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Preliminary expected drivers for 5-25 Blizzard


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Should be there:


1.Hunter Robbins

2.Dave Mader

3.Ryan Crane

4.Ken McFarland

5.Heath Hindman

6.Jr Niedecken

7.David Hole

8.Donald Long

9.Josh Hamner

10.Jason Young

11.Justin Drawdy

12.Donnie Wilson

13.Grant Enfinger

14.Dale Little

15.Roger Reuse

16.Shaun McWhirter

17.Scott Carlson

18.Chris Serio

19.Matt Merrell

20.Stanley Smith

21.T Wade Welch

22.Tim Martin

23.Adam Crawford

24.Bubba Pollard

25.Bill Little

26.Eddie Craig

27.Joey Senter

28.Casey Smith

29.Tom Grotheus

30.Steven Davis

31.Augie Grill

32.Eddie Mercer

33.Gary Helton

34.Chris Davidson

35.Brian Scott

36.Korey Ruble(New Hamner sealed motor!)

37.Rocky Boyd

38.Ron McDonald

39.Cecil Chunn


Good Chance:


40.Nathan Davis

41.Jeremy Pate

42. Fain Skinner




43.Dewayne Buggay

44.Jessie Reid

45.David Hodges

46.Ryan Sieg

47.Wayne Anderson

48.Billy Mcghinnis

49.Ronnie Sanders

50.Johnny Brazier

51.Chris Bowers

52.Ted Musgrave Jr

53.James Buescher

54.Brandon Sager

55.Allen Gordon

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Just a warning for any of the Texas guys going over to Florida - Donald Long told Casey at Mobile that he got chased down by a trooper at the Florida/Alabama line for not pulling into the weight station - made him go back and held him forever. His Toter is registered as a Motor Coach they told him that had no bearing on wheather you stop or not, plus you are suppose to stop at the livestock station for them to inspect. He said he has only been traveling it forever and never stopped. So I guess we are suppose to pull in and weigh?- Kathy Smith

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I had a long conversation with Casey before the race at Opp. Hope I brought him some luck. Just hope he can do as well at the Blizzard and MIS races. Seems like he always does better at MIS than FFs. Casey has become one of my favorite drivers.

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Reading Casey's website it states that he ran 3rd at the Derby the year Charlie Bradberry won, St Amandt was 2nd and Casey 3rd. And was leading a Blizzard Race last year when he got Madarized and lost a car. Hopefully he will get him a win in 2 weeks. Vir go talk to him again, heck you might be his lucky Budda. Good luck to all the Texas guys that is some tuff territory you are entering down there.

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Kathy,Florida has some new overdimensional road-use permit now.I know NHRA had a notification out to warn racers about it in March.Something about the combination length being 65 ft or less,or $250 fine per ft over,not to exceed $1000 per vehicle if you dont have a overdimensional road-use permit.Applies to trucks and motorhomes.Checking NHRA site,you could call 800-383-5829 ext 1 and talk to Patti George,she may give you more info,she's listed with the Florida Interstate Registration Service

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Here is a link to that article, and it has a link to get the permit.





Man, Just when you thought big brother would start running out of new ideas to generate revenue........

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They are watching Tom.One thing that my associates and I that work together at major racing events around the country have noticed the last few seasons and have discussed many times is the size of some of these rigs.Not just trucks,but tour type buses with trailers.We go in days before an event to park the racers and their rigs in the pits and it seems to be the norm to say "they just keep gettin longer".Alot of tracks have to keep adding space to hold em all.The layout just about has to be supersized now.And another problem we see from time to time is when the super units start making hairpin turns on the hot asphalt, and drop the landing gears and stabilizers,they can leave a track owner some costly repairs afterwards.

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Thanks Tommy and Tom - I wonder if Alabama and Louisanna have the same permit process the way I read this link it is Florida? I know when I called the Texas DOT they said there are no CDL or permits for private motor coaches and you do not need to stop.

Kathy Smith

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