the year.. put maybe 1 early 1 late...& a 3rd option...



Thoughts?? nicely...

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Just my opinion is that with the few races that we had this year a lot of people have just lost the interest of racing. They are spending more time with family or what some of you would say (fishing) and what do you know it is hunting time once again and that is another excuse. So what I am saying there is nothing there to keep people motivated to come see the races. I think if you went back to an almost full season again that the damage is done and it will still take time to get those fans back.



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I think every other week is great. Especially if you could run HMP or Corpus Christi (settle down fellars) the week THR was off and vice versa. It would also give those of us that run with the 50 a chance to fix the body damage on our cars.

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Official statement from JRA Race team (AKA #50 Thunderstock)


Our race team has spent many hours repairing body damage... and belives that the #12 Crew Chief should speak to his driver. The rear bumper cover would not have had to be repaired had the driver not slammed the door during the pass....


I would also again like to thank the #19 driver (Mona) for fixing Jody's mistakes once again... With her assistance, The #50 TS was able to make the feature with the rear QTR reattached to the car. This part of the car was removed due to a chain reaction when the door was slammed...


Also like to thank Terry T. From the ever so famous Terry's body shop for picking the rearend of the car back up 3" this was also caused by the above actions...


See you on the 15th Jody... make sure you mark the spot you want me to dent :P

or post a sign on which side of the car i can pass.. Will take either... I will have a special sign on the back of my car just for you!!

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the plot thickens.......


edit to aaron's edit..... well, i was looking at taking the week off with the sign company ;-)... looks like that's about to change... I think i might have some hot pink left in the box... need to use that junk up, lol

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For Immediate Release:



JRA Race Team (AKA wreckers or runner up),


When I heard them on the scanner say " how the hell is the 50 gettin by the 12 with all 4 wheels on the track " I had no choice.. As for which side of the car you can pass on............... Just go thru the middle like you do with everyone else....... Airbox reinforcement: Check. I'm starting to notice all the signs and T shirts and such. Good advertisement for a back marker like myself. You might want to put that "special sign" on a trophy though. You have seen one of those right?????





The bigfat Screen Door.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry took a few days off with my big winnings...


To BigFat Screen Door....

I now have a scanner which i will be running on the 15th... I want to listen to the officials as i pass you..


Wonder what they will say as the flyin 50 puts your car in park..

P.S.... I now have a Door slam prevention tool!!

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I've figured out how to keep the 50 off my REAR quarter panels. I'm going to paint a salad bar on them, and the only thing the 50 needs to note is how far he's gonna have to walk to get to my pit to apologize.



As for wkr77 or wanna be knightblade........You just might beat him, getting an actual car to the track would ensure a victory.



Good Calls.

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I will leave the donuts on your door jody... i am sure you will enjoy them..


Bring it on the 15th....


Yeah and they'll start at the front of my car and work their way back......



It's coming. Don't worry your preety little head.....


Better yet... i got 25 bucks going to the charity of your choice saying i finish higher...

and the "jody can't race" fund don't count!!



I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll donate $25 to the JRA Kids Club and "IF"(LMAO) when I finish in front of you, your job is to find 2 THR guys to match it. Maybe your crew or your fellow Kyleites can sell enough aluminum cans to scrounge up that much.

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That's confidence,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........Not.


What ever you just said, is good with me. I aint worried. Merry Christmas lucky family. Enjoy Aarons can money.

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Current point average for the Thunder Stocks.


Thunder Stock Point Average as of 8-18-07


73 Bryon Reed 5

58 Robert Mayberry 5

57 Jason Kelly 20

25C Tommy Casey 25

5 Gary May 35

77 Steve Stanley 41.75

24 Tator Mason 47

18 Scott Schweisfurth 48

56 Joey Jenkins 55.5

15 Tom Smith 60

83 Paul Lipp 69

20G Anthony Gordon 69

83 Daryl Lipp 71

66 Leonard Flores III 71.8

16 Mason Teague 75.75

04 Steve Osborne 77.33

20 Steve Joyce 79.16

19 Mona Turner 79.66

24 Marc Roy 80

4 Gary Chancellor 91.16

25 Rick Latimer 95.16

12 Jody Wayne Stuart 95.25

18 Vincent Trietch 95.5

2 Kevin Bowen 95.8

44 Jeff Stanley 97.5

95 Ty Daniel 100

44 Jason Stanley 100.33

50 Aaron Brungot 101.3

14 Joey Tschoerner 105.5

37 James Huff 106

12 Wade Jankowski 121



This should be interesting.

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