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THR local class recaps/results 5/12/07

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Stapp Strikes Again in Super Stocks

Two-time, defending track champion Cary Stapp easily set fast time, tying the current track record with a lap of 16.367. Stapp drew the fourth starting spot putting Keith Garrett and David Webster on the front row. Garrett jumped into the lead on green with Doug Ayers getting second, leaving Webster and Chad Menard side by side for third. Ayers had the hood fly open and was forced to pit, moving Menard into second.


Stapp began his charge on lap 4 once the field sorted out when he got by Clint Lafont for fourth. Up front, Garrett’s chance to grab a win went sour when he broke, handing over the lead to Menard on lap 5. Menard and Webster were door to door for lead on lap 6 , but yellow waved for debris. The top four stayed hooked up noise to tail on the restart until Menard got loose in turn 4 giving Webster the shot to snare the top spot as Staap grabbed second.


Menard and Mark Mathias made contact as they fought for third sending Menard around to bring out the yellow. Webster and Stapp broke away from the pack when green waved again. Stapp then began his look for the lead, taking looks inside, while Terry Tschoerner and Gary Birmingham battled for fourth. Webster and Stapp were able to put some distance on the third place scrap between Lafont and Duane Toyne who took the spot on lap 16.


Te. Tschoerner brought out the yellow after getting turned around by Birmingham who found his way to the back of the pack. As Webster, Stapp and Toyne got away once back to green, Birmingham jumped the restart, for which he’d be penalized for in the final results(or next caution, which never came). At halfway it was still Webster holding off Stapp, Toyne Lafont and Te. Tschoerner.


Stapp was continuing to duck inside and on lap 31 was able to get along side Webster and take the point on lap 32. Once clear, Stapp was able to put some distance on Webster and Toyne who had built a margin over Lafont and Te. Tschoerner. Webster and Toyne had a brief side by side battle with Toyne securing second on lap 41. Up front Stapp increased his lead as the two fought for second. At the checkers it was Stapp in the back to back wins, by nearly two seconds over Toyne.


Super Stock Feature

1. 99 Cary Stapp 50 laps 16.367 (ties Track Record)

2. 4 Duane Toyne 50 laps 16.767

3. 31 David Webster 50 laps 16.612

4. 3 Clint LaFont 50 laps 16.872

5. 01 Terry Tschoerner 50 laps 16.918

6. 18 Mickey McKim 50 laps 17.883

7. 11 Tracy Tschoerner 50 laps 17.186

8. 20 Mark Mathias 50 laps 16.942

9. 9 Chris Birmingham 50 laps 16.989 ***

10. 07 James Reeder 49 laps 17.438

11. 5 Chad Menard 48 laps 16.751

12. 45 Scott Stubbs 44 laps 17.441

13. 58 Matt Hodge 18 laps 17.147

14. 02 Doug Ayers 8 laps 16.594

15. 24 Todd Weeks 6 laps 17.498

16. 13 Keith Garrett 5 laps 16.631


*** Penalized for jumping on restart


Hobby Stocks

Kevin Bowen jumped got the early lead in the 20 lap Hobby Stock feature. James Huff put pressure on Bowen until he grabbed the top spot on lap 4 bringing Joey Tschoerner along to second. The top three then eased away from a four car scramble for fourth between, Gary Chancellor, Rick Latimer, Aaron Brungot and Steve Osborne. That battle came to a head on lap 11 when Chancellor, Latimer and Osborne went three wide for position. As the trio came out of turn 2, Osborne ran out of room, ending up in the grass off the back stretch. Chancellor and Latimer made contact sending Latimer to the infield bringing out the yellow and Chancellor to the tail.


Huff got a slight edge on green after Tschoerner got loose in turn 4. Tschoerner didn’t waste any time getting back to Huff. Huff appeared to move over on lap 16 and let THR regulars Tschoerner, Bowen and Latimer by to settle it among the points chasers. The top three caught lapped traffic in the finals laps with Tschoerner getting by. Bowen and Latimer got stacked behind the slower car and making contact. As Tschoerner was driving off for the win, Latimer broke and had to coast across the line, losing several spots.


Hobby Stock Feature


1. 14 Joey Tschoerner 20 laps

2. 2 Kevin Bowen 20 laps

3. 37 James Huff 20 laps

4. 50 Aaron Brungot 20 laps

5. 20 Steve Joyce 20 laps

6. 4 Gary Chancellor 20 laps

7. 25 Rick Latimer 20 laps

8. 04 Steve Osborne 19 laps

9. 16 Mason Teague 18 laps

10. 73 Bryon Reed DNS


SAS Road Runners

The SAS Road Runner feature saw Jeff Stanley get out to the early lead on the eight car field. J. Stanley slipped high on lap 1 giving substitute driver, Wade Jankowski the point on lap 2. Mona Turner followed Jankowski into second with the lead duo pulling out to a slight margin over J. Stanley and Ty Daniels. Daniels got by J. Stanley near halfway for third and began his hunt for the leaders.


Turner turned up the heat on Jankowski for the lead in the latter stages allowing Daniels to reel them in. As the race wound down, it’s was anybodies race for the win with the top three all in contention. As the white waved Jankowski, had a mere car length on Turner, who had Daniels on her bumper. At the finish it was Jankowski, in Jody Wayne Stuart’s car, holding off Turner for the win.


