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Corpus Christi Speedway Cancels August 25 Races


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Contact: Debbie Williams, 210-685-0400



Corpus Christi Speedway Cancels August 25 Races


SAN ANTONIO, TX (August 21, 2007) – The racing events at Corpus Christi Speedway for this Saturday, August 25, have been cancelled. The local classes – including the Super Streets, Bombers and Texas Thunders – were scheduled to appear in this weekend’s racing action.


Shelma Walton, owner of Corpus Christi Speedway, was very reluctant to cancel this weekend’s race, but she needs to take care of some unforeseen family health issues.


“I really feel bad about canceling this Saturday’s race,” said Walton. “I know our drivers were looking forward to finishing up their final point competitions. However, we plan to conclude the battle for points the following Saturday night – on September 1.”


The down time at the speedway will be used to do some much-needed maintenance at the track, especially fixing some of the problems related to the track lighting.


Walton added, “We’re currently planning some big races during Labor Day weekend, and we want to do all we can to get the track ready for the big event. The safety of our drivers is really important to us, and we really appreciate their patience while our track repairs are being done.”


Additional information about the Labor Day Weekend event will be posted and distributed soon.


For more information about Corpus Christi Speedway, visit the new website at corpuschristispeedway.net.



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be a good time to practice .. we could use it ..gotta catch up to thumper .thats hard to do on race nights with just 20 minutes of practice ..cant try to many things ..might go the wrong way and wreck some cars while trying it at race time .. no time to make changes between races .. still trying to figure out those dreaded threaded tire's ... sort of tough when you have two cars two different drivers ,with different driveing styles .with two different cars .....gotta love it .lol i like to do wild changes to see what happens .lol ..

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Ladies and Gentlemen


I am at the speedway and i am helping run Corpus Christi Speedway. Any other time I would be more than happy to run this weekends events.


But, My baby sister is getting married this weekend in Florida and I would not miss it for anything. Family is more important to me as it should be to you. Hopefully this is a once in a lifetime event for her and i am so happy for her.


I will be back on Monday and we will be getting things ready for a great 2 day Coastal Clash at the Speedway. Everyone have a great deserved weekend off and get those cars ready for the Labor Day Weekend Coastal Clash at CCS.


Thanks again

Rick Day

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ok than that explains why the track will be closed. Rick will be out of town.Congrats Rick on you sisters wedding, hope she has a wonderful marriage.See you when you get back.Enjoy the wedding.


Oh and bye the way does anyone know yet when the drivers will be getting there money for the aug. 4th race.My kids are wondering when to expect there money since it hasnt come yet.



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You shoulda brought them to the Friday night practices we had the 1st 2 weeks.

i did... had the 28 out there the second one ..rear end housing crack on the seven kept it at home ..so i tried ..



race's cancelled...things that make you go hhhmmmmm!! , and oldtimer YOU have more excuses than carters got liver pills, i still say if you worked on cars the way you proclaim you do you'd be leading the points and all those changes you say you wanna make and don't have time for before the races if you set your car up during the week like most people and made minor adjustments at the track you would'nt be so far out in left field!! but then you would'nt have time to be the TXSZ post hero!!

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Shelma Walton, owner of Corpus Christi Speedway, was very reluctant to cancel this weekend’s race, but she needs to take care of some unforeseen family health issues.


doesn't sound like rick's sister's wedding is the reason they cancelled the races this weekend, only the reason he wont be able to run the track in shelma's absense. hope everything is alright with her family.

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I also hope all is well for Shelma and her family. Rick we hope you have a safe trip. I just don't understand why this announcement is just now being made. On Aug. 14th Debb posted on press releases that the Aug. 26th events at SAS were going to be cancelled for the same reason. I'm sure Rick's sister didn't plan her wedding this week either. I am not downing the reasons at all because family does come first. I'm sure most of the drivers are like my husband working on their car all week and getting psyched up. This could have been announced last Saturday. I guess I just feel other people should be given some consideration. Thanks for all you do at the track, but don't forget the drivers have lives too. All of the controversies have revolved around poor communication with your drivers. Too bad the points race is going to end on a holiday weekend when FAMILIES take advantage of that extra day off and leave town. :( Again I hope everything works out for everyone.

