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Rules adjustamalation


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Just a quick clarification on a couple of rules....

Pure Stock - front fenders and doors can be gutted. rear fender cut 2" for clearance. no gutting of rear fenders, trunk box, or floorpan. 50lb added weight for each infraction. 200 lb. max

Pure Stock - must pull 15 inches of vac. @ 1000 rpm. no exceptions.

Pure Stock - NO VACUMM PUMPS. no exceptions. DQ and 2 race suspension.

Pure Stock - MUST WEIGH 3400 lbs. unless weight penalties apply. Then you have to weigh more.


The scales will be on the slab this week so no more complaints.


Street Stock - Aluminum intake allowed.

This is to allow for the SAS guys who want to fit or move up, you can.


For the Road Runners who want to run we will start you out in the pure stock with the weight penalties for the gutted panels. I agree that it is much cheaper to build body panels and that supply is limited. The weight penalty is really the only way to keep it fair for the ones running full body panels. We'll keep working with everyone the best we can to get a good fit. Eventually we'll get the rules nailed down tight and then everyone can get back to the task at hand and that's racing. I want to thank everyone for their input and support. Believe me, my b--chlist was a mile long so no-ones comments fell on deaf ears. We'll keep working hard to get this place in top shape but with most things, it's not going to happen in one day. (ref.-ROME ). I do however have the capacity to speed things up and that we will do. Once again I want to thank everyone for their support and look forward to seeing ya'll Friday night.



Chico Cox / Tri-City Speedway

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