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TMS and Eddie Gossage Backs Talladega’s Request

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Texas Motor Speedway


Gossage Backs Talladega’s Request


Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage recently spoke with Talladega Superspeedway President Grant Lynch and will join him in banning those fans who were arrested for throwing debris onto the Alabama superspeedway following Jeff Gordon’s win April 29.


“I am just waiting for Grant to send me the names and we will cross reference them with our database and ban them from our events here at Texas Motor Speedway as well,” Gossage said.“It is a very sad and unfortunate situation that occurred at Talladega, and as a group the track promoters must protect their fans from a few disrespectful ones. We don’t want that type of fan here to ruin the experience for the rest of our fans.”


Gossage is considering taking it a step further. Any persons who knowingly purchase tickets to Texas Motor Speedway events for any of the people on the banned list from Talladega will also be subject to a ban from the speedway.

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