SAS Road Runner Feature

1. 12 Wade Jankowski 20 laps

2. 19 Mona Turner 20 laps

3. 95 Ty Daniel 20 laps

4. 44 Jeff Stanley 20 laps

5. 18 Vincent Trietch 20 laps

6. 66 Leonard Flores III 20 laps

7. 77 Steven Stanley 20 laps

8. 83 Daryl Lipp 19 laps


Grand Stocks

Bryon Reed got out front at the start of the 20 Grand Stock feature, with two and three wide racin, bumping and banging in the pack behind him. After a restart for contact between Kris Wilson and Randy Schoener, B. Reed and James Lynch jr. were door to door for the lead. Steve Ramzinski jumped into the scrap but hooked bumpers with Lynch jr sending them both around and collecting Jim Lynch. Richard Fitch, using the high side, made his way towards the front, with Mark Rahn trying the same line.


Fitch caught B. Reed, with Rahn challenging Art Ganss for third. On lap 8 B. Reed and Fitch were side by side for the lead as Floyd Reed and Jason Kelly joined Rahn and Ganss in the scramble for third. B. Reed was able to hold of Fitch, but the fight for third saw positions change nearly every corner. That battle boiled over when Rahn, Ganss and F. Reed tried to go three wide causing Ganss to spin. B. Reed was able to put some distance on Fitch after the restart, while Fitch tried to fend off F. Reed. At the checkers it was B. Reed taking the victory by a comfortable margin.



Grand Stock Feature results


1. 83 Bryon Reed 20 laps

2. 07 Richard Fitch 20 laps

3. 65 Floyd Reed 20 laps

4. 48 Mark Rahn 20 laps

5. 47 Bradley Burke 20 laps

6. 29 Jason Kelly 20 laps

7. 91 Marcia Moore 20 laps

8. 7 Kris Wilson 20 laps

9. 92 Art Ganss 20 laps

10. 39 JD Dusek 20 laps

11. 2 Steve Ramzinski 12 laps

12. 00 Jim Lynch 4 laps

13. 13 James Lynch Jr. 3 laps

14. 5 Randy Schoener 2 laps

15. 53 L Cody Smith DNS

16. 30 John Heil DNS

17. 11 John Tennell DNS

18. 44 Tommy Hubach DNS


Lone Star Legacy

The start of the proposed 50 lap Lone Star Legacy race saw a big pile coming to the green flag bring out the red. Several cars suffered mostly cosmetic damage, but Sammy May had to be extricated from his car and was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Once back to green, last race winner, Shawn Cannon got out front followed by J P Karpowicz, Dillon Sampson, John Riley and Dillon Spreen.


Karpowicz challenged Cannon for the lead with the duo swapping the spot at halfway until yellow waved when D. Sampson made contact with Karpowicz sending him around and D. Sampson to the tail. Spreen picked up another spot on lap 18 getting by Riley for third. Cannon, who had been warned about jumping restart earlier, found himself going to the back after jumping another. This handed the lead to Karpowicz with the race shortened to 30 laps for time. Spreen got into Riley on a restart, with Spreen going to the tail. With the race now coming down to a green, white checkered finish, Karpowicz held off Riley, Eric Schmidt, Jay Carley and Allen Sampson for the win.



Legacy Feature

1. 33 J.P. Karpowicz 20 laps

2. 69 John Riley 20 laps

3. 15 Eric Schmidt 20 laps

4. 188 Jay Carley 20 laps

5. 1 Allen Sampson 20 laps

6. 32 Levi Krauss 20 laps

7. 72 Arden Vikre 20 laps

8. 24 Kris Kerr 20 laps

9. 14 Tom Harwell 20 laps

10. 4 Dillon Sampson 20 laps

11. 45 Shawn Cannon 20 laps

12. 88 Eric Brunner 20 laps

13. 3G Cody Kelly 20 laps

14. 81 Dillon Spreen 18 laps

15. 7 John Duchek 18 laps

16. 58 John Martin 18 laps

17. 2 Jack Kelly 18 laps

18. 71 Jake Kruger 18 laps

19. 44 James Lee 16 laps

20. 3B Taylor Brandes 6 laps

21. 20 Todd Brady 6 laps

22. 00 Sammy May 0 laps


Texas Dwarf Car Association

The Dwarf car feature saw Ricky Winks and Jim Rogers stay side by side for the first lap, until Arden Vikre moved up to challenge Winks on lap 2. Vikre, who started near the back, took over the top spot on lap 2 at the same time Keith Roach charged his way up to second. Vikre and Roach were the class of the field as they pulled away. Roach got past Vikre on lap 12 and ran off to 10 car length win.


Dwarf Feature

1. 05 Keith Roach 20 laps

2. 72Arden Vikre 20 laps

3. 3 Rocky Bassham 20 laps

4. 27 Ricky Winks 20 laps

5. 32 Hoppy Malatek 20 laps

6. 20 Roland Freeman 20 laps

7. 6 Jim Rogers 20 laps

8. 88 James Parks 19 laps

9. 16 Chris Knandel 19 laps

10. 93 Robert Knandel 18 laps

11. 12 Eddie Garza 17 laps

12. 00 David Royal 17 laps

13. 0 Kim Royal 13 laps



Naskarts Feature

1. 10 Brian Kuemple 20 laps

2. 17 Bobby Dahl 20 laps

3. 07 Gary Smith 20 laps

4. 20 Kelly Garrett 20 laps

5. 14 David Bryant 20 laps

6. 1 Mike Steinman 20 laps

7. 32 Driscoll Stillworth 20 laps

8. 8 Stephen Pepper 20 laps

9. 6 Kevin Garrett 20 laps

10. 44 Russell Williams 20 laps

11. 29 Marty Kreiss 20 laps

12. 05 David Linnburr 20 laps

13. 12 Nate Nickerson 19 laps

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