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Schild snaps New's streak in Insty Prints 75

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Sorry I don't have full results for TSRS or Lone Star Legacy's yet.


Texas Super Racing Series, Insty Prints 75 and season opener, @ Thunder Hill Raceway 4/28/07

By J M Hallas

Kyle, Texas. (April 28 2007) For the second event on the Texas Super Racing Series schedule, the TSRS Late Models returned to Thunder Hill's 3/8 mile D-shaped track just outside of Austin. This would also be the season opener for the local Super Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Grand Stocks, Texas Pro Sedans, NASKarts and the orphaned San Antonio Road Runner class.


Austin Mobile Marine Qualifying,

After it was all said and done, who else but Bobby Joe New would hold fast time of the 18 competitors to take qualifying laps in the Austin Mobile Marine qualifying. New who bested Jesse Salazar in the last race by only 1/1000th of a second during the last race held in March, crushed the field with tonight’s attempt. The long time Austin area veteran, New, driving the white number 1 Southside Wrecker, Lozano Brothers Race Engines, Lefthander Chassis Chevy Monte Carlo instead of the familiar black 3, laid down a lap of 15.517 beating the identical times of Kyle Sirizzotti and Craig Sellman of 15.730.

“The car was loose in the last practice,” said New. “I told Junior about it and he went and got two tires and put them on. I don’t know where he got the from and told me they were ‘special tires’ and they worked. I think he got them from Days of Thunder or somewhere.”

“Whatever Chris(Schild) does, I’m going to do,” added New after the draw for invert. Chris is starting in front of me and he’s quick. If he nails the wall coming out of turn 4, I’ll be right behind him. No really, Chris is a good driver and he’s fast. It’s going to be fun. I’ll just to pick and choose my spots. I actually like the outside and I know Chris does too.”

“The two cars of ours are same, they’re just as quick. I don’t know that there’s any difference in either one of them.”


“Hopefully this is the start of better luck,” replied the newly coifed Sirizzotti after drawing the pole position. “The new hair cut is the only thing I can think of, we usually draw the worst that’s ever been in TSRS history. I’m proud of drawing number 1.”

“I hope (Chris) Schild can keep Bobby Joe(New) behind him, that way I don’t have to worry about either one of them. It’s kind of a relief having them behind me. I know both are good drivers, have a good head on their shoulders and are not going to jump the gun at the beginning of the race. I’m actually proud to have them behind me.”

“The only one that can lose this race is us. I’m just going to go have fun, keep a clean nose and hold the lead.”


In A-Line Auto Parts Super Stock qualifying it came as no surprise that two-time defending Street Stock Champion, Cary Stapp was quickest. Stapp's time of 16.400 was better than Doug Ayers 16.558.


Insty Print 75, Schild Snaps New’s Stranglehold.

Coming into the night’s Texas Super Racing Series action, Bobby Joe New had won three straight, was fastest qualifier, by 2/10th over the field so one would figure he would be able to make it four straight, right. Not so fast.... Former series Champion Chris Schild would have something to say about that. Schild took over the lead from Craig Sellman on lap 47 and would hold off New in the final stages to take the win by a couple car lengths, his first in over a year.


The start of the 75 lap TSRS main event was led to green by Kyle Sirizzotti and Schild. Bobby Teer jr had originally drawn the #2 starting spot, but pulled out of impound moving everyone else up one spot after the top six drew for position. Unfortunately the start would be an omen of things to come when Jason Hollander spun in turn 2 and Ian Webster got turned around in the pack and collected David Snokhaus in turns 3-4.


Coming to green for second try, Brian Moczygemba took a trip through the infield grass but continued on. The young Sirizzotti was first into turn 1 to grab the lead, as the high line fell back several positions. Gary Chancellor jr slipped up and fell back to tenth, but caught a break when Hollander spun again to bring out yellow and was allowed to retake his spot in the top five.


Back under green Sellman was looking low on Sirizzotti for the lead while Schild was pressuring James Reeder for third. Schild gave Reeder a tap in turn 2 then dove under him, the two ran side by side into turn 3 until Reeder spun in turn 4 for a caution. On the restart, Sirizzotti got a car length on Sellman who had Schild on his bumper. On lap 17 yellow waved again when Adam Haugh, Jason Stanley and Moczygemba got tangled in turns 1-2 sending Stanley around.


The top six stayed nose to tail once back underway until Jesse Salazar spun in turn 3 on lap 22. Moczygemba’s bad night continued as he spun into Salazar. On the next restart Ian Webster got into Chancellor sending him around in turn 2. Chancellor was returned to his spot, Webster to the tail. When green waved again former San Antonio Speedway Late Model Champion, Joe Aramendia took a look under Schild for third, but fell back in line.


Aramendia tried to get under Schild again on lap 34 but got loose backing up the field. On lap 35 Stanley and Webster tangled in turns 3-4 with Stanley going to the back and Webster given his spot back. The next restart would see the complexion of the race change entirely when green waved. Sellman got the nose under Sirizzotti going down the back stretch. Going into turn 3 the two made contact with the top two spinning, Schild diving for the infield and Tater Mason getting caught up in the melee.


After some discussion among officials, Sellman, who was lapped twice under yellow, was given the lead and Sirizzotti sent to the tail. Sellman, whose car may have been wounded in the incident was quickly passed by Schild when the race resumed. Aramendia, who was racing wounded himself after being injured when a car slid into the catch fence during a previous race, also got by Sellman to take second. Sellman and New then got hooked together in turn 2 battling for third bringing out the yellow. Sellman went to the back, New maintained third.


The green wasn’t back out long as Teer, Webster, Haugh and Moczygemba all tangled in turns 1-2. When green finally waved again, Schild got a two car margin on Aramendia who being pressured by New. New finally ducked inside Aramendia on lap 65 to grab second. Chancellor tried to fill the hole, but had the door slammed shut by Aramendia. Chancellor and Aramendia continued to fight for third, with Chancellor giving the veteran a few taps in the corners, while New was trying to reel in Schild.


New caught a break on lap 68 when Moczygemba spun into the turn 4 grass and rebunched the field for the restart. Schild inched away from New on green who had already gotten a good advantage over Aramendia, Chancellor, Bill Hamilton, who quietly snuck into the top five, and Teer who worked his way back to the front. The final caution waved on lap 69 when Stanley and Reeder spun in turn 3, sending Moczygemba into the grass yet again.


Schild and New got away clean on green to settle it among themselves, leaving Aramendia, Chancellor, Hamilton and Teer to battle for third. Schild slowly crept ahead in the final laps never giving New the chance to mount a serious challenge. In the fight for third, Chancellor finally got inside Aramendia, who now had an injured car on top of his own injuries, and was able to make the pass on lap 72. Up front it was Schild, building a two car length margin, gabbing the checkers in his Splash Water Systems, Royal Purple, JT Schild Enterprises, Vinyl Graphics LLC, Ohlin Shocks, American Performance, KAM Race Engines, home built chassis.


“It was a real good race,” replied Schild. “I kept looking for Bobby Joe(New) on the restarts. This year everyone has stepped up their game and there’s more guys running the same times. The field is so close, it’s going to take a real consistent car to get a win.”


“It was good, hard racing,” added Schild regarding all the cautions. “Sometimes wrecks are going to happen. We had to dive for the infield when two leaders got together. I think we had something for them anyway. I have to thank my crew chief, Gerald Boyd, Randy, Matt, my dad and, of course, my wife or I may be sleeping in my race car(jokingly)”


TSRS, Insty Prints 75

1 7 Chris Schild

2 1(3) Bobby Joe New

3 44 Gary Chancellor jr

4 79 Joe Aramendia

5 5 Bill Hamilton

6 2 Bobby Teer jr

7 12 Adam Haugh

8 93 Kyle Sirizzotti

9 38 Craig Sellman

10 13 Ian Webster






Stapp Stomps Super Stock field

Defending Super Stock Champion and fast qualifier, Cary Stapp showed he had lost no momentum over the season as he got out front on green, pulled away from the field and snagged the his first, of probably many, victories for the year. The race was marred, and had laps reduced, by a red flag that saw one spectator suffer a severe gash to his chin and tongue, while TSRS driver, Joe Aramendia suffered some bumps and bruises on his forehead and leg after a car lost a tire/wheel and slid into the pit road catch fence. Aramendia went on to race his feature, and no word was available on the spectator who was transferred to a local hospital.


As green waved on the scheduled 40 lap event, Stapp jumped out from the pole to the lead in turn 1. Keith Garret grabbed second while Duane Toyne and Doug Ayers ran door to door for third, with Terry Tschoerner fifth. Toyne took third with Ayers hung on the side giving Te. Tschoerner the chance to take fourth. Stapp was motoring away by lap 5, with the top five separating themselves from the pack. Scott Stubbs spun on lap 8 collecting Todd Weeks and knocking the front sheet metal and bumper cover off.



On the restart, Stapp slowly inched away from Garrett and had built a comfortable margin when the red flag waved on unlucky, lap 13. Te. Tschoerner and Ayers both slid off turn 1 with Te. Tschoerner’s car losing a tire/wheel, going all the way to the pit road catch fence and tire barrier. The crowd sat in stone cold silence as emergency crews rushed to pits. Fortunately it appears no one suffered any life threatening injuries and repairs were made to the fence. During the red, the race was shortened by 16 laps, with restart now being considered the halfway mark.


Stapp once again got away from Garrett and Toyne once the race resumed as they built a lead over John Banker and Micky McKim. Yellow waved on lap 22 when San Antonio Speedway Road Runner Champion, Mark Mathias had a lazy spin while running eighth. Stapp got a good jump when green waved, with Toyne bump drafting Garrett down the from straight and Banker, McKim, Chris Birmingham and Chad Menard ran nose to tail for fourth.


The top three then pulled away from the fourth place battle until Menard got into Banker sending him spinning and bringing the caution back out. Banker was returned to his spot and Menard found his way to the back. Stapp held his stranglehold on the lead as the top three got away from the pack. Ayers was able to work his way back, getting by Banker for sixth with ten to go.


Ayers caught McKim and Birmingham making it a three car fight for fourth. As Stapp increased his lead on Garrett, Toyne crept up on Garrett’s bumper with five lap remaining. As the white flag waved, Stapp had built a lead of ten car lengths on the Garrett, Toyne scrap for second and easily took the checkers.


A-Line Auto Parts Super Stock Feature results

1 99 Cary Stapp 34 laps 16.400

2 4 Duane Toyne 34 laps 16.757

3 18 Mickey McKim 34 laps 17.426

4 9 Chris Birmingham 34 laps 17.489

5 02 Doug Ayers 34 laps 16.558

6 58 Matt Hodge 34 laps 17.164

7 36 Don Banker 34 laps 17.326

8 51 Greg Rohmer 34 laps 17.010

9 20 Mark Mathias 34 laps 17.228

10 24 Todd Weeks 34 laps 17.899

11 5 Chad Menard 22 laps 16.784

12 01 Terry Tschoerner 13 laps 17.088

13 11 Tracy Tschoerner 13 laps 17.458

14 45 Scott Stubbs 8 laps 17.984

3 Clint LaFont DNS 16.855

54 James Reeder DNS/DNT

13 Keith Garrett DQ 16.657–originally 2nd



Hobby Stock

Aaron Brungot was out to the lead early with Kevin Bowen running second until slowing and pulling off. Joey Tschoerner moved into second but got sideways on the back stretch before spinning in turn 3. On the restart, Rick Latimer took a look inside Brungot for the lead in turn 2. Brungot slid high of the back stretch surrendering the lead to Latimer on lap 4.

Latimer would then pull out to a good lead from Gary Chancellor and Steve Joyce, while J. Tschoerner and Brungot worked their way back up through the field. In thr final laps J. Tschoerner and Brungot got around Joyce for third and fourth, but no one had anything for Latimer who cruised on to the win.


Hobby Stock Feature

25 Rick Latimer 15 laps

4 Gary Chancellor 15 laps

14 Joey Tschoerner 15 laps

50 Aaron Brungot 15 laps

20 Steve Joyce 15 laps

04 Steve Osborne 15 laps

24 Marc Roy 15 laps

2 Kevin Bowen 4 laps



San Antonio Road Runners

Paul Lipp and SAS Grand Stock champion, Jody Wayne Stuart were the class of the field as they pulled away from the rest of the pack. Vince Trietch, Leonard Flores and Mona Turner had their own battle going on for third. Turner and Flores got by Trietch after he slowed in the last laps. Up front, Stuart put a final challenge on Lipp but came up short with Lipp taking the checkers.


Road Runner Feature

1 83 Paul Lipp 15 laps

2 12 Jody Wayne Stuart 15 laps

3 19 Mona Turner 15 laps

4 66 Leonard Flores III 15 laps

5 44 Jeff Stanley 13 laps

6 18 Vincent Trietch 11 laps

58 Robert Mayberry DNS


Grand Stocks

A large field of 16 Grand Stocks started the 15 lap feature with Bryon Reed jumping out into the lead. Floyd Reed moved along side B. Reed for the lead but was unable to make the pass. Working his way up from the back was John Heil who took fifth from Bradley Burke. Heil then picked off two more spots getting by James Lynch jr and Art Ganss to move into third.

Heil then ran down the lead duo and jumped up on the high side looking for the lead. It was three wide for the top spot with Heil getting the position on lap 6. From there Heil would easily pull away from F. Reed, Lynch jr. and B. Reed. F. Reed and Lynch jr. ran side by side for second with B. Reed lurking. On the last lap B. Reed slid off turn 4 into the tire barrier, while Heil was taking the checkers. Heil and Chrudimsky both suffered disqualifications, handing F. Reed the victory.


Grand Stock Feature results

1 65 Floyd Reed 20 laps

2 13 James Lynch Jr. 20 laps

3 47 Bradley Burke 20 laps

4 07 Richard Fitch 20 laps

5 91 Marcia Moore 20 laps

6 92 Art Ganss 20 laps

7 48 Steve Dalrymple 20 laps

8 2 Jarrett Payton 20 laps

9 83 Bryon Reed 20 laps

10 00 Jim Lynch 19 laps

11 44 Tommy Hubach 9 laps

12 27 Kris Wilson 7 laps

13 9 Chris Sadoff 5 laps

14 11 John Tennell 0 laps

30 John Heil DQ–originally 1st

39 Mark Chrudimsky DQ–originally 5th





17 Bobby Dahl 20 laps

07 Gary Smith 20 laps

1 Mike Steinman 20 laps

14 David Bryant 20 laps

6 Kevin Hummell 20 laps

12 Tiago Del Re 20 laps

44 Russell Williams 20 laps

05 David Linnburr 20 laps

8 Stephen Pepper 20 laps

32 Driscoll Stillworth 19 laps

29 Marty Kreiss 15 laps

20 Scott Arthurs 13 laps


Lone Star Legacy

1 45 Sean Cannon

2 James Lee

3 Allen Sampson


Texas Pro Sedans

Finish Car # r Driver/Hometown Car Type/Engine CC Heat 1 Heat 2 Laps

1 20 Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak, TX VW Rabbit/2042 1 20

2 26 Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi, TX Ford Mustang/2338-arca 1 20

3 70 r Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX VW Scirocco/1766 2 20

4 85 r Ja Lane/Houston, TX Ford Focus/2210 7 19

5 48 Mike Knotts/Universal City, TX VW Scirocco/1648 2 19

6 55 John Miesen/Marion, TX VW Sedan/2332 3 19

7 24(23) r Joshua Freeman/Universal City, TX Ford Probe/2338 4 19

8 94 Harlon Hatcher/Converse, TX VW Rabbit/1784 5 18

9 50 r Rick Dawdy/San Antonio, TX VW Rabbit/1870 6 18

10 28 r Kostin Suhre/Marion, TX Honda CRX/1798/4-valve 5 18

11 22(29) Harry Osburn Jr./New Braunfels, TX Ford Mustang/2338 dns 17

12 56 r Jason Krueger/Seguin, TX VW Sedan/1835 8 17

13 78 Adam McCosh/Cibolo,TX VW Sedan/1835 4 16

14 18 Lanny Young/Kingsland, TX VW Karmen Ghia/2275 6 dns

15 66 Ariel Arredondo/Kingsville, TX Ford Taurus/2030 7 dns

16 23 r J.J. Osburn III/Converse, TX Ford Pinto/2338-svo dns dns

17 71 Bruce Mabrito/San Antonio, TX VW Scirocco/1648 dns dns

18 29 Rico Gutierrez/Corpus Christi, TX Ford Mustang/2338-svo 3 dns


Feature race margin of victory 4.01 sec. Feature leader: #20 led laps 1 - 20

Driver change notes: #23 driven by #24 Freeman in Heat & Feature. #29 by Gutierrez in Heat. #29 by #22 Ozzie Osburn in Feature

Penalty notes: One re-start position penalty issued to #85 for pylon infraction

dna - did not arrive dns - did not start r - eligible for 2007 TPS "Rookie Of The Year" Award

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