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race fan #44

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I have a couple of questions about racing at THR.

Where do we get registration forms?

How much is registration?

How much is entry fee to race?

Is race fuel available at track?

Is tire changing available?

Will we need another safety tech on our cars? (Road Runner)

It has been said that we can run our American Racer tires, but I was wondering if the Hoosier is a lot better tire and if it would be better for me to get a set of Hoosiers?



I would also like to say thanks to everyone who was involved in giving us a place to race.


Jeff Stanley

Road Runner #44

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1) Online or at the track


2) Not much


3) Even less than #2


4) 5) and 6) Yes


7) The 970s or any Hoosier is more durable than an AR but most pure slicks will beat treaded slicks for grip most of the time. I guess.

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