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September 1st Enduro

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Here are the rules. Lets get some cars put together everyone so we can have some fun.


Two Most important Rules:

1. If you are not sure it is legal call Owen and he will tell you if you can run it or not his number is 548-0669

2. Have fun, this is intended to be a fun but serious race, don't get mad when someone scratches your 8 dollar paint job, come out and have a blast, bring a boat and trailer, get involved with all the events and ask your neighbor to help so more people get involved in Racing.

3. Have a passenger it is much more fun with 2 or 3 or 4.


Vehicles Allowed

1. Any year model passenger vehicle will be allowed, including, trucks, suburban, El Caminos, Rancheros, short buses, long buses, limousines, mini-vans, Station Wagons, etc., and must remain mostly stock. Two door cars must have a 108-inch minimum wheel base with No sports cars or uni-body cars allowed, any 4-door vehicle is allowed it may be uni-body and have any wheel base.


Safety Rules

1. A 4 point roll cage design with a minimum of three door bars

on the driver's and passenger’s side is recommended. Plate cars can be used by plating the drivers side door with a minimum ¼” plate and welding in a vertical bar behind the driver as a roll over bar.

2. Doorplates on the doorbars of 1/8-inch steel plate are recommended in the driver's door.

3. A driver door foot protector bar may be installed.

4. Aluminum racing seat may be used but the stock seat is OK. NO fiberglass seats.

5. 5-point racing type seat belts with 3-inch lap belt and shoulder harnesses are

recommended. Crotch belt may be 2 inches in width. Stock belts are allowed. All belts must be mounted securely.

6. Fuel cell or boat gas tank must be securely located in the trunk area. A single

bar may be welded between rear frame wells to protect fuel cell. The stock fule cell may be used.

7. Batteries may be relocated. If located in the driver's area, they must be mounted in an

enclosed battery box and securely bolted and strapped to the floor.

8. Fire extinguishers are recommended and must be securely mounted within the driver's reach and must have a working pressure gauge indicating that the

extinguisher is fully charged.

9. Every driver is required to wear an approved driver's suit (fire suit), racing gloves,

racing shoes, helmet and a neck collar are also recommended.

10. Every driver is required to wear approved safety helmet.

11. All glass and trim should be removed except for the windshield and rear window. Windshield may be replaced by a full lexan windshield or an expanded metal or mesh windshield or a minimum of 4 upright bars no more than 4 inches apart in front of driver and at least ¼” diameter.

12. All doors must be welded, chained, or bolted shut.

13. Window nets or arm restraints’ are required on the driver's and passenger’s side if a passenger is riding and must be equipped with a quick release mechanism.

15. All fuel lines must be routed outside of the driver's compartment

16. Carburetors are required to have two return springs.

17. Both front and rear firewalls must be entirely sealed.



1. High performance engines or parts of any kind are not permitted. If you are unsure at

all, check with Owen.

3. No closed chamber or aftermarket heads.

4. Your engine needs to be in the stock location. It can be chained down or have welded engine mounts if you are worried about losing it.

5. Removal of choke butterflies and accessories, removal accessories such as power

steering, a/c, emissions, etc. is permitted.

7. Exhaust must exit behind the driver or through the hood.



1. Automatic or Standard transmissions are okay. Transmissions must match the year,

make, and model of your chosen car.

2. All gearing, transmissions and rear ends, must match the year, make, and model of

your chosen car.



1. Pump gasoline, ethanol, or cow manure only.

2. No additives.



1. Front and rear bumpers may be welded and we recommend chaining them to the frame.

2. Trimming fenders and removal of front fender wells for tire clearance will be allowed.

3. Hood and trunk hinge assemblies may be removed and hood and trunk pins installed.

4. If hood and trunk pins are not used, you must cut two 8-inch holes in hood and trunk

for extinguisher access in case of fire.

5. Door’s may be gutted for door bar clearance only.

6. Welded rear ends, spools, locking devices or shimming to lock a rear end will not be


7. Steering quickners are allowed, this is dirt after all.

8. Sway bars may not be preloaded and you do not have to have one.



1. The largest tire size will be a P235-75 X15 passenger type tire. No G-60’s or 60 series tires allowed.

2. All tires do not have to match in size.

3. No racing tires.



1. Stock steel wheels preffered, 7 inch racing wheels are good but if all you have is eight inch steel racing wheels we will allow it. No 1 inch or 2 inch offsets allowed.

3. The lug holes may be drilled out to clear oversized lugs.

4. Oversized wheel studs (minimum 5/8 inch) and nuts are highly recommended on all four wheels.



1. No cutting or heating of springs is allowed.

2. No racing or after market springs allowed. In no form may the chassis be loaded at

any point.

3. Front springs must remain stock height for that car on both sides and must match in

every way from side to side.

4. Rear springs must remain stock for that year, make, and model of that car and must

match in every way from side to side.

5. Stock shocks required.



All four wheels must have operational brakes at all times with no modifications.



No ballast weight will be allowed.



1. Car must have a car number on each door and the roof. Use numbers and letters as you feel the need to.

2. Rear spoilers, side boards, and other creative wings are allowed for looks.






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Rule change a 2-door car with less than 108 inch wheel base can be used if it is not a sports car and has a 4-cylinder engine. I don't want this to get out of control with a bunch of Thunder cars coming out of the wood work to out run everyone so please call and ask before you just show up with a 4-cylinder, 2 door car.





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For the right amount of money I have a Caddilac for sale. It is set up for 2 people and can hold more if another seat was installed. It has a custom built cage and has run evey enduro race in Corpus and has finished every one it started. We also ran in Pleasanton. call for more information. James - 361-533-2809.


It will need a radiator and probably a battery for the next enduro.


There is a picture posted below. Dont let the looks detour you. It is a bit rough but it will still run.


If it does not sell I will run it at the upcomming Enduro.


[resized by Nick Holt, 8/22/07]



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