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5/4/07 Rain Out


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Unfortunately after the 2 1/2 inches of rain earlier this week and now with last nights rains it leaves no choice but to cancel this Friday, 5/4/07 races. Track and pits are way to wet and with no sunshine in the forcast it will not dry in time. We will shoot for next week. Thanks everyone.


Chico Cox / Tri-City Speedway

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I had to tease Chico a little!


Tell your wife thanks for "the juice" Friday night. I didn't want to wake up Sat. morning... Back in the 80's Fosters used to have a saying "Ever been kicked by a Kangaroo?" Azul needs to run some kind of contest for a catchy saying....


You guys have fun Sunday, doesn't look like we will make it...


See ya' Friday night...


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