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ARTS-Lonestar results, Houston MP, 9/13/03

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Finish, Driver, Qualifing Info, Feature Start, Total Event Points Total


1. Kirby Honeycutt, 3rd at 15.994 seconds, 2nd, 218

2. Todd McLemore, 2nd at 15.978 seconds, 3rd, 204

3. Joe Napoleon, 4th at 16.067 seconds, 1st, 197

4. Colt James, 7th at 16.150 seconds, 7th, 189

5. Steve Green, 1st at 15.928 seconds, 4th, 190

6. Chad Cambron, 9th at 16.168 seconds, 9th, 178

7. Jon Garrett, 8th at 16.153 seconds, 8th, 175

8. Keith Patrick, 10th at 16.364 seconds, 10th, 169

9. Bryan Meredith, 5th at 16.072 seconds, 5th, 170

10. Jon (Bud) Carroll, 11th at 16.396 seconds, 11th, 160

11. Robert Walton, 12th at 16.572 seconds, 12th, 157

12. Chuck Schoenfeld, 13th at 16.870 seconds, 13th, 154

13. Jon Denham, 6th at 16.106 seconds, 6th, 156

14. Nathan Lee, 14th at 17.869 seconds, 14th, 148

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Thanks for the info. guys. When are the trucks due back at THR? I had heard or read that they will included in the Spectacular on the 27th, but the schedule doesn't reflect that. If the trucks are added to that event, it is going to be one heck of a night of racing. It may be like the old days of races ending at 1:00 AM (oh wait - that's a bad thing.)



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