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If you and Marc go asphalt racing let me know. I'd like to help when I can if we're ever at the same track. Same for when I'm at Devil's Bowl. If you ever need help just holler.

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Yes I'm going back to pavement. The DB throw away car/engine cost nuclear arms race is out of control. They've gone from 40 cars to 15 but won't admit there's a problem.

My experience was all pavement before my job moved me to Dallas. I tried to make the best of dirt tracks but it just isn't "me". We had a meeting of the minds last week and decided to go back to pavement even though it means less races and more time "over the road".

Marc is going to be in my red car and I'm going to hang an asphalt clip on the black one and drive it. I've got enough old parts from my Late Model Stocks to put some 2bbl bowtie engines together.

Even though we build the cars, I'm going to buy a prepped clip to minimize the learning curve. I've talked to one builder already and I'm looking for more to shop the cost and their ideas on the variables.

You are always welcome with us. My initial thought is to contest the Austin races, Houston and Wichita Falls(if they are on the 2004 schedule) and end with the SA October race.


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I think you will really like the Tams series. Everyone I have talked to seems to like it. There are some thing is the series that they can improve upon, but in all actuality its only in its second year. The way the rules are written seem to get some of the dirt cars in the series without having to change a whole lot. Hopefully next year i will be joining you on the track next season

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We are coming down to the Austin races on the 27th to eye the track, meet the TAMS series officials, see some of my old friends and some of my old cars!.

Marc and I are going to wander around and look at the different kinds of cars and try to get a handle of how much cutting and pasteing we have to do to our cars in the off season.

If you have the room, can you bring my seat, trans/shifter etc, and quickchange r/e? I still have 3 sets of wide 5's in the shop...do you want them?



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