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Summer Tour Series


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K-MAC Sports, Gen-Tech RV Generators, Austin Mobile Marine and JRA Kids Club are formulating a "Summer Tour" of drivers' appearances across the state...the Tour would take place June through September...


We'd like to get everyone's input about when/where we can hold these appearances. Preferably they'd be in front of businesses (with a larger-than-normal) parking lot...we'll get everyone to showcase their race cars, get the drivers to sign autographs and mingle with the public...PLus, we'll have free goodies/drawings for the general public..


We've heard from folks in Bastrop, Boerne, Austin and SA so far..We'd like to finalize a schedule so that everyone knows AHEAD of time when/where they are if they want to participate..


If ANYONE would like to help us set one up - or can get us a contact name/number of a place to do one - anywhere in Central/South Texas, please contact me at chuck@themotorsportszone.com or call me at 512.297.8725 or Aaron Brungot at 512.750.4378.


We'd love to involve as many areas and as many drivers/teams as we can this summer!


Gen-Tech and Austin Mobile Marine have joined up to provide not only support for THR (and indirectly, HMP) but are working to raise necessary funding for THR, TSRS and the drivers' points funds in 2007.

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