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They told us what happened at the drivers meeting . It will come soon :)

High hopes. Alot of people just lost hope in these people. I know this isnt any of my bussiness cause I dont race CC but I have 4 friends who do race and did race this race and they are getting very frustrated about no pay. Enough excuses wheres the money. <_<

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I do agree that the drivers should have been told last weekend as well as the employee's.I am friends with a few of the employee's and i told them i saw on tzs that the races were canceled this weekend and they were surprised they had not been called and told about it considering some of them dont have computers to check speedzone to find out.But i guess its just miscommunication on the tracks part.

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Seems like its gonna be difficult to have big races over labor day without race cars. And Ijust don't see people showing up when theyve already dropped a few hundred bucks to come down once and haven't even received the "FREE" 30.00 gas card they were promised, much less their payout. I'm glad that the locals got paid and I hope they continue to have a track, but it sure does seem like the 11th racers got paid with the 4th's money.


Good luck to all involved

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I just don't understand why everyone that is complaining about the management, just go buy their own track.If it is that easy to run a track, do it. I am not sticking up for anyone, but I haven't got paid, and I am not on here complaining day in and day out. They had a miscommunication with the bank and so be it. Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. You will get paid. Just chill out and wait. We race for fun, not always money. If you race for money, you should be in NASCAR or somewhere like that to make a living.

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Position, Car Number, Driver, Hometown


