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Rio Grande Speedway Results 8/18/07

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Stock Karts:

1-Jared Maupin (91)

2-Mary Cox (k8)

3-Cody Schach (98)

4-Jakob Wheat (01)

5-Tyler Johnson (11)

6-Brooke Tomlinson (60)

7-Tiffany Johnson (13)

8-Sean Braaten (48)

9-Katlyn Schach (96)

10-Hannah Korht (10)

#95 AJ Rork DNS


Open Karts:

1-Devin Gonzalez (4)

2-Kasey Schach (00)

3-Austin Braaten (46)



1-AJ Solis (21)

2-Daniel Arrambula (71)

3-Joey DeLeon (8)

4-Billy Walker (38)

5-Aaron Jamison (49)

6-George Martinez (77)

7-Randall Korht (11)

8-Daekin Gonzalez (6)

9-Marc Fantich (23)

10-Robert "Fudge" Cantu (31)

11-Jaime Gallardo (13)

12-Brian Hoke (31H)

13-Alex Hedfelt (15)

14-Cody Gordon (93)

15-Kevin Schach (00)


Street Stock:

1-Phil Pray (59)

2-Chris McMillan (05)

3-Scott Vanderpool (48)

4-Sara Sweeten (18)

5-Alan Sweeten (19)

#78 Jerry Mize DNS



1-Jim Heatherly (1)

2-Ricky Long (20)

3-David Aviles (3)



1-James Blaylock (1)

2-Brandon Blaylock (9b)

3-Adam Schach (07)

4-Adan Arrambula (17)

5-Rollie Rodriguez (12)

6-Jamie Schach (00)

7-Robert Boyd (2)

8-Donny Wade (90)

9-Bobby Maupin (7)

10-Wanda Schach (52)

#19 Rick Filut DNS


Limited Modified:

1-TJ Huston (98)

2-Adam Schach (07)

3-Bobby Maupin (87)

4-Brandon Blaylock (9b)

5-James Blaylock (7b)

6-Bryan Huston (97)

7-Bobby Smith (9)

8-Jensen Pray (57)

9-Ed Cox (K9)

10-Terry "Bear" Tabor (80)

11-Tommy Bell (5)

12-Jorge Rodriguez (23)

13-James Droddy (1)

14-Tom Tomlinson (11)

15-David Sakulenzki (31)

16-Glen Johnson (13)

17-Patrick Braaten (19)

18-Mark Salinas (x11)

19-Jamie Schach (55)

20-Russell Salinas (911)

21-Chris Brandt (38)

22-Chris DelBosque (56)

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Looks like a great nite.Thunder cars are comming along really nice,they and limiteds have the biggest car count looks like.Maybe they should get the biggest purses (lol)

Mike are you going to tell people how to get the latest news on RGS or is that a secret? (homepage forums)

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No secret, just hadn't thought about it much. Rio Grande Speedway is now hosting its own forum. Simply visit the website - www.rgspeedway.com and click on the forums tab. You probaby will need to have "active x" or "java" enabled to use the tabs at the top of the page.


Feel free to come and check it out.

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