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JRA Kids Club Announces 2007 Drivers Appreciation Fund

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CONTACT: Aaron Brungot, JRA Kids Club

abrungot@austin.rr.com; 512.750.4378


JRA Kids Club Announces 2007 Drivers Appreciation Fund


Kyle, TX (April 24, 2007) – This Saturday night a full off-season of hard work for many local race teams will be put to the test at Thunder Hill Raceway. Thunder Hill Raceway (THR), which is opening its 10th season of racing operations, has a full card of action-packed racing.


JRA Kids Club – JRA stands for Junior Racers of America - is in its third year of operations in Central Texas. JRA has partnership agreements with both Thunder Hill Raceway and the River City Quarter Midgets of Austin. Both relationships are key in the club’s mission to get kids involved in racing.


JRA co-founder Aaron Brungot has been working on an off-season project that expanded beyond his own Hobby Stock car – and the children in the club. He has been working to find a way to appreciate the people that are helping him fulfill the club’s mission.


“Racing is a hard sport, it’s hard on the body, on the mind, and certainly hard on the wallet,” Brungot stated. “Without the racers and their cars, we can’t deliver the experience to the fans or children in Central Texas. The guys and girls who are winning don’t need nearly the help as the drivers in the back of the pack. And that is where this program will focus.”


Thanks to sponsorship contributions from Rebecca Cooper CPA, SS Motorsports and a personal pledge from THR Director of Competition Terry Barden, JRA is offering a weekly program to help support the racers at Thunder Hill Raceway.


THR Hobby Stocks, Road Runners and Super Stocks teams and drivers will all be eligible for the “Appreciation Funds,” starting on Opening Night. The eligible classes and awards will alternate during the season, but the fundamental idea will stay the same - help keep the racers racing.


More information will be delivered to the race teams during the nightly driver’s meeting in the Media Center at Thunder Hill.


JRA Kids Club Staff is preparing to start is 3rd year of activities at Thunder Hill Raceway. For more information about JRA Kids Club, and the other events they have planned during their 3rd season of operation, visit their website at www.JRAKidsClub.com.


For information about Thunder Hill Raceway and their schedule of events, please visit www.ThunderHillRaceway.com.

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