CCS Super Street




1. (34) Greg Carlucci, Jr., Corpus Christi, TX $ 450

2. (20) Troy Vella, Corpus Christi, TX $ 250

3. (78) John Witzsche, Corpus Christi, TX $ 200

4. (11) Mark Hudler, Corpus Christi, TX $ 100

5. (27) Douglas LeStourgeon, Corpus Christi, TX $ 75

6. (7) Matthew Kaminski, Corpus Christi, TX $ 50

7. (98) Bobby Jack, Rockport, TX $ 45

8. (84) Greg Carlucci, Sr., Corpus Christi, TX $ 40

9. (3) Mario Lopez $ 35




1. 78 $25

2. 34 $20

3. 84 $15


Australian Pursuit


1. (78) John Witzsche $25

2. (11) Mark Hudler $20

3. (7) Matthew Kaminski $15



CCS Bombers




1. (82) Anthony Monroe, Ingleside, TX $ 250

2. (25) Erme Villegas, Corpus Christi, TX $ 175

3. (34) Brad Waddsup, Corpus Christi, TX $ 125

4. (28) Michael Jack, Fulton, TX $ 40

5. (85) Chris Silvas, Corpus Christi, TX $ 35

6. (55A) Joe Arce $ 30

7. (2) Brandon Skinner, Flour Bluff, TX $ 25

8. (20) Taylor Vella, Corpus Christi, TX $ 20

9. (8 Blue) Kevin Sullivan, Corpus Christi, TX $ 20

10. (8 Orange) Steve Caesnatt $ 20

11. (9) Dan Kurka $ 20




1. 82 $ 25

2. 34 $ 20

3. 28 $ 15


Australian Pursuit


1. (25) Ernie Villegas $25

2. (82) Anthony Monroe $20

3. (20) Taylor Vella $15





CCS Texas Thunder




1. (77) G. B. Carter, Harlingen, TX $ 250

2. (14) Will Robertson $ 175

3. (95) Shawn Bourland, Corpus Christi, TX $ 125

4. (29) Johnny Guerra, Corpus Christi, TX $ 40

5. (17) Bubba Ford $ 35

6. (28) Lisa Avalos, Corpus Christi, TX $ 30

7. (97) Martin Arellano $ 25

8. (88) Nellie Kelly $ 20

9. (50) Gage Guevara, Corpus Christi, TX $ 20

10. (4) Cody Limerick $ 20

11. (27) Todd Hodler, Corpus Christi, TX $ 20

12. (9) Eric Guerra, Corpus Christi, TX $ 20

13. (10) Krystal Kemp, Corpus Christi, TX $ 20

14. (16) Charlie Custer, Corpus Christi, TX $ 20

15. (15) Charly York, Mathis, TX $ 20





1. 77 $ 25

2. 95 $ 20

3. 88 $ 15


Austalian Pursuit


1. (77) GB Carter $25

2. (95) Shawn Bourland $20

3. (97) Martin Arellano $15



Sportsman (SAS) & Super Stock (THR)




1. (01) Terry Tschoerner, Taylor, TX $ 500

2. (99) Cary Stapp, San Marcos, TX $ 300

3. (13) Keith Garrett, New Braunfels, TX $ 200

4. (51) Greg Rohmer, San Antonio, TX $ 30

5. (4) Duane Toyne, Leander, TX $ 30

6. (9) Chris Birmingham, Leander, TX $ 30

7. (45) Scott Stubbs, Del Valle, TX $ 30




Road Runner (SAS) & Hobby Stock (THR)




1. (44) Jason Stanley, San Antonio, TX $ 350

2. (50) Aaron Brungot $ 250

3. (19) Jamie Evans, Cuero, TX $ 175

4. (24) Marc Roy, San Antonio, TX $ 30

5. (12) Jody Wayne Stuart, LaVernia, TX $ 30

6. (20) Anthony Gordon, San Antonio, TX $ 30

7. (67) Joe Horne, San Antonio, TX $ 30




Grand Stock (SAS & THR)




1. (39) Mark Chrudimsky, Hutto, TX $ 250

2. (47) Brad Burke, Johnson City, TX $ 175

3. (65) Floyd Reed, Spicewood, TX $100

4. (95) Brad Brockman, Aransas Pass, TX $ 30

5. (139) Matt Merrell, Portland, TX $ 30

6. (60) Raymond Riley, Buda, TX $ 30

7. (49) Chris Saathoff, Corpus Christi, TX $ 30

8. (92) Bill Stehle $ 30

9. (48) Steven Dalrymple, San Antonio, TX $ 30

10. (83) Bryon Reed, Kyle, TX $ 30



Texas Dwarf Car Association




1. (88) James Parks, Donna, TX

2. (24) Joe Jackson, Rankin, TX

3. (93) Robert Knandel, Corpus Christi, TX

4. (12) Eddie Garza, Corpus Christi, TX

5. (95) Deborah McGinnis, Corpus Christi, TX

6. (60) Richard Smith, Wimberley, TX

7. (00) David Royal, Corpus Christi, TX

8. (0) Kim Royal, Corpus Christi, TX

9. (4) Roland Freeman, Corpus Christi, TX

10. (37) C.A. Smith, Corpus Christi

11. (6) Jim Rogers, Austin,TX

12. (3) Rocky Bassham, Corpus Christi, TX

13. (72) Arden Vikre, San Marcos, TX

14. (55) Lee McGinnis, Corpus Christi, TX

15. (87) Manny Trevino, Gregory, TX


Paid to Association


$5495.00 locals and out of towners payout

15 of the $30 SPONSORED gas cards $450.00

Plus however much is to be paid to the Dwarf car association.


That's a lot of fuel, tires, beer, bbq, parts, etc. that I'm sure each racer needs. Call it a hobby all you want, it has to be funded somehow.


Matkam10, weren't you on here looking for a sponsor to support your racing? If we all had sponsors we wouldn't need a payout and could race at your NASCAR level. It's the funnest thing most of us have ever done, but it has to be funded some way.


When it comes to FUNDING most of us have a lot of FUN but are short on DING.


And those are the days of our lives